MPSC Departmental Examination for prison officer, 2018 Paper 3

MPSC Departmental Examination for prison officer, 2018 Paper 3



N.B. – (1) Candidate should not write roll number, any name (including his/her own), signature, address or any indication of his/her identity anywhere inside the answer book otherwise he/she will be penalized.

(2) Candidates are expected to answer all the sub-questions of a question together, if sub-question of a question a attempted elsewhere (after leaving a few pages or after attempting another questions) the later sub-question shall be overlooked.

(3) Answer are to be written in one language only either in Marathi or in English.

(1) Discuss the provisions related to separation and segregation of prisoners.

(2) Discuss the provisions in Prisoners [Attendance in Court] Act, about appearance of prisoners before Court.

(3) Write about transfer of prisoners.

(4) Explain important provisions relating to Civil Jail.

(5) What are the particulars to be noted by Medical Officer in case of death of a prisoner?

(6) Write about the modes which Court should follow, while releasing young offenders under the Provisions of Probation of Offenders Act.

(7) Discuss the object of Probation.

(8) Write notes on following two topics from Indian Penal Code:-

(a) Types of punishment.

(b) Solitary confinement.

(9) Write about provisions of Suspension and remission of sentence in Code of Criminal Procedure.

(10) Write about provisions of Commutation of Sentence in Code of Criminal Procedure.