MPSC Exam मुलाखत कार्यक्रम 2023 प्रसिद्ध, check all interview schedule here

MPSC Interview Date 2023 | MPSC मुलाखत कार्यक्रम प्रसिद्ध, Check all interview schedule here

MPSC is a Maharashtra government organization which is solely responsible for the recruitment of government officials working in the government sector of Maharashtra. As we all know, exam dates and hall tickets have already been released by the board, a lot of candidates are scared to face the interview. Interview process generally occurs after a candidate has successfully cleared the exam and is willing to join the government sector. Let us all face it, we all are more afraid to face one to one interview rather than giving the written exam and thus we have come up with various tips and tricks for our beloved readers to ace their interviews.


A lot of you are still confused what to wear and how to wear? What is appropriate and what might look over the top. We have a simple solution to that. It is simply advised that males should go for black/navy blue formals and females should opt for either traditional saree or suit which is slightly off in colour so that more attention will be given to your personality rather than your outfit.

A few tips are listed below:

1) Go for light or standard colour like black, navy blue for formals and gray, beige, light pink shades for sari or suit.

2) Make sure you are wearing the dress properly and it is not lose from any angle.

3) It should be comfortable so it should not interfere between the interview and your thinking process.

4) Make sure you wear less to no jewellery as it is not considered very professional.

5) Female candidates must wrap their hairdo and males should keep it tidy to look decent and presentable.


The way you say and express your answers can get you selected or rejected right away. A candidate with decent confidence and average knowledge will always outshine a candidate with over confidence but complete knowledge. Understand that the committee sitting their have at least 10-20 years of experience and they can figure out which candidate has more capabilities and which candidate just wants to feed their ego of becoming a government official.

A few points are listed below to help you communicate better with the committee:

1) A well read mind will always be more calm. Your every answer should be given in a calm and patient manner.

2) If you know the answer perfectly, do not get over excited, take a short breath, process the question and then frame it properly.

3) If you don’t know the answer to any particular question, just tell them you know a little bit or you have not learnt about it rather than wasting theirs and yours time.

4) Your every answer should reflect your confidence and true nature, they will instantly catch a lie, so do not lie just to present yourself in the right side of any question.

5) At last, before entering ask for permission and while you leave, thank them with a good eye contact.


A lot of candidates get selected in the written and just one question can get them out of the race. In a large pool of mistakes , one common mistake is not researching your job profile and planning for it accordingly. As an aspirant, you are supposed to know , if you get selected what will be your duties and responsibilities as a government employee. This mistake can be avoided just by giving a bit of time on the official website of MPSC which also has information regarding departments, their recent work, job profile and much more information which can help.


The panel sitting infront of you will be of the best grade officers who have worked their best in their departments. A few of them can be head of various departments as well. Make sure you take note on the below points to have long lasting impression:

1) Research each and every member of the panel to have deeper knowledge so you can have an idea of what they might ask.

2) Have a brief idea on their department and their latest work, they can ask you on that as they will have the best knowledge on it.

3) Make sure you do not fumble on your views, a redirection is a very common technique to alter your answer in a negative way.

4) Make your points calmly and in a chronological manner, do not mess up any timeline.

At last we have listed a few common questions that are frequent and can be asked to check your presence of mind in the interview:

1) Introduce yourself

Everyone knows the answer to this, as you are talking about yourself, but how can you make it different?

Do not use the word “I” frequently, rather jump on the fact directly. Go chronologically and state your achievements in sports, culturally or academically in the last.

2) Tell us about your strength and weaknesses.

Now a lot of you will directly tell them about your weaknesses like a regular friend, they’re not! Have some diplomacy in this answer. Tell them your weakness wrapped in a positive manner , such as, I tend to take some time before any big commitment as I like to research a bit about it beforehand.

3) What brings you to work in civil services?

Answer this honestly and you will your extra points to top the chart. Everyone will answer the same, serving our motherland. Explain them about your passion of having a tag for yourself, to work for the same people where you were brought up and having an opinion from the rural areas which desperately needs development.

4) Tell us about previous job or experience in any sector.

Explain yourself briefly and step wise. From applying to joining to leaving. Make sure to explain the positive parts and not the negative ones.

5) Why do you want to work for Maharashtra government?

This question can get you your job!!! Research a bit about Maharashtra first, it’s flora and fauna, previous leaders, impactful faces and work and then merge everything with motivation and taking forward their legacy. A good answer will have shine in your eyes and will reflect in theirs.

Good luck to each and every candidate from our side. We wish all the best for everyone.

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