MPSC Assistant Public Prosecutor Gr-A Paper-2 Question paper 2007

MPSC Assistant Public Prosecutor Gr-A Paper -2  2007 Question paper

Note:  (i) Question No. 1 is compulsory.

             (ii) Answer any eight from the remaining questions.

             (iii) Question No. 1 carries 20 marks and remaining questions carry 10 marks each.

             (iv) Number of optional questions up to the prescribed number in the order in which questions have been solved, will                             

                    only be assessed and excess answers of the questions will not be assessed.

             (v) “Other than cited cases, candidate should not write roll number, any names (including their own), signature,   

                   Address or any indication of their identity anywhere inside the answer book otherwise he will be penalized”.



  1. Write easy on any of the following (Recent development in criminal Law):

(a) Laws relating to offences in respects of women

(b)  Laws affecting the economy of the motion

(c) Laws relating to environment, pollution, I.P.C. etc.

  1. write short notes on I.P.C. :

(a) Document

(b) Injury

  1. What is consent? The accused gave assurance of marriage and committed sexual intercourse4 with the girl. Afterwards he refused to many with the girl. Whether such consent is consent within meaning of Section 90 and Section 376 I.P.C?
  1. Write is the difference between Section 34 and Section 114 I.P.C.? Whether the presence of the accused is must at the time

Of commission of offence?

  1. Short notes on Minor Acts, answer any five:

(a) Disorderly behavior in drunken condition.

(b) Imitation Fire Arms.

(c) Sanction u/s 39 of Arms Act and S.7 of Explosive Substance Act.

(d) Powers of seizure and confiscation of property under Forest Act.

(e) Protection Home.

(f) Prohibitory orders in respect of weapons, music, noise etc.

  1. Definitions on Minor Acts any five:

(a) Arms

(b) Common gaming house

(c) Brothel

(d) Tree

(e) Scheduled caste and scheduled tribes

(f) Essential commodity

  1. What is the difference between offence u/s 7 (1) (d) of Protection of Civil Right Act and S.3 (1) (x) of Prevention of Atrocities Act (Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe).
  1. Give Reasons any five:

(a) Person found suspicious circumstances between sunset and sunrise can be arrested.

(b) Special police officer can take search without warrant under Immoral traffic (preservation Act)

(c) If any person wishes to fell tree. He can do so under Maharashtra (urban Ares) Preservation of Trees Act.

(d) Lottery is exempted from Gambling Act.

(e) Possession of weapons like swords, knives, choppers are made punishable under Arms Act.

(f) Person can possess and consume liquor.

  1. (a) whether girls charge of under Prevention of Immoral Traffic Act.

    (b) Dangerous Driving.,

  1. Whether offences of Wild Life Protection Act 1972 are cognizable, further elaborate your answer whether there are any other offence in the said act pertaining to any other things besides animal?
  1. During investigation of offence, accused made voluntary statement and thereafter some property found in respect of seized property. Whether the accused committed offence u/s 124 Bombay Police Act?
  1. What is the criminal responsibility of persons in occupation of premises where the Fire Arms found under Arms Act?