MHT-CET Biology Crash Course “Sexual Reproduction in Animals” Class 12

Sexual Reproduction in Animals” MHT-CET Class 12 Biology Crash Course| ChapterReproduction in Lower & Higher Animals

In this session Jyoti A. Shete will discuss the theory and MCQ’s of “Sexual Reproduction in Animals”. The session will be useful for all the aspirants of MHT-CET 2022. The session will be in Marathi and English.

Sexual Reproduction in Animals“:-

  • It is the process which involves the production of offspring by formation and fusion of gametes.
  • It is also called as amphimixis (Gk. amphi means both and mixis means union)
  • In animals gamete formation primarily involves meiosis.
  • The sexually reproducing animal show two main phases in their life time.

1. Juvenile phase

  • It is reproductive phase in life cycle of an individual.
  • Juvenile phase represents the physical growth phase starting from birth,the animals cannot reproduce sexually in this phase.

2. Reproductivematurity phase

  • The reproductive maturity phase is attained usually after physical growth is almost over it was growth and activity of the sex organs animal can reproduce sexually in this phase.
  • Reproductive organs develop and mature during the period called puberty.
  • Both these periods or phases are of variable duration in different animals.
  • After attaining sexual maturity the animal exhibit various events

i. Pre fertilization event

  • These events of sexual reproduction are prior to the fusion (fertilization) of male and female gametes are these events are gametogenesis and gamete transfer


  • Fusion of male and female gametes to form diploid zygote.

iii. Post fertilization

  • Events in sexual reproduction after fertilization (formation of zygote) are called post fertilization events.
  • These events include development in zygote and embryogenesis.

Animal Breeding

  • On the basis of time of breeding, animals are of two types : seasonal breeders and continuous breeders.

i. Seasonal Breeders

  • They reproduce at particular period of the year such as
  • frog, lizards, most birds, deer, etc)

ii. Continuous Breeders

  • These animals continue to breed throughout their sexual maturity.
  • Examples are honey bee queen, poultry, rabbit, mice, cattle, etc.

Sexual Reproduction in Animals“:-

Let’s solve the following multiple choice questions………..!

1. Juvenile phase represents…..

A)growth and activity of sex organs

B) physical growth phase

C) fusion of gametes

D) zygote formation

Ans.  B) physical growth phase

2.Which group represents seasonal breeders

A) Goat,sheep,monkey

B) Humans,frog,birds

C) Goat,sheep,donkey

D) Apes,poultry,humans

Ans. C) Goat,sheep,donkey

3.Identify correct pair

A) Fertilization- Gametogenesis and gamete transfer

B) Prefertilization- fertilization and gamete transfer

C) Postfertilization- formation of zygote and embryo genesis

D) None of the above

Ans. C) Post fertilization- formation of zygote and embryo genesis

4.In sexual reproduction……

A) Both mitosis and meiosis division

B)Meiotic division only

C)Mitotic division only

D)No mitotic and meiosis division

Ans. A) Both mitosis and meiosis division

5.Offsprings produces by sexual reproduction are…..

A) Genetically similar

B) Morphologically similar

C) Genetically dissimilar

D)Clones of parents

Ans. C) Genetically dissimilar


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