“Testing” Interview Questions

-:”Testing” Interview Questions:-

1.What is the Software Testing?

Ans:A set of activities to find any Eroor in software.

2.What is Acceptance Testing?

Ans:Testing allow user to determine  whether to acept a software or not.This kind of technique is called Acceptance.Performing validation it is being implimented.

3.What is Accessibility Testing?

Ans:Veryfing or kind of testing that help to that software is accessible people having disabilities.

4.What is Ad Hoc Testing?

Ans:To brake the system by randomly and trying to doing system functionality done by such kind of testing called Ad Hoc Testing.

5.What is Application Programming Interface (API)?

Ans:Basically  a set of  software which call that can be a reference by another application or programs to access suport system and it’s Network.

6.What is Backus-Naur Form?

Ans:To describe a syntex of a software coding or language Backus-Naur is used.

7.What is Beta Testing?

Ans:A kind of testing where the testin is perfome by user on the product.

8.What is  (ABI)?

Ans:The full from of ABI  is Application Binary Interface.To permorming in different system or platfrom application in binary forms is callled ABI.

9.What is Binary Portability Testing?

Ans:To confoming of ABI spacification thsi kin dof testing are perfromed.

10.What is Black Box Testing?

Ans:One kin dof analysis testing technique.Testing with a piece of softwareto find it’s internal working ,without reference.

11.What is Bottom Up Testing?

Ans:It is an one kind of testing where the lowes level comoponent are tested the it take the part of higher level comoponent testing.

12.What is Boundary Testing?

Ans:It is one kind of testing that focus on the limitation or boundary of the testing.Basically the limit condition of the software .

13. What is Bug?

Ans:a error in a programes code that cause of unitendent manner.

14. What is Defect?

Ans:sometime in an application there is some feachers are missing what is there in requerment,that is called Defect.

15.What is Branch Testing?

Ans:A kin dof testing where every brunch of the source code tested at leats once.

16.What is Breadth Testing?

Ans:A kind of testing where the full performanc of the software functionality are tested but not it’s feaachers.

17.What’s the Alpha Testing ?

Ans:It is a basically control enviroment by the end user.

18.What’s the Beta Testing ?

Ans:Affter installing all feachers on clint place or system  there again a testing perfromed,that is called Beta testing.

19.What is Component Testing ?

Ans:It is system tsting where the component are tested of an application.

20.What is CAST?

Ans:cast is computer aided software testing.

21.What is Cause Effect Graph?

Ans:To desinge a cases the graphical reperesentation of inputs and associated output effect is called CEG.

22.What is Coding?

Ans:Writting the source code and generate it or perfrome it on a system is called Coding.

23.What is Cyclomatic Complexity?

Ans:During white box testing a masuerment of logical complexity of an algo is called Cyclomatic Complexity.

24.What is Debugging?

Ans:A technique to find out the cause of source code faileor. and removing it later.

25.What is the Database testing?

Ans:To find the intrigaty database field value this kind of testing are applied.

26.Which testing method is used to check the software in abnormal condition?

Ans. There are 4 type of testing method are applied .they are,1.Stress testing, 2.Beta testing, 3.Recovery and 4.Security.

27.What is the Test Case?

Ans:An one kind of testing that help to find inputs and associated output effect and a expected result for devoloping a perfect object.

28.What is the Traceability Matrix?

Ans:A relational document that help us to understand the relation between Test case and Requirments.

29.How many types of approaches are used in Integration Testing?

Ans: Two type of testing are there .they are,1.Bottom up , 2.Top down.

30.What is Glass Box Testing?

Ans:A similer synoname of white Box testing.

31.What is Gorilla Testing?

Ans:A havy testing on perticular module,and havy testing about functionality of the product.

32.What is Quality Control?

Ans:a kind of technique to fulfill the requerment  and   verify quality requerment.