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Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the most suitable “one Word” for the given expressions.

  1. Paying back injury with injury

(a) Vendetta

(b) Repression

(c) Subjugation

(d) Reprisal

Ans:- (d) Reprisal

  1. Acutely affected by external impressions

(a) Ingenious

(b) Impressionable

(c) Credulous

(d) Sensitive

Ans:- (d) Sensitive

  1. To slap with a flat object

(a) Hew

(b) Swat

(c) Chop

(d) Gnaw

Ans:- (b) Swat

  1. An assembly of hearers

(a) Audience

(b) Crowd

(c) Congregation

(d) Assemblage

Ans:- (a) Audience

  1. An associate in an office or institution

(a) Companion

(b) Ally

(c) Colleague

(d) Accomplice

  1. One who is unrelenting and cannot be moved by entre be moved by entreaties

(1) Inexorable

(2) Infallible

(3) Impregnable

(4) Inexplicable

Ans:- (1) Inexorable

  1. Regard for others as a principle of action

(1) Cynicism

(2) Nepotism

(3) Philanthropy

(4) Altruism

Ans:- (4) Altruism

  1. Person who claims to have great love for and understanding of what is beautiful in nature, art etc.

(1) Critic

(2) Aesthete

(3) Connoisseur

(4) Artist

Ans:- (2) Aesthete

  1. A disease which spreads by contact

(1) Infectious

(2) Contagious

(3) Contiguous

(4) Contextual

Ans: – (2) Contagious

  1. An animal story with a moral

(1) Fable

(2) Tale

(3) Anecdote

(4) Parable

Ans:- (1) Fable

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