Phrases and Idioms MCQs with Answer for Competitive Examination : विविध स्पर्धा परीक्षांच्या उत्तरांसह “वाक्यप्रचार” MCQ

Phrases and Idioms MCQs with Answer for Competitive Examination

“Phrases and Idioms”, in English Grammar Part an important role in all government, bank and other similar competitive exams. So, knowing the facts about Phrases and Idioms is very important for primary to high school students and also candidates preparing for competitive exams.

Here, we have collected the most important questions on Phrases and Idioms with clear Answers. Practice these MCQ Questions and Answers and score well in competitive exams. MHAHASARKAR provides you the best solutions for Candidate’s English Grammar online test preparation.

English Grammar – “Phrases and Idioms” MCQs With Answers

(1) Under the weather

(a) Feeling ill

(b) Summer days

(c) An agriculture lands

(d) Very dangerous weather


(2) Apple of my eye

(a) Whom you are very heat

(b) Whom you are very fond of or like

(c) Whom those eyes like apple

(d) Apple in front of eyes


(3) Set the record straight

(a) To clarify

(b) To ignore

(c) To record the voice

(d) Set the goal


(4) A bad egg

(a) A bad fruit

(b) A bad person

(c) A bad habit

(d) A bad network


(5) Every dog has his day.

(a) Every dog has had own house

(b) Every person has a chance

(c) Every dog bark in a day.

(d) Every dog has barked every time.


(6) Face to face

(a) Personally

(b) In front of face

(c) Wearing mask on a face

(d) Visit to site


(7) A slip of the tongue

(a) Talking roughly

(b) Manners of talking

(c) A verbal error

(d) An unwillingness to speak


(8) Apple to discord

(a) To try very hard

(b) To reverse the position

(c) To create bad impression

(d) Something that causes strife


(9) Turn against

(a) Unfair treatment

(b) Something wrong

(c) To become hostile to

(d) Talking against


(10) Kill to birds with a stone

(a) Achieve to mango with one throw from mango tree.

(b) Achieve two results by doing one thing.

(c) Achieve success for very long time

(d)  Birds killing stone.


(11) Snowed under

(a) To be busy

(b) To let coming

(c) Under the snow

(d) Under threat


(12) Go to the wall

(a) To go bankrupt

(b) Dismiss from job

(c) To go nervines

(d) High ambitions


(13) Go up in smoke

(a) Be strong

(b) Be careful

(c) Be nonsense

(d) Be destroyed


(14) Golden age

(a) A period of success

(b) A period of sadness

(c) A period of history

(d) A period of good health


(15) Golden opportunity

(a) Golden opportunity to marriage

(b) A good chance to go on holiday

(c) Successful moment

(d) A very good chance to achieve something


(16) Good – for – nothing

(a) Someone who is lazy and never does anything useful

(b) Something which is showing good but not in use

(c) Sometime nobody can help you.

(d) Somewhere your presence is not necessary.


(17) Green horn

(a) Working person

(b) Experience person

(c) Unexperienced person

(d) Professional worker


(18) Hard and fast

(a) Very hard and running fast

(b) Non-breakable but fast

(c) Speedily going like gun shot

(d) Definite, rigid


(19) Hard up

(a) Not able to cross

(b) Not possible to change

(c) Not having enough money

(d) Not power to chess it


(20) Better late than never

(a) To do something if you want

(b) Do not do anything if you do not want

(c) To do something rather than not doing

(d) To go anywhere within time


(21) Come across

(a) Come in front

(b) Meet by chance

(c) Come as a competitor

(d) Come and cross


(22) To be like a dog with two tails.

(a) To be deceitful and insincere

(b) To be annoyed by something

(c) To have vicious cruel eyes

(d) To fell very proud and happy about something.


(23) Sugar – coated pill

(a) Doctor’s prescription

(b) Bitter advice in sweet words

(c) Capsule surrounded by sugar

(d) Sweet medicine


(24) ‘A queer fish’ means

(a) A bad person

(b) A good person

(c) An eccentric person

(d) A soft person


(25) To bell the cat

(a) Great escape

(b) Great risk

(c) Great competition

(d) Great work


(26) Spick and span

(a) Neat & clean

(b) Neat & smart

(c) Very clever

(d) Very positive


(27) Through thick and thin

(a) Under all circumstances

(b) Under all conditions

(c) Under botheration

(d) Under  preculture


(28) Snake in the grass

(a) A Dangerous enemy

(b) A hidden enemy

(c) A friend enemy

(d) A closest enemy


(29) To be taken aback

(a) To be surprised

(b) To be return with interest

(c) To be faithful

(d) To be grateful


(30) To build castles in the air

(a) To build own hose at mountain

(b) To building a house on a fort

(c) To form imaginary schemes

(d) Surrender to fort


(31) Dog in the manager

(a) A selfish man

(b) Ridicules man

(c) A Strict manager

(d) Unwanted manager


(32) Fool’s paradise

(a) A family of fool man

(b) A group of fool family

(c) A state of imaginary

(d) A state of nonsense person


(33) Dead letter

(a) Someone who dead letter

(b) Something no longer in force

(c) Something happens letter

(d) Not useful


(34) Cock & bull story

(a) An absurd tale

(b) An old story

(c) A child stories

(d) A grandmother advice


(35) Hue & cry

(a) Very big and tall

(b) Clamour or noise

(c) Not properly

(d) Crying continuously


(36) Put off

(a) Switched off ignition

(b) Put off any subject

(c) To postpone

(d) To finalized


(37) See off

(a) See in the letter

(b) Say goodbye

(c) Both side attraction

(d) See the reding & off engine


(38) Double dealing

(a) Sale one property to two persons

(b) Trickery & deceit, (plotting against one’s friend)

(c) Getting double entry pass

(d) Dealing with someone


(39) Flesh & blood

(a) Human blood

(b) Human nature

(c) Human style

(d) Human life


(40) From the bottom of one’s heart

(a) Dearest friend

(b) Oldest friend

(c) Frankly & lovely

(d) Genuinely & deeply


(41) Give & take

(a) Mutually obliging each other

(b) Physical comforts

(c) The means of life

(d) A general view of something


(42) For certain

(a) Unnecessary

(b) Unexecuted plan

(c) Decomposing

(d) Definitely


(43) Bag & baggage

(a) With all family

(b) With all the goods

(c) Without any parcel

(d) With all friends & colleges’


(44) Hobson’s choice

(a) Multiple choices

(b) Singal choices

(c) A choice that is very different

(d) A choice that is really no choice


(45) To take a cue

(a) To get a hint

(b) To responsibility

(c) To understanding

(d) To underestimate


(46) At random

(a) A purposely doing

(b) A completion of work

(c) A preplanned

(d) In a haphazard manner


(47) White elephant

(a) A waste of money

(b) A white color elephant

(c) A beautiful thing

(d) A big price objects


(48) Fed up with

(a) Happy to work

(b) Unhappy to work

(c) Be bored

(d) Be illness


(49) To hit below the belt

(a) To take unfair

(b) To take granted

(c) To hit on legs

(d) To rebuke


(50) To turn the gauntlet

(a) To indulge in trade

(b) To sell gloves

(c) To face criticism

(d) To participate in a contest


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