Important questions of gravitation and electric chapter Class 10th Maharashtra board Exam 2019

Important questions of gravitation chapter Class 10th Maharashtra board Exam 2019

(1) What is Centripetal force? Give one Example.

(2) What is Kepler’s Law?

(3) State and Explain Newton’s universal gravitation Law?

(4) What is escape velocity?

(5) What is free fall? Why true free fall not possible in air?

(6) What is Gravitation potential energy?

(7) What is the difference between mass and weight?

(8) Explain why the value of g is zero at the centre of the earth?

Important questions of Effort of electric current class 10th Maharashtra board 2019

(1) What is electric motor and explain construction and working?

(2) What is electric generator? Explain the construction and working of generater.

(3) What is Fleming right hand rule and Fleming left hand rule?

(4) Explain (i) Heating effect of Electric current and Give examples (ii) Overloading (iii) Fuse (iv) Electromagnetic induction

Explain (v) What is AC and DC current? (vi) Electrical power? (vii) Short circuit (viii) KWH

(5) Give Scientific reasons (i) Tungsten metal is used to make a solenoid type coil in an electric bulb (ii) For electric power transmission, copper or aluminum wire is used.

(6) What is a galvanometer? How does it work?

(7)  What is solenoid? How does it behave like a bar magnet? Explain with the help of a figure?