RRB 2018 Special Mock Test- Set 1

Daily Update of RRB 2018 Special Mock Test:

2018 Rail Recruitment Board in India is going to recruit 90,000 staffs in Group D, Group C, Peon, Technician, Helper etc posts . Great chance for job finders to achieve this opportunity.
Some GK, GI & Reasoning related questions based on the syllabus of Railway Recruitment Board (RRB-2018) are made by our group of experts. Study the chart and practice.

Set 1

1. In which year did the battle of 1st Tarain War took place?
2. In which year did the battle of 1st Tarain War took place?
3. Which is the smallest country in the world.
a. Vetican City.
b. Srilanka
c. Bangladesh.
4. Who is the inventor of Computer?
a. Charles Babage
George Eliot.
5. Who is the author of “Malgud”
a. Raskin Bond
b. Jhumpa lahiri
c. R.K. Narayana.
6._____________ is the mighter than Sword.

a. Knife
B. Pen
C. Bullet.
7. Which year is not a leap year mentioned bellow?
a. 1600
c. 2000
8. How many triangles are there in the bellow picture?

a. 12
b. 13
c. 15
9. How many rectangles are there in the bellow picture?

a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
10. If BIRD is CJSE then CURD=What?
11. What will be the 2nd number of the Series?
9, ?, 121,225
a. 25
b. 36
c. 49
d. 81.
12. If an Indian from London calls his brother in Bangalore at 5:30 pm ; then what is the time ast his brother’s mobile handset?
a. 11 am.
b. 12 am.
c. 11 pm.
13. Who is called Bard ‘Bard of Avon’?
a. P. B. Shelley
b. S. T. Colridge
c. W. Shakespeare.
14. A Train crossed a lamp post in 10 Seconds with the speed 720 km/h, then what is the length of the train?
a. 200 mtr
b. 100 mtr
c. 150 mtr.
15. What is the full form of ‘https’?
a. Hyper Text transfer protocol security.
b. Hyper Text transfer protocol sensivity.
c. Hyper Text transfer protocol secure.

1. 1191.
2. 1192.
3. Vetican City.
4. Charles Babage
5. R.K. Narayana.
6. Pen.
7. 1900
8. 13.
9. 3.
10. DVSE
11. 49.
12. 11 pm.
13. W. Shakespeare.
14. 200 mtr
15. Hyper Text transfer protocol secure.

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