Team Interview

-:Team Interview:-

-:टीम साक्षात्कार:-

Few suggestions for interview and Group Discussions-
->After written test company will conduct a group discussion to check out your ability to work in a team,your communication skill,presenting a view over,even a leadership quality that’s why they will put you in a group discussion and will put a topic for discussion. What you have to do is you have to present your view on that certain topic and your cooperation and decision making ability will help you to get a good remark on that session.

Now some of questions will be messing in your mind like-

-How should I handle the discussion and what will be my objectives in that interview?
-Is it a good practice to get a strong stand in favor or against the topic?
-Is there any good impression to start the topic being the first speaker?
-Longer selection interview or shorter interview is good for now?

You should define your objectives in the group and and participate remembering your objective always. Again here are some tips you would like to know-

->Participating in the GD and meaningful contribution in ordder to make a consensus is not enough.
->Your meaningful contribution must build a right consensus afteral.
->You must ensure that the group is hearing you, if the group is hearing so the evaluator.
->You have to make chances to speak, no one will wait for you to speak. In GD few participants often don’t get chance to say something. Be assertive and place your opinion infront of the consensus so that they can hear you.

->Just a short contribution to the team interview is not enough.
->A meaningful participation is all desired in this session.
->Your participation and stand with right consensus will show your qualities as a good communicator,stregth of your logic will prove your realistic thinking power.
->The evaluators will expect these qualities from you.

Few of the GD participants will start speaking instantly and will try to speak as long as they can. Don’t feel that the participant have spoken much and will be selected. Focus on what you are speaking not how much you have spoken.Quality is needed here not the quantity.Do not demoralized yourself for not to speak for so long but what you have spoken is all the way matters here.

Before the session get started, take some times for your preparation.Enter the GD room with a pen and a notebook. Think what you are going to speak.Note out some points which will be different from others but the relevant to your topic.Make sure that if your team gets stuck anywhere for a moment you can help them with your good presentational skill.

Restoring order, in the time of chaos, for your group is undoubtedly remarkable. Even the meaningful contribution will be found when the team is floundering,in that situation you have to provide a right direction so that your team can get out of that kind of messy condition.

Another important note you have to keep in your mind that you have to attempt to create a consensus although in a group of ten person will not going to raise their veiw in a same manner.

The importance of attempting to create a consensus is that you have to work with people in a team always and every team member will have different personal views in most work situations. So sometimes you have to decisions as a group accepting the joint responsibilities.

The ways to build a consensus

->Being a participants do not always try to speak a lot than others,rather try to listen the view of others very carefully. Look for the valid points and appriciate that.

->You must try to resolve contradictions in the group and achieve a unified position in the group by arranging and raising the valuable arguments.

->Discuss with the others ‘what should we discuss’ before the session starts so that everyone in the team speak targeting the same direction.

->Lastly, in the conclusion part summarize the whole discussion of your team,not restate only yours view. It is a good practice to make a consensus having a good conclusion.


You have to handle your team mates so that no one can get emotional,shout on others, bang a fist on the table in extreme circumstances. Watch out on the every team member who gets chance to speak and who doesn’t. If one of your mates found trying to get a chance to speak but actually he isn’t getting any then just give him a chance to speak. But make sure whom you are giving the chance to speak is actually want to speak or not,if not then it will be a miserable situation made by you.

Remember a Group Discussion is a free flowing discussion,don’t try to be a so called de facto chair person in that session so that everyone put a vote for you. Let it flow naturally as it is.

Eye-contact is must in GD. So whenever you speak on a topic try to maintain your eye-contact with others. You are not speaking to one or two person there. Main tain eye-contact with everyone of your opponent. One last thing,you must not agree or appreciate others view even if he is one of your group members in order to build a consensus, if you disagree with him,say so. Keep in mind only right consensus is expected.

Extra tips- Good to know

->Set your target and go with the flow.
->Be mentally prepared and try to understand the topic clearly.
->Set every logical points related to your topic and then speak from your viewpoints.
->In a group one should be able to communicate his views in a effective manner so that everyone understand the flow of the topic. Everyone should be remain confident.
->Clarity,consiceness,confidence,completeness,correctness, and courtesy is what needed during this GD.
->Maintain eye-contact with everyone not 1:1 way.
->Be responsive to ideas from other persons,be open-minded but don’t let anyone to change your own viewpoint.
->Try to atleast speak for a time so that you can raise your view to others completely.
->Always remain calm and never let your team member to be aggressive or emotional.
->Never get detracted from your topic.