Technical Interview

:- Introduction of Technical Interview :-

(तकनीकी साक्षात्कार का परिचय)

The graduates who generally have a background of technical such as IT,Engineering and Science are going to face this interview. In Technical Interview the interviewers test the graduates about their technical knowledge or their experience about the specific position on which they applied for.

In this interview, the interviewers often asks questions about the company’s technical activities,understanding the specific task related to that post on which he/she applied,a particular technical problem and how it would be solved.

Which qualities you need to be selected in this interview?
-> Companies expects a candidate to have a soft skills as well as technical skills. They will also expects a candidate should have a clear knowledge in their area of graduation.In case of computer science students, the technical skills will be knowing C,C++,Data structure,UNIX,Operating System and networking very well. The current technical advancement in science and invention in computer will give a the candidate a better chance of getting job.

Programming Practice and Skills
-> A good programming practice will give you a plus point while you are being interviewed by the interviewers. A good knowledge in programming comes from all the way around to you like when you are writing code they are watching you and your every logical skills you are applying at that time. Maintaing a right sequence,commenting while programming,giving a meaningful name to variable related to the programming reveals your good sense in doing program. Though it’s time consuming to give a comment in the programming but it helps other to understand the code very easily.

Technical Questions
-> The basic knowledge is must. While intervewing you should have a clear knowledge on Data structure like linked list,Queue,Tree structure,heaps as well as algorithms like searching,sorting,hashing etc. Review the areas for which you are applying. If you are interviewing for a system programmer job,then you should know about thread,process,scheduling algorithms,dynamic memory allocations etc. If you are interviewing for a job which requires OOP language, you should have a basic clear knowledge on inheritance,polymorphism,encapsulation etc.