How to write CV? Resume कसा तयार करायचा याची संपूर्ण तपशील

How to write CV? CV Writing Tips and Advice

First we have to understand what is CV?

So CV means course of life, which is also called curriculum vitae, this curriculum vitae means CV, mostly people who have experienced, they have worked in many multiple companies, they have many years of experience with them, they make CV. in CV you can write information about yourself in full detail, CV you can make from 2 pages to 10 pages.

Now First We Have To Understand The CV Writing

Personal Information

Here first of all you have to write your name, then your home address, then your mobile number, then your professional email address, then you can write your date of birth, not only that, but you can also add your photograph here. This is the first and important where you mention your contact information in CV


Now you can write here your profile i.e. what kind of person you are, you can mention something like you are problem solver or innovator, mentor, goal oriented, creative, multitasker, decision maker, fire fighter, quick learner, multitasker. you can highlight four to five points in your profile, not only this, but you can mention why you are different from another.

Educational Qualification

Now you can write your education in education you can mention first of all which will be your highest degree till which year you have completed that and also you can mention how much score you have. after that your second degree with passing year and score or grade. All the educational details you have to mention in descending order with year and grades.

Practical experience

Now you can write where you have worked till date, you can write all the work experience again in descending order, first of all you have to mention your job title, then company name, after that what was your role there and Responsibilities are there. Then you can mention the worked period from which year to which year you have worked there.

Knowledge, Excellence, and Honors

Now all your skills will remain here or whatever awards you have got in life or any small achievement, you can write here, suppose you have very good communication skills, then you can mention communication skill problem solving Skills, Decision Making Skill, negotiation skills or any other skills.

Technical Skills

And if you are from technical background that time you can mention C++, JAVA,python like that

Additional Qualification

Here you have taken any degree or any diploma on your side side by side and you have done any small course such as AutoCAD or 3D Max, If you have done a lot of typing, then you can mention that MSCIT has happened to you, then you can also mention here, apart from this, if you have learn any specific language like Spanish, French, German or any other language you can mention in your additional qualification.You have also done this, you have gained a lot of your knowledge and the knowledge which will definitely go ahead in your life at some point, you can do everything from small to big details in additional qualification.

Extracurricular Activities

Or you can mention as if you had participated in some outdoor activities in school or college, such as running competition, painting, drawing, and any other type of activity. May be or playing with instrument right you can mention that or you have met people in public speaking in your debate you have done a lot of your own without you so every type of activity here you can mention which that you think mine is good enough the smallest thing you can mention here.

Hobbies & Interest

you can write your interest and hobbies like reading, writing, travelling or any other thing you have to mention.

Important Information
  • While making a CV,you can use at least two to three colors example (blue,black) in which you can bold the black color for all the main headings, or you can use blue color, but you have to avoid red color, yellow color, green color.
  • The font you can use Either callibri or times of new roman.
  • you have to work on bullet points everywhere, at every place in your entire straight line. All the bullets will be same like first. don’t give different types of bullets at everywhere.
  • the main and important thing is don’t mention in your heading CV or Curriculum Vitae or Course of Life.
  • In CV Signature you can’t mention.

Mention all the comfortable like speaking and writing languages

  • Marathi
  • Hindi
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Bengali or any other

Where can we make CV?

There are so many options to make CV online or offline . there 2 types of options are there

1st – online paid, unpaid

2nd – unpaid

Both options are perfect to while making CV.

1st – If you want to make online CV that time u can select any online CV format on google or crome. And you just have to put your all the detailed information including all your name, address,

contact information, educational details, work history, extra curricular activities, languages, skills, awards and achievement.

2nd – if u want to make unpaid CV that time you can use the Microsoft word or google docs. So these are two offices where u can easily made CV from home with unpaid version.

Why the CV is important ?

  • After making your perfect CV you feel confidence
  • You can think more positively
  • You can understand your strengths and weakness
  • For understanding knowledge level
  • For better understanding

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