Panel interview

-:Give your level best while you are in a Panel interview:-
-:जब आप एक पैनल के साक्षात्कार में हों तो अपना स्तर सबसे अच्छा रखें:-

-> The title of the paragraph indicates the main theme. You have to give your level best without knowing who are going to take your interview. Now a days, panel has different forms. Sometimes you can find yourself interviewing with HR,Vice-president,the section head, the operational chief or you will be sent to the recruitment assessment section for testing, where they will test your performance about handling pressure, team work etc. Below few tips can help you to crack it-


  1. Attend the questions with a variety

-> Do not give same answers to every panel you are interviewing with. You will be facing different panels in this interview. Always try to give different answer with a plenty of knowledge.


  1. Reveal your skill

-> All you have to show that you have a fine group presentation skills. Do not get personal to any interviewer. Always maintain a good communication with them. The very important thing is that present your skill short and to the point which you feel you can share with the interviewers.


  1. Be yourself

-> Interviewers are not bound to hire you while you are showing you are nervousness to them.Dont be obsequious, it shows low self-belief. Be confident by not showing fear in your eyes.


  1. Control your stress

-> In a team interview time plays a vital role. Don’t be so lazy to answer a question. Also control the stress while a group of interviewers are throwing a bunch of questions to you. Be calm and try to give a great knock to them.


  1. Make a list of important things

-> List of some important things which is related to the job requirements and prepare yourself which is fit to it. It helps you to prepare yourself and you can ask your friend to help you with a test.


  1. Practice on it

->You can form a team of your friends who will ask you non-stop questions making an environment of a panel interview. You can practice yourself with your family members assuming that you are in an interview and they will ask questions to you continuously. Ask them for a feedback, mark out your mistakes, it will help you to crack the interview very easily. Remind that ‘Practice makes perfect’.


  1. Make an imagination

-> Sometimes you need to ask yourself some questions and practice yourself with a suitable answer. Imagination will help you that way. Make your own imagination that you are sitting in an interview and they making questions to you and you are answering them.


  1. Get a good remark

->Study well about the company before you are going to attend the interview. Use internet to know about the products and ongoing operations so that when you will be asked to know anything don’t loose that opportunity to make a relevant questions. It will be a good impression to them.


  1. Provide what they want to know from you

-> Yes! They can ask to know about you in details so that they can address you. Provide what they really want to know in details. Even they can judge you asking like that ‘What do you think about our ….term policy on …… product?’ Share your view positively.

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