HR Interview Questions For Banking Jobs

HR Interview Questions For Banking Jobs

Hare are some HR Interview questions for IBPS candidates of different Bank Job vacancies RBI, SBI, PNB, BOI BOB, BOM Etc.

  1. What is your opinion about digitalization of banking operation in India?

Sir, it s demand of time and easy to handle but most people of India are still unaware of online banking system but earlier decision is better than latter banking system but earlier decision is better than latter. Digital banking operation unavoidable at present, so, we must welcome it and spread this system like fire.

  1. Do you think it will be possible to bring 100% people in digital banking scheme?

Yes of course Sir, once upon a time 70% of Indians had not a single bank account but now almost everyone is in contact with bank. Little will and little trial will make it successful. Online banking system will made faster India.

  1. What will be effect on digital banking system on average Indian people?

Sir, Digitalization of Banking operations opens the door of faster financial transactions all over India in all sectors. In agriculture, in industrial belts, in urban and rural economy its effect will be beyond imagination. Our economical growth will be 3 times faster than present and so everything will be in favour of ordinary people and most importantly corruption will be perished from rural and urban planning schemes. That will be very very important for average Indians.

  1. What is the difference between NEFT and RTGS?

NEFT means National Electronic Fund Transfer It is a nationwide payment system through which one can transfer funds to another individual having an account in any other bank branch in the country. Any transaction initiated after a settlement time would have to wait till the next designed settlement time.

RTGS is read time gross settlement different from NEFT. Through RTGS one can transfer funds continually (real time) to beneficiary with a minimum amount of n lacs. The remitting transfers the money to receiving bank (Beneficiary bank) which bank account within 30 minutes of receiving of funds transfer message.

  1. What is the function of Demand Draft?

Demand Draft is issued by a bank to a Clint (drawer) directing another bank or its other branch to pay certain amount to the specified party (Payee), demand drafts can also be made payable to a specified pasty also known as pay to order.

  1. What is the difference between cheque and demand Draft?

Cheque is an instrument of payment order to the bank to pay written amount from drawer’s account to the chaque holder. On the other hand demand draft is also a financial instrument which is payable on the basic of demand.

  1. How many types of banks are there in India?

In India there are a number of banks of different type with different objectives. Like- commercial Banks, Land development Banks, investment Banks, Merchant Banks, Rural, Rural Bank, Agricultural Banks, Nationalized Banks, and every one in under one roof that is Reserve Bank of India.

  1. How many bank accounts do you have and how often do you go to bank physically?

I have only two bank accounts in two different banks. I naturally go to banks twice or thrice in a month because most of the dealings I make through online mode or by my debit cards.

  1. Do you have any bank-loan in any bank branch?

No sir, presently I have not any bank loan or loan from any finance. I had one a few days ago for vehicle purchase but I cleared it.

Or, No Sir, still I have not borrowed any loan from any bank or any finance company.

(N:B Before any vital interview try to resolve your loan issues positively so that your image get brighten).

  1. What is the difference between banking and financing?

Sir banking is a financial method through which payment is given and taken through bank deposits. Financing is also a financial through which financing help customers to purchase anything from the market in lien of certain interest.