Maharashtra Culture and Arts Notes for MPSC & Others Exam : एमपीएससी आणि इतर परीक्षेसाठी महाराष्ट्र संस्कृती आणि कला नोट्स

Maharashtra Culture and Arts Notes for MPSC & Others Exam

Maharashtra is the third largest state that produces cotton in the country of India. In the fields like acting, studies, and traditions, a lot of people have achieved success. Also, the experts have succeeded in the field. In every expect, whether its population size and culture Maharashtra is really Maha. Bug Rashtra is the meaning of Maharashtra, which is quite true as well. The state has very delicate and precise artisans. The work of Mashroo and Himroo, cotton, and silk making is also popular in Aurangabad. A kind of weaving of quality fabrics is the finest work of Maharashtra.

In past years, the silk saree zari work as well as the Paithani saree are the hard work for people. Then, for durability and simple style, people wear footwear like Kolhapuri Chappal. This is made up of leather and famous thing in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The people of Warli have their famous Warli paintings. This is the famous art of the Thane district. For Maharashtrian women, there are many popular necklaces but Kolhapur Saaj is the favorite one. some other jewelry like Bormal, Putlihaar, and Mohanmal is also famous in Kolhapur. If we talk about culture, the people of the state celebrate a number of festivals every year. On the 1st of May, they also celebrate Maharashtra day in 1960. Music, folk dances, and poetry are the heart of Maharashtra culture. To be happy, people enjoy all of these for entertainment. For peace, they also prefer Manache shlock and Dasbodh.


The food of Maharashtra can be simple as well as extremely spicy for people. Where, they have tentacles, jowar, bajari or wheat roti, fruit, rice, and vegetables as a staple diet. From sweet dishes, too spicy people here eat a variety of food items. If we say globally, then the dishes like missal pav, pooran poli, vada pav, and many more are famous foods. In the State of Maharashtra,  there is one popular called Shrikhand. People here are mostly farmers so initially, they had a carbohydrates diet. But, now all has changed, including food.

Folk Dance and Music

Powada is the most famous dance of Maharashtra as it reflects all the achievements of the great Shivaji Maharaj. Some other folk dances and music are Lavani, dance, Banjara Holi dance, Powada, and Koli music. The fisherman community has originated the Koli music. Where, the topics like politics, society, romance, and tragedy are represented by Lavani dance. Beautiful and beauty are the meanings of Lavanya which belongs to the Lavani.


Currently, various regions are industrialized after developments in Maharashtra. As compared to before many people are getting more job opportunities now due to the rise in business.  Also, the state has occupied more in the agriculture field. In the fishing activities, the coastal regions folks are involved.


There are many places in Maharashtra that you can visit for the trip. As well as, many holy places are there to visit with your loved ones. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Sea link, Siddhivinayak temple, the Gateway of India and Marine drive are famous places in Mumbai. Shirdi’s Sai Baba Temple, Nashik’s Trimbakeshwar Shiva temple, and Aurangabad’s historical monuments are also popular places in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra has the following places that you can visit

  • Waterfall rapelling in Vihigaon
  • Panchagani hills especially for Paragliding
  • The beauty of Ajanta and Ellora caves
  • Some best beaches of Maharashtra like Shriwardhan Harihareshwar beach, Mad Island beach, Tarkarli beach, Vengula Malvan beach, Bassein beach, Velneshwar beach, Marve, Manori, and Gorai beach, Mandwa and Kihim beach, Dahanu- Bordi beach, and Ganpati Pule.


The state has different attire for both men and women. Men have the Dhoti, pheta, and kurta or shirt as traditional attire. On the other page, women have a saree on the lower body and a blouse or a top on the upper body to wear. The traditional dresses of women are more vibrant than the men’s. Sometimes, men have the optional waistcoat called Bandi. Lugade or Nauwari are the same 9-yard-long saree that Maharashtrian women wear. They also wear footwear like sandals or chappals. When it comes to footwear both males and females have a lot of variations. Especially during festivals and religious occasions, the people of Maharashtra wear nice traditional clothes for the celebration.

Film Industry

Mumbai is the one that has achieved more than enough in the film industry. The sincere and hardworking people of Maharashtra are the main reasons behind their success. Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, Amir Khan, Akshay Kumar, and Aliya Bhatt are some finest actors and actresses of the state. The whole state of Maharashtra has a great influence on the Bollywood industry. Hindi movies are something Indian people enjoy watching. People from other states also contribute a lot to the film industry. Mumbai has many career options because of the film industry. It is not hidden that the people in this industry make such good films that show unity and respect for all religions and people. In the past few years, some Mumbai places are developed, but some are under development. The culture of the state is definitely diverse but always feel proud of having it.


The people of Maharashtra love to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi for lord Ganesha and this festival is eleven days long. They also celebrate Nag Panchami where they pray to the god of snakes to get rid of Nag Dosh. On these days, people offer milk to God for worship. There are some other festivals as well like Eid, Diwali, Christmas, and New Year that the public celebrates. Different religions celebrate different festivals which they celebrate, but some irrespective of religious festivals are celebrated here. And, this is the best example of unity and brotherhood in diversity. There are many festivals like Janmashtami, Gudi Padwa, Makar Sankranti, Bhau Beej, Vat Purnima, and Shivaji Jayanti which are celebrated with big excitement.


The majority of Hindus and a significant amount of Muslims is there in Maharashtra. As we call it Maharashtra is the land of Marathi, Hindu people are in more amount compared to other religions. But, all the people who live here proudly give the same respect to other religions as their own. We all that India is a country of cultural diversity. In Maharashtra, some other religions like Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Christianity are a minority. All these religions are equally respected here.


The people of Maharashtra speak Marathi in Maharashtra, which is the official language of Maharashtra. The various cultures of Maharashtra also use English as the official language in the state like Metropolitan cities. Here, people are influenced by many other languages such as Hindi. So, people also talk in Marathi and Hindi language as well. Majorly, Marathi is the language spoken by people. Some of them also speak other languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, and other regional languages.


There are a few temples in Maharashtra that are over 1000 years old. Bibi ka Maqbara, Gateway of India, and Ajanta Ellora caves are some of the significant monuments in Maharashtra. Rock-cut and caves architecture is one of the most famous in Maharashtra. You can see Mughal architecture at the Bibi ka Maqbara. Where the British style of architecture influenced Bombay, which is Mumbai now. Chhatrapati Terminus and Gateway of India are two examples of that. The UNESCO as World Heritage Site is Ajanta Ellora caves which are also present in Maharashtra.


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अहमदनगर अकोला अमरावती औरंगाबाद भंडारा बुलढाणा
चंद्रपुर धुले गढ़चिरौली गोंदिया हिंगोली जलगांव
जालना कोल्हापुर लातूर मुंबई नागपुर नांदेड़
नंदुरबार नाशिक उस्मानाबाद पालघर परभानी पुणे
रायगढ़ रत्नागिरि सांगली सातारा सिंधुदुर्ग सोलापुर
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बीसीए एमसीए बी.कॉम एम.कॉम GNM/ANM एमएससी
बी.फार्म एम.फार्म बी.ई एम.ई BAMS/BHMS एम.बी.बी.एस / एम.डी
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