Maharashtra HSC Board or 12th Exam Biology-Zoology Important Question for 2019

Maharashtra HSC Board or 12th Exam Biology-Zoology Important Question for 2019

(1) Select and write the most appropriate answer from the given alternatives for each sub-question:

(1) Vermiform appendix is an example of …………….. organ.

(a) Vestigeal

(b) Homologous

(c) Sense

(d) Analogous

(2) In which of the following disorders number of chromosomes present is 47?

(a) Turner’s syndrome

(b) Cushing’s syndrome

(c) Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome

(d) Down’s syndrome

(3) Human blood clotting factor VIII is used to treat ……….. .

(a) Pituitary dwarfism

(b) Diabetes mellitus

(c) Hemophiliacs

(d) Cystic fibrosis

(4) A person suffering from diabetes insipid us shows ………. .

(1) Hyperglycemia

(2) Hypoglycemia

(3) Polyuria

(4) Hypertension

(5) Photoreceptor cells are present in …………… .

(a) Blind spot

(b) Retina

(c) Cochlea

(d) Cornea

(6) ‘HAART’ is suggested for the treatment of …………….. .

(a) Malaria

(b) Cancer

(c) AIDS

(d) High cholesterol level

(7) For DNA fingerprinting radioactive probe obtained from …………….. is used in India.

(a) Banded Krait

(b) King Cobra

(c) Viper

(d) Rat snake

(2) (A) Answer the following in ‘one’ sentence each:

(1) Give any two examples of commensalism.

(2) What is the common name of Apis mellifera?

(3) Which growth hormone is used to enhance dairy productivity?

(4) Define Linkage

(5) Name of two classes to which Archaeopteryx acts as connecting link.

(6) Define the term natality.

(B) Sketch and label Malpighian body.

(C) Attempt any Two of the following:

(1) Enlist any four sequential evolutionary names of human ancestors.

(2) Give the significance of transgenic animals for betterment of life.

(3) Give the economic importance of lac.

(4) Give the fate of mesoderm.

(3) (A) Attempt any Two of the following:

(1) Explain the mechanism of sex determination in birds.

(2) Give any two unique features of acquired immunity.

(3) With the help of pyramid, describe the growing population.

(B) Sketch and label reflex arc.

(4) Explain the process of early cleavage till the formation of morula.


Describe five types leucocytes, with the help of diagrams. Add a note on their functions.