JAVA Interview Questions

“JAVA” Interview Question

1.What is JVM?
Ans:To run java code in a run time envairoment a interpriter is used that is called JVM.

2.What is the most important feature of Java?
Ans:it is object oriented and platfrom independence programming language.

3. What do you mean by platform independence?
Ans:Thats means we caan read it’s code any java platfrom and exicute it’s classs and function to a supported platfrom.

4.What is the base class of all classes?
Ans:the based classs of java is java.lang mostly know in code java.lang.object.

5.What is the JDK and a JVM?
Ans:jdk stand for java devolopment kits here we can find some java code devolopment feachers.

6.what is a JVM?
Ans:it is an runtime enviroment it can’t compile your code .your code use jvm feachers i.e. ypur source file.

7.What are the access modifiers in Java?
Ans:basically there is 3 type of modifiers public,protected,private.

8.what is friendly ?
Ans:friendly is a default java access can not be accessed by through programming.

9. What is are packages?
Ans:collection of same object’s classs is called package.

10. What is meant by Inheritance ?
Ans:it is a feachers of inherite the feachers of a class.

11.Why it use Inheritance ?
Ans:basically it helps reusabillity of can access a variable and method.

12.What is superclass
Ans:A calss what is inherited are calle super class .It is a type of clsss.

13.what is subclass
Ans:it is a class which dose inheriting .

14.What is an abstract class?
Ans:To implimentations gaps for a subclass there is a designed that called abstract class.

15.What are the states associated in the thread?
Ans;Thread is a light wait process. many process are in there in thread ?
Ans:there are 4 state Rady, running,dead and waitting process.

17.What is synchronization?
Ans:It is a technique which execute that if there is running more or one thread .if it happen then it allow one thred to use a perticular Resource.

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18.What is deadlock?
Ans: Dead locak is a state where one process is holding a resource and theat ressource is importent for the other process that time they can’t run a singel process that is called

19.What is an applet?
Ans:to display java code in an webpage there are use some dynamic programs that are called Applet.

20.what is need of init() method in applet ?
Ans: init() method is called when a applet first call.

21.what is need of start() method in applet ?
Ans:start() method it is the second method when applet is being in run.

22.paint() method ?
Ans:to minimize or maximize a applet it is being used.

23.Use of stop() method ?
Ans:To stop or move of the applet page from a browser it is being called.

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24.what need of destroy() method ?
Ans:to finsh the applet by the browser.

25.How do you set security in applets?
Ans:Using of the manage method it can set security for an applet.

26.What is a layout manager ?
Ans:It is an one kind of object that manage components in a container.

27.describe how many layout there in a layout manager
ANS: there are 5 type of layout 1.FlowLayout, 2.BorderLayout, 3.CardLayout, 4.GridLayout 5.GridBagLayout.

28.What is JDBC?
Ans: It is an one kind of API that allow to run sql statements.It is basically a Java API.

29.What is the Java API?
Ans:It is basically collection of software component That allow capbility for graphical user interface(GUI).

30.What is the use of bin and lib in JDK?
Ans:There is two file structure a BIN and another is library.BIN contain tools and lib contain all API packages.

31.What is this()?
Ans:To invoke a constructer for the same class this method is used.

32.what do you mean by super()?
Ans:It is a method basically used to invoke a constructor. of a super class.


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