Suggestive Ways to prepare yourself to crack RRB & IBPS 2018

Suggestive Ways to prepare yourself to crack RRB & IBPS 2018


Successful & Experienced Candidates

It took difficult to crack different preliminary exams under various recruitment board or council in India. But if you try your best and study systematically, then any preliminary exam will be easier to you. Today we will discuss about General Knowledge & Current Affairs topic. It is a big study material but not hard to capture.

Subject: General Knowledge & Current Affairs.

Duration: 50 Days.

Study Hours: 02 Hours maximum per day.

Now you have to divide the course topic wise:

(A) General Knowledge:

  1. History.
  2. Geography.
  3. Science.
  4. Technology.
  5. Literature.
  6. Country & Culture.
  7. Sports.
  8. Awards, Prizes, Records.
  9. Film & Media.
  10. Important Dates.

Now the question is how you will study:

  1. History⇒

War Years, Winners, Losers, Important Days, Famous rulers & Creations.

  1. Geography⇒

Rivers, Lakes, Cannels, Reefs, Climate, Agriculture & Highest, Biggest, Longest of the world and suggestive nations.

  1. Science⇒
  • It is a big topic candidates who are giving competitive exams like PSC, UPSC, IBPS, RRB have to study it elaborately. But suggestive systematical studies will easier the process of learning. Subject base topic wise study help you a lot.
  • Suppose you have taken the subject physics = now take one lesson or chapter to capture, i.e, light. Now study suggestive Mcqs from each lesson schedule wise per hour.
  • From Bio-Science you can categorize the subjects into different lessons like Human body parts scientific names of animals & plants etc.
  • Chemistry = gases, Metals, Minerals, Theories etc.

Over all Mcqs to be solved lesson wise systematically.

  1. Technology⇒

Theories, Inventions, Inventors, Important Terms and discoveries.

  1. Literature⇒

Suppose you have taken the topic “Literature” on Monday. Now at first you have to divide it into 03 more categories- Ancient Literature, Mediabel Literature & Modern Literature.

  • Now Study Name of the Book – Name of the author
  • Famous characters & their creators
  • Year of publish and if any award related to this book.
  1. Now came To “Country & Culture”⇒
  • Name of the Country, Capital, Currency, First and last President or Prime minister.
  • Highest Peak, Longest River etc of the Country.
  • Neighboring countries and name of border lines.
  • Folk dances, Local food & dishes, National Events etc.
  1. Sports⇒

Sports Terms, Olympic games, World Cup History, Tennis Championships, Sports Records, Records Holders, Prizes.

  1. In Awards, Prizes, Records Segment⇒
  • Study recent awards- like Oscar, Nobel, Booker etc famous awards worldwide.
  • Olympic prizes & Records, World Cup Events
  • Sports terms of different games & Sports.
  1. Film & Media⇒
  • This is an interesting segment. Study it from the beginning. Early newspapers, editors, publishers, etc.
  • Early Films, Directors, Actor Actress etc & Present Films Directors, Actor Actress and awards of recent time.
  1. Important Dates⇒

There are 365 days in a year all of us know. Among those you just have to study a few like – Birthday’s of legendary persons, National-International Observation days etc.

(B) Current Affairs:

Latest and recent incidents are counted in current affairs Mcqs.

  • Latest awards & Prizes.
  • Latest appointments on important chairs.
  • Latest deaths of important persons.
  • Latest inventions & theories.
  • Agreements between nations & organizations.
  • Important observed days.
  • Latest bills passed in the nation.
  • Parliamentary & administrative body.

Study hard systematically to crack the hardles of coming recruitments we are here with you to walk side by side. Follow our every day updates of study material & suggestive question answer sets (Mcqs). Success is knocking at your door. Your success is our goal. Follow us stay with us.