L.I.C.I interview shared by successful candidate

L.I.C.I interview shared by successful candidate

LICI – ‘AAO’ post interview shared by successful candidate. Also applicable for DO, Clerk and other interviews of insurance sector

Name : S . Trivadi

Qualification : M.Com

Extra Qualification : Diploma in CA.

Interviewee :  May I come in Sir?

Board : Please, come in. Take your seat.

Interviewee : Thank you sir.

Board : Ok, Mr. Trivedi, are you ready ?

Interviewee : Sure sir.

Board : Do you have any experience in Insurance line?

Interviewee :  No Sir, I have not any.

Board : Ok; No problem. Is there any member of your family in Insurance line?

Interviewee :  No Sir…

Board : What do you know about LIC?

Interviewee : It is an insurance company established in the year 1956 (1st September probably).

Board : Ok; good. Who is the present chairman of LICI?

Interviewee : Said.

Board : That’s ok. Have you bought any insurance for yourself or family members?

Interviewee : Yes sir. (Explained about it a little).

Board : Are the policies running?

Interviewee : Yes sir; (Years explained).

Board : Are the policies running?

Interviewee : Yes sir; (years explained).

Board : What do you know about ‘Dead Policies’?

Interviewee : Sir Dead Policies are those which are not run by policy holders for years. Sometimes company gives chance to policy holders to reactive the dead policies without fine or late-fees.

Board : What is the function of a leader in an insurance company?

Interviewee : Basically the leader manages his team members; motivates them to work better, organize the activities, and also enthuse them ….

Board : What qualities are must to be a successful insurance agent according to you?

Interviewee : Sir, from my point of view honesty and sincerity is must to be a successful insurance agent; he / she also must be patient and hard worker.

Board : That’s good. Do you know what percentage of market share LIC holds in insurance sector at present?

Interviewee : Said and explained the share of that current year.

Board : You have not score a very good result in graduation after school final. What is the reason behind it?

Interviewee : Explained my past a little (Truly said).

(Then they asked me some subjective questions from B.Com & M.Com and also enquired about basic computer knowledge. 2 or 3 questions I denied as I did not know but I finished with satisfaction.).

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Tips to Prepare before an interview by S. Trivedi :

One : Post and employer’s details.

Two : Subjective knowledge.

Three : Computer knowledge.

Four : Running and current events of the nation.

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