MPSC Interview of Assistant Transport Officer-Group B (Mechanical Engineering)

MPSC State Services Main Exam Hall Ticket

MPSC Interview of Assistant Transport Officer-Group B (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Candidate Name-  XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX
  • Interviewers-  Interviewer 1, Interviewer 2, Interviewer 3, Interviewer 4
  • Interview place-   Thane
  • Date-  
  • Passed exam- MPSC Regional Transport Officer Exam
  • Post- Assistant Transport Officer

Candidate: Good afternoon sir. May I come in?

All the interviewer: Yes please come in.

Candidate: Thank you Sir.

All the interviewers: Please take your seat.

Candidate: Thank you sir.

Interviewer 1: What is your name?

Candidate: My name is Chaitanya Shivaji Mahokar. Sir.

Interviewer 1: Ok. So, you have done your graduation in Mechanical engineering. Right?

Candidate: Yes sir.

Interviewer 1: Ok. Do you know anything about Green Field project?

Candidate: Yes sir. When the any kind of environmental nuisance is not created then it referred to as Green field project.

Interviewer 1: Ok. Tell me the names of useful gases in the process of welding?

Candidate: Gases like Helium, carbon dioxide and Argon are useful in the process of welding.

Interviewer 1: Ok. Do hydraulic oil and engine oil are same or not? Can you tell me?

Candidate: Yes sir. Some characters of Hydraulic oil are same and some characters are different. Base oils with mixed additives composes hydraulic oil and engine oil.

Interviewer 1: Ok. Which paper planes fly farther?

Candidate: The thickest paper plane fly farther.

Interviewer 1: Can you tell me why?

Candidate: Yes sir. Because the mass of thickest paper were great and therefore potential energy. So, thickest paper planes fly farther.

Interviewer 1: Ok.

Interviewer 2: Which is your most favourite hobby?

Candidate: My most favourite hobby is Plantation or Gardening. I enjoy watching plants.

Interviewers 2: Why like to watch?

Candidate: Flower are so beautiful and colourful. Their colours attract me a lot. Every flower also shows different type of patterns.

Interviewer 2: Can you tell me, why flowers are so colourful?

Candidate: The colours of flower and pattern makes flower more attractive for other animals. The colour of flower attracts specific species which are helpful in the pollination. So, flowers are colourful. Yes sir.

Interviewer 2: Ok.

Interviewer 4: Ok. I will ask you some hypothetical questions. So, tell me what will you do if you did a mistake and your senior is upset with you?

Candidate: If I did any mistake and I made my senior upset then I will acknowledge their pain. Then will discuss my mistake and empathize. Then obviously I will apologize for whatever I had done. I will think about my mistake and I will try to bring solution. Then, I will discuss my solution with the senior. That’s all I can do sir. Thank you.

Interviewer 4: Ok.

Interviewer 3: So, you have your mother, father and sister at home. Can you tell me their morning habit which they do every morning without forgetting?

Candidate: Yes sir. My mother work outside but for the breakfast we all eat together. My mother cooks food for use every morning. My father read newspaper every morning. My sister do exercise every morning. That’s all sir.

Interviewer 3: Ok. Thank you.

Candidate: Thank you. Have a nice day.


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