“TET interview” Shared by successful candidate

“TET interview” Shared by successful candidate

Teacher eligibility Test is an entrance to enter into the world of teaching profession. It is a common entrance test for all categories and all stream degree holders. Teaching is one of the most alternative professions in India. All states in India already started TET exam for primary and upper primary Level teachers recruitment every year. The minimum qualification to sit in TET exam all over India (As CTET, MTET, WBTET, PSTET, ATET, MHTET etc) is Bachelor degree plus Dled/B.ed teacher training course. Though there is a syllabus of TET exam; however interviews after written test is based written on candidates stream subjects, child Developments & pedagogy, Psychology, Social awareness, General Knowledge and education based. We have great pleasure to share this interview by a successful candidate  of MHTET (Written & Interview = Subject = English)

Candidate Name : Arijit Tambe

Qualification: M.A (English) sat for B.A (Hons. Eng)

Interview: (There were 4 board persons in the interview table)

Candidate: May I come in sir?

Board: Please do come. Sit down please

Candidate: Thank you sir.

Board: ok, Mr. Arijit one of the board congratulation for passing written test and hope you will do the same in this 2nd phase.

Candidate: Expecting so.

Board: ok, come to the point Mr. Teacher you ask first.

1st Teacher (Probably of political Science) :- Ok do you know the full form MLA & MP.

Candidate: Yes sir, MLA is member of legislative assembly and M.P is member of Parliament

1st Teacher : Good who is your MLA ?

Candidate: (I told the M.P.S name of my area wrongly)

1st Teacher: Is he M.L.A or M.P ?

Candidate: Sorry sir, M.P. one MLA is (Said the correct one next time)

1st Teacher: ok good who was the 1st to win Nobel Prize from India?

Candidate: (said)

1st Teacher: ok; I have no question at all. Mr. Arijit please carry on.

2nd Teacher: Do you the full form of NCTE

Candidate: (said)

2nd Teacher: What is the minimum qualification to be a teacher in India?

Candidate: (said & exclaimed)

2nd Teacher: How will you behave with your students being a teacher

Candidate: friendly guide

2nd Teacher: What will you do to attract the attention of an in attentive child in the class?

Candidate: I said probable ways

2nd Teacher: okay, Mr.__________ carry on with your subject.

3rd Teacher: okay Mr. Arijit; why did you take English as an Hons stream?

Teacher: I said mine logic.

3rd Teacher : What is the difference between object & Gerund ?

3rd Teacher: How will you teach Tense to a student of class V?

Candidate: Exclaimed & described

3rd Teacher : Do you know clause? Give us an example of complex compound sentence.

Candidate: I gave and described

4th Teacher asked me nothing but was watching my gestures sincerely. I think he was there to observe attitude of candidates:

[From many interviews I learnt sometimes a candidate may fail to give known answer in front of the board but handling it confidently is positively good. So don’t be afraid; relay before your turn and acquire good knowledge of subject and other mentioned papers in the syllabus to Crack TET exam successfully. Hope you will be benefited by this interview share. Be positive and confident but not too much]