“Operating System” Interview Question

“Operating System(OS)” Interview Question

1. What is an operating system?

Ans:One kind of software whiche can mange resources of computer hardware and software and proviedes service for programs.

2. What are the basic functions of an operating system?

Ans: Basically os has 3 type of operation 1.mange resource for computers 2.creating a user interface 3. provide well service for application and software.

3.What is kernel? 

Ans:it is an one kind of programs which provieds core part of an operating system.which control overall part of operating system.kind of programs that first loaded on startup.

4.What is micro kernel kernel?

Ans: A kernal which operating minimal part of a os. which perform only essential programs and function.here all operating system can run in system mode.

5.what is and macro kernal?

Ans:monolithic kernel it has all kind of operating services.it no need any privillage mode services of processor.it has karnel address space.

6.What is dead lock?

Ans:it is a basically a state where the two process are watting for complite each otheres task and restart there own task using there resoureces.

7.What is a process?

Ans: when programs are in execute taht state is called process.

8.how many type of process are there ?

Ans: there are two type of process 1.user process and 2. system process.

9.What is system processes ?

Ans:In a system when a program loaded on memory that time it call process. which is in execution.Tahat execution must be a sequential function.

10.What is User processes means ?

Ans: A suer process is something that is in execution programs what initiate by user.

11.Describe the state of process?

Ans: There have 5 sate of process 1,new 2running, 3 waitting, 4 rady, 5 Terminated.

12. What is starvation ?

Ans: a starvation is a mathod by which we can manage the resource of a process . sometime a process need a resource that is allocated by anather process.it can be soleby alocating resource as priority wise to a process.

13.what is Aging ?

Ans: Agging is basically a process by which process and resource are manage to avoid starvation.

14.What is semaphore?

Ans:to mange some resources for some process there is a use of variable which satas report for common resource.

15.How many semaphore are tehre ?

Ans: there are basically two type of semaphore 1.countibg and 2.binary wise.

16.What is context switching?

Ans: It is ine kind of task that maintain the save state i.e. if one process is running and going to be end and another process goingto be start .when aprocess end it need to be save the old process state adb loading new staet.

17. What is a thread?

Ans: Thread is alight waight process.it is basically describe cpu utilization sate.

18.What type of process comprised programe counter, register set, and stack ?

Ans: 1>user process 2>system process 3> semaphore 4> ThreadAns:4> Thread.

19.What is virtual memory?

Ans:basically a time shering techniques that allow hardware technique for a system to have more memory.This is compliting by time shering whene storgae part of memory not actively being used.

20. What is a trap and trapdoor?

Ans:a trapdoor is an aoan e kind of interrupt that make error condition of a software’s process result.basically a secrate way to acess in to a program.

21.When is a system in safe state?

Ans:a safe satte is basically an one kind of sate where al the process of a sysyem can easyly execute without making any deadlock.tahst means al the process wiill compliteusing the given rsourcce.

22.Explain the concept of the Distributed systems?

Ans: a system is called  distributed when it shere it’s all  resource to run all the process of a perticular system.

23.What is a drawback of MVT?

Ans :there are some drobag like virtual storage ,source level debbuging and not able to  support multiple process.

24.What is process spawning?

Ans:explicit request oprating system process creatas a another process this technique is called spawing.

25.What is an idle thread?

Ans:when there is all the Thread are process and there is no rady sate in Thread process then appear the idle Thread.