Crack IBPS Interview 2018 – 2019 Shared by P. Sengupta

Crack IBPS Interview 2018 – 2019 Shared by P. Sengupta

IBPS – a door in banking sector, where you must be quick but be cool always. You must be rapid but be logical. So be cool and calm towards intelligence. We hope you are passionate about this job.

You already know that IBPS is an exam which is counted as 2nd level hard exam in Indian Competitive entrance test sound knowledge of English and if you have a little higher intelligence than the ordinary level, you can crack this exam positively. Let’s see what you must know:-

  1. English -> (a) Comprehensive Knowledge; (b) Vocabulary; (c) Grammar.
  2. General Awareness -> (a) GK; (b) Current Affairs; (c) Science; (d) Society.
  3. Math-> (a) Math itself (b) Intelligence level/ base Mcq.
  4. Professional Skill-> (a) Subjective knowledge; (b) Job base knowledge; (c) Computer base knowledge; (d) Banking knowledge.

Here today we will share with a successful interview after passing IBPS written entrance test for a nationalized bank under India Govt. Services.

(Name of candidate and Name of organization are changed for our terms and policy)

P. Sengupta :- Qualification :- BCA.

Post:- P.O.

Interviewee: May I come in Sir…

Board: Oh, sure.

Interviewee: Thank you sir..

Board: Sorry Mr. Sengupta, We are running 45 minutes late than the schedule time.

Interviewee: It’s ok Sir.

Board: How can you say this sir. If you start your business day at 10 – 45; what amount of loss bank will have to face! Do you know that ?

Interviewee: Sorry sir, I was telling about your’s late arrival …

Board: Ok; jokes a part. But remember 10.00 am to 5.00 pm the business time for a bank, be never late anytime for any cause.

Interviewee: Sure sir.

Board: Okay, Mr. Sengupta – what do you think yourself as a serviceman after being a PO?

Interviewee:  Sir, as you say if I am selected as a P.O., I will never think myself as a serviceman. I’ll always think myself a businessman.

Board: Good approach but it is easy to say and hard to maintain. Ok …what do you about month end and year end…in a financial calendar?

Interviewee: Said and explained the importance.

Board: (Gave me a chart and tell me to solve a mathematical problem on the board…)

Interviewee: ( I did it with the help of an interviewer)

Board: What do you know about NEFT & RTGS?

Interviewee: Said.

Board: Well, now tell me some thing about Indian share market.

Interviewee: Said.

Board: What is NIFTY and What is M.Fund?

Interviewee: Said little about it.

Board: Do you know how much share we have today in Banking industry?

Interviewee: Explained.

Board: Good. I think you have studied our progress chart over the last couple of years.

Interviewee: Not so well but I’ll try.

Board: What do you think where should we aim at present to increase our business in the market?

Interviewee: (I hinted agricultural investment & loans to get a bigger market in rural agriculture industry).

Board: Well said and explained.

(Then they asked me some questions from my degree course and some from computer application).

Board: Thank you Mr. Sengupta. Hope we’ll meet you soon.

(For 2019 – 2019 IBPS interviewees – special topics are GST, VAT – Old, Black Money, Loan Defaulter, Risk-Free load etc)