Campus Interview

-:Few steps to get success in Campus Interview:-

-:कैम्पस साक्षात्कार में सफलता पाने के लिए कुछ कदम:-

-> Everyone starts theirs academic college life with a belief and a fear about the Campus Interview.Some of the students prepare hard to crack the Campus Interview from the very beginning with a fear not to be qualified and likewise some of the rest with an excitement. Atlast,few of them qualifies and few are not.What is the fact which make the difference? Have you ever think about this before? Here is what every interviewer is looking in you. Follow the below instruction to get qualified-

1. Know yourself well
⇒ This the most important thing to keep in your mind while you are going to attend the interview. Know which you are really expert in. Be specific about the field where you are going to apply. Do not show yourself expert in a field where in real you have a petty knowledge.Be careful about your resume. Mention your skill in what you have a clear knowledge only.Remember the bulky resumes are is difficult to make as well as difficult to read.

2. Test on your strength
It would be a golden opportunity to show your strength in front of the interviewer when you will be asked to choose any subject which is your favorite one. Bang!! Choose it very carefully because the interviewer will test your skill on that even your confidence between know and don’t know.Never choose a difficult subject in which you have a little knowledge.

3. Don’t let your brain to sleep
⇒ Knock knock!! Here you are.The interviewer is not bound to test only your subject knowledge base, but how you take the problems and approach to solve it. So the right answer to a particular question is not enough here, approach to solving it is also equally important as well.

4. Ask for a little help
⇒ Of course the interviewer isn’t there to help you on your every problems, but the fact is that sometimes heavy preparation is not going to help you to remember every answer accurately. So it’s better to ask the interviewer for a little help(not too often) with a hint.

5. What is your greatest successs that you can consider till now?
⇒ Mention your best achievements till now. Show yourself with a real life example how you overcame your hard situation.

6. Be genuine while doing communication
⇒ Calmness! What shows you are confident is very much needed. But nervousness will come in it’s way. Try not to show it anyway.Clarity in voice in verbal communication is the right way what every interviewer expects, it shows strength of your thoughts. Body language, facial expressions will be treated equally in the non-verbal communications part. There always be someone to watch out your every expressions during the communication.

7. Buying and selling
⇒ Yes. It is a two way process. A company where it’s looking for a right candidate and you are looking for a right company to start your career. Be sure you understand about the process,requirement and activities of the company.Give your level best and prove you are the right one for the company.

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