Group Discussion – Topic 7

Group Discussion – Topic  7

Today’s Group discussion Topic is –

“Can Cricket be betting free in India?”

Rahul: It is a burning topic of today. Cricket exhilarates its speed and attraction from test of 50-50 and then T20. The game is now a game of gambling. Now the point is can cricket be betting free in India? So, from my point of view I think –Yes betting can be vanished away if some strict rules are introduced.

Bhagat: I think no rules are enough if gambling is not stopped in India with strong punishment. We have to go the root level if we want to delete it from the root and root is gambling, not cricket.

Sushmita: Yes, you are right but gambling is also legalized in other countries. Hope India will also introduced it recently. You see bet way,bet365 all are gambling openly with license. So, the matter is not gambling the matter is controlling the match with money.

Rahul: That’s why I am telling that to make cricket betting free administration must have a legal control over the game and players. Otherwise poison maybe injected without notice.

Bhagat: If punishment is strong and hard, everyone will fear to commit the wrong. Only then bookies will have no control over the game and players.

Sushmita: At the same time gambling will also vanish, because if men do not gamble or bet, then no agency will open its business. Gambling is an addiction. So it should also be perished away; otherwise its future is horrible.