Interview shared by Successful Candidate

Interview shared by Successful Candidate –

Hello, I am Rahul Agarwal an Assistant Teacher of a High School. Previously I worked in Multinational Companies for 2 or 3 years. After completing my Graduation I applied in different companies. In one of the interviews I went in informal dress wearing a Jeans and a T-shirt. Other interviewees went there in fully formal clothing. Only I was stupid I thought while waiting for my turn to come.

However after a number of candidates I was called in the room where three giant interviewers were in front of mine. Many experienced guys were puzzled after coming out of the room. I decided not yield.

The first question they threw to me, we see the first person coming to this interview wearing a jeans and a T-shirt. Hearing this I threw another question to them, “Is there anything informal in my dress sir”.”Yes, of course. Don’t you know that”? One of them challenged me.

Sorry Sir, I do not think so. Sir what is jeans I asked again.

‘I continued jeans is one kind of cloth material like cotton. So how can you say it is informal’. I challenged in reply.

Then after some jolly talks they asked me – ‘What is the toughest job according to you?’

Sir, I am fresher just passed Graduation. Though my experience is very little in this regard but I think selling insurance policies is the toughest.

One of the interviewer asked, why do you think so?

Sir, to sell an insurance policy the agent only has assurance and agreement papers and all benefits will be given buyer is minimum and the cost is maximum. That’s why I think so.

If you are selected as a salesman, what will be your target always?

Sir my target always will be to increase the sale of my product every day, every month. As a salesman I should always remember not to sell my product in less number in comparison of the last month /day.

Interviewer: very good.  But you have very little knowledge in computer. How will you manage it?

Me: Why should I manage sir? I will gather knowledge of computer whatever is necessary. Just a decade ago our country be literated in computer. But today we are smart enough in this sector. I believe I will gather computer knowledge whatever will be needed for job purpose.

Then they asked some technical questions which I answered smartly. I was shy and hesitating at first but changed my attitude because I know attitude matters much than knowledge. Confidance is necessary to overtake hardles. I was selected not for knowledge but for instant replies. I was not experienced. I was not skilled. But my instant intelligence helped me  to face the challenge. That successful interview helped me a lot in future and gave me much confidence to face upcoming hardles of life.

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