“Networking” Interview Question

“Networking” Interview Question

1.what is Define Network?
Ans:it is a connection between verious device.basically a connection between two or more nodes through a physical links.

2.What is Protocol?
Ans:set of instarction that rules for all aspect informaton and communication.

3.Describe links

Ans: Two or more computer are connected through a physical media that are coaxial cable or optical fiber.such type of physical media thatuse to connect between two noddes are called link.

4.What is a node?
Ans:two or more computer are connected through a connection that are serv by physical midea.The connected computers are called Nodes.

5.waht is router ?
Ans:router is basically a device wahen a node connected two or more Network commonly.it passes or genarate messasge to one device network to other.it is known as getway.

6.how many layer in osi model adn what are they ?
Ans: there are 7 layers in an osi model.
1.physical layer
2.data link layernetwork layer
3.Transportation 4.sesson layer
5.presentation 6.Network 7.Application layer

7.What is Round Trip Time?
Ans:in a network the time taking to send a messege to one Network to another is called Trip time.

8.Wghat is switching ?
Ans:it is an importent technique that can determine how connection in a network are made adn it describes how data movement are handled in WAN.

9. what is WAN ?
Ans: the full fro m of WAN is wide aare Network.that kind of Network are used in wide area to make a wide Network.

10.How meny type of switching are there ?
Ans: three type of switching are found theay are
1.packet switching
2.massage switching
3.circuit switching.

11.What is FSK ?
Ans: The full from FSK is frequent Shift Key.in this technique amplitude and the phase of a carrier signlas unalarted.ist s called Frequency modulation Technique.

12.what is LAN ?where it work ?
Ans:the full from of LAN is Local area Network .it is usually privately owned and links the device in singel office ,building or campus.its size are limited.

13.What is Getway ?
Ans:Getway connect two indipendent network.it is basically a protocol converter.

14. Which layers are user support layers?
Ans:there ae three type of layer whiche user support layer.It basically allow to user to interect with network .The layeres are a.presentation ,b.session layer and c.application layer.

15.What is TDM ?
Ans:TDM is a technique that divide a channel by allocating a time period for each cahnnel.it provides much better flexcibility.Full from of TDM is time division Multipelxer.

16.what do you mean by Cycel Redundancy cheek?

Ans:CRC is ainsecure hash Function desinged to detect accidental changes to draw computer Data and it is commonly used in digital Network.

17.How many layers in TCP/IP model ?
a.5 , b. 7, c.4 ,d.None of these
Ans: c.4

18.What is Pipelining ?
Ans:through pipeline task arr mangement one to another .in a network area a task end and another tast began to start That technique called pipelining.

19.What is Piggy Backing?
Ans:Bidirectional protocols efficency is handel or improuve by this Piggy Backing technique.it control information of frame.

20.How many type of tranmission ?
Ans:tehre are basically two type of transmission 1.p to p (point to point) 2.broadcast transmission.

21.What is Bandwidth?
Ans: in a network frequency there is limitetion to signal in carry.it has upper limitation as well as lower limitation. the range of limitation is called Bandwidth.

22. Explain RIP ?
Ans:full from RIP is router information protocol .it is kind of protocol that carry adn excahneg information between network routers.

23.What is bridge ?
ANS:a bridge is basically LAN interconnection device which operate at the data link layer.it is join two or more LAN .

24.What is Public Key Encryption?
ANS:There may be two keys one is public Key encryption one private key and another pUblic key.The private key kept with the receiver and Public key is announced to be public .The sender use public Key to encrypt the Message.

25.What is Bund means ? chouse correct ans !
a.how the bit change, b.the number of bytes chaneg, c.rate at which the signal change, d.None of these.
Ans:it is a technique which describe the rate at which the signal change.

26.The maxmimum length of data in a token ring ffram is ?
a.1500 b.2000 c.6400 d.None of these
Ans:The max length of token ring is a.1500 .

27.which is not basic complex method ?

28.The number of time register in FDDI is ?
a .2 b.o c.500 d.100
ANS: a.2

29.What is subnet?
Ans:a technique which separate a bridge or router.

30.A cipher reffer to
a.an encryption algo
b.a decryption algo
c. private key
d.both (a)(c)
ANS:both (a)(c)

31.The method of communication in which transmission takes place in both direction ,but only in one direction at a time is called
a.half duplex,
b.full duplex,

ANS:half duplex.

32.Band rate of signal if the bit rate is 4000 bits per second & 4 bitsper signal

ANS: d.1000

33.Number of layer in TCP/IP
d.none of these

ANS:there is b.5 layer in TCP/IP.