With great opportunities comes great responsibilities and thus to know about various career options at Mahasarkar, read the following article.

Why Join Mahasarkar?

At Mahasarkar, you can find various suitable opportunities for your skill set and that is why we can proudly say that we can actually provide candidates with good opportunities here with us. Mahasarkar is like a small family trying to make an impact by providing a large amount of quality data to its readers each day to create awareness and increase the productivity of our candidates. We are all trying our level best to keep you all updated and knowledgeable with each post.

we are all different, but there is one thing that unites us all. we works hard for You!

Name: Pooja Achar Qualification: B.A Complete (Content Writer)
Name: Sayali Saptarshi (Content Writer & Video Creator)
Qualification: MBA-Marketing, Soft Skill Trainer and Motivational speaker
Name: Gajanan Rameshwar Ghuge (Content Writer)
Qualification: MCTET, PET( SGBAU, Amravati), Ph.D. Appeared
Name: Afrin Shafiulla Nayakawadi (Content Writer)
Qualification: B.Sc. In Zoology, M. Sc. In Zoology
Name: Seema Nagnath Purbuj (Content Writer)
Qualification: BSc (PCM), MSc in Physics, BEd, CTET
Name: AVINASH S. ADHAV (Content Writer)
Qualification: M-TECH (Design) , BE(Mechanical)
Name: Aasawari Avinash Joshi (Content Writer)
Qualification: MSc Organic Chemistry
Name: Neha Kumari Tripathi (Content Writer)
Qualification: MSc (Chemistry)
Name: G.S. Khairnar (Content Writer + Video Creator)
Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed. (Physics)
Name: Supriya Subhash Pende (Content Writer)
Qualification: B.SC. M.SC
Name: Prachi Dhananjay Fulkar (Content Writer)
Qualification: B.Sc. (Chemistry,Botony, Zoology), M.Sc (Organic Chemistry), M.Sc (Environmental science – persuing)
Name: Shamal Samanth (Content Writer)
Qualification: M.Sc. (Chemistry)

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Current Position:

At this particular moment of time we are not hiring anybody but will be starting the hiring process shortly to welcome the great writers on board with us. Keep practising your skill set and once we start the process we will inform  you all the very next second. Thank you all for reading with us.

With great opportunities of making a career with us, hiring can take place for various posts such as content writer, solution writer, audit posts and much more. We hope to make our family bigger yet trustable, hopeful yet hopelessly indulged in creating more and more. The main motto of Mahasarkar lies in serving our customers with latest and best updated information to make sure they receive the best. We welcome you all with open hands to apply as soon as the notification for the same gets released.


Once the hiring process starts, you will all be informed about the same within 01 or 02 days. To know more about it, follow our website and don’t miss any notification.