MPSC Interview of Block Development officer- Group A (for LLB Candidate)

MPSC State Services Main Exam Hall Ticket

MPSC Interview of Block Development officer- Group A (for LLB Candidate)


  • Candidate Name-  XXXX XXX XXX
  • Interviewers- Interviewer 1, Interviewer 2, Interviewer 3)
  • Interview place- Nashik
  • Date-
  • Passed exam- MPSC Public Civil Services Exam
  • Post- Block Development Officer

Candidate: May I come in Sir?

All the interviewers: Yes, Come in.

Candidate: Thank you Sir. Good afternoon Sir.

All the interviewers: Good Afternoon.

Candidate: May I have a Seat?

All the interviewers: Yes sure.

Candidate: Thank you Sir.

Interviewer 1: What is your full name?

Candidate: My full name is Sameer Sahil Shaikh.

Interviewer 1: Ok, Give a short introduction of yourself.

Candidate: Ok sir. My full name is Sameer Sahil shaikh. I am from Nashik. I am 24 years old. I have completed my basic school from Shahaji School. I have done LLB from Law College in Nashik. We are total 3 people in my family including me. My grandma, my father and me. My mother has passed away when I was 14 years old. My father is a single parent now. My father is running a shop. My grandma stays at home. That’s all about me, Sir.

Interviewer 1: Ok. So, do you know which problems a single parent face?

Candidate: Yes Sir.

Interviewer 1: Are you comfortable to explain?

Candidate: Yes sir.

Interviewer 1: Ok.

Candidate: Single parenting causes due to death, divorce and choice. Issues depends upon the causes. Mostly I feel a single parent needs to face family challenges. When a person runs whole family then they financially face a lot of things. But they can’t share this with family members. Obviously, not with the kids as well. But, from inside they feel they need someone to share their problems. Yes sir. That’s all about issues.

Interviewer 1: Ok.

Interviewer 2: The prime minister of India is appointed by whom?

Candidate: The prime minister of Indian is appointed by President.

Interviewer 2: Ok. For how many months, a president can appoint non-parliament member as a Minister?

Candidate: For Six months, a president can appoint non-parliament member as a Minister. Yes sir.

Interviewer 2: Ok. The matters which are concerned with defence Services of India will come under which Minister?

Candidate: The matters that are concerned with defence services of India will comes under Defence Minister.

Interviewer 2: Ok.

Interviewer 3: Ok. Is it possible a person to form a state?

Candidate: Yes sir.

Interviewer 3: Can you tell me something about formation of a state?

Candidate: Yes sir. President hold all the authority for the formation. President is the member who can form a state within the Union of India.

Interviewer 3: Ok. Can you tell me the difference between Lawyer and Law maker?

Candidate: Yes sir. Law maker is basically a member of Legislature. A law maker can make laws or a law maker can help in making law. On the other hand, Lawyer is a trained member of law. In the law matters, lawyer is the only person who can advise.

Interviewer 3: Ok. Thank you.

Candidate: Thank you Sir. Have a nice day.