Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Interview Tips and ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ guideline for candidates of IBPS, Bank, Rail, Govt. & Non Govt. Official Jobs.

Interview is the final step before getting any service (Govt. & Non Govt.). Before any interview a candidate must follow some strict disciplines and some formal attitude to achieve success. Here we are going to present a way to crack interviews with a necessary guideline by our successful candidates & experts.

Guideline Details:

>>>Dress Code

>>>Mental Attitude

>>>Physical Appearance

>>>Verbal Presentation

>>>Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Dress Code:

A person’s dress is outer reflection of his inner mentality. With dress nothing can be achieved but your first impression gets brighter. I suggest formal dress like one colored Shirt – Pants in Interview. (White shirt – with light colored pants with smart Leather shoes is preferable) and ofcourse a pen in the shirt’s pocket.

  1. Mental Attitude:

Some candidates are strong and some are nervous before important interviews. But be yourself and have confidence to face interviews. Never show nervousness or weakness in front of interviewers. It will decrease your personality. Always remember ‘You can, You will, Surely you can…!’

  1. Physical appearance:

You’re your Physical appearance matters much in interviews. It is not a matter how short or long; how nice or ugly you are but it matters how confident your attitude is. Your passion, liability, faithfulness, seriousness and sincerity is all shown with your appearance and attitude. So be careful and be positive.

  1. Verbal Presentation:

In interviews try talk less wherever necessary. But talk to the point with discussion. Say the real (truth); do not try to talk over smartly or over confidently. Be strict with your arguments and say clear whatever you know.

  1. Dos and Don’ts For the Interviewees:


  1. Wear formal dress.
  2. Be confident.
  3. Be positive.
  4. Be sincere.
  5. Say true , Say clear ….


  1. Never wear informal dress.
  2. Never be nervous.
  3. Never say lie or hide yourself.
  4. Never be over smart or over confident.
  5. Don’t whisper or stammer.