“What suggestions do you have to increase Sale of the Company?” answered By Expert & Successful Candidates

What suggestions do you have to increase Sale of the Company?” answered By Expert & Successful Candidates

  • Sir / Madam to increase the sale of the company, we must build short-teams under able leadership and divide their areas in the state or region. Now their task is to find out the causes where and why sale of the company is below the target. Now try to care the problems and work systematically. (Shared by- Sangita Yasmin).
  • Sir / Madam, Monthly planning and schedule wise visit is the market is most important to increase sale. We have to find our weakness and opponent’s strengths to recover sale increase. (Shared by- Somya Johar).
  • Sir / Madam, To increase sale a salesman must know his products of the company, its merits and demerits not only that opponent company products will also to be known closely, so that market review can handled perfectly. On the other hand daily visit to customers and service support to them is also mandatory to increase sale of the company in the market. (Shared by- Harsh Saini).