Group Discussion – Topic 6

Group Discussion – Topic  5

Today’s Group discussion Topic is –

“How to become successful in Sales & Marketing”

Group Discussion : How to become successful in Sales & Marketing

Guys, Sales and marketing base jobs are easy to achieve but hard to continue. Today you have to discuss on how to achieve success in this line from your individual opinion.

Mohit: Good morning everyone, Sales and Marketing jobs as we know easy to achieve but hard to continue. From my point of view in sales line one must have two qualities – Honesty and Sincerity. With this two anyone can achieve success.

Rohit: Not only that tenacity of will is also necessary. In sales line one may return from his customer more than one times but if you have tenacity to convince that customer anyway, you can. Returning after refusal if you do not keep in contact with that customer, you will meet failure but if you keep in touch, you will surely win his heart.

Amit: I believe in hope and again hope. One moment if you loose your positivity, you will fail in sales line. Because your convincing power will grow when you are positive. Only then you can be successful in Sales & Marketing line.

Bimal: Demand of the product and buyer’s need also a big factor to be a successful candidate it is hard to achieve success without the base of the product. With less demanded products success is hard to achieve.

Mohit: You are right but if you have honesty and sincerity and will power baseless or less demanded products also can be sold. It depends on the salesman how he presents his product in the market.

Rohit: Keeping regular contact with customers and likes and dislikes are necessary duties of a sales product. Market study is a regular work. So, if you want to be successful, you must study customer’s mind.

Amit: I am also telling that point. A comparative study of the same product is must. Because when you will be challenged, if you have knowledge of your competitor’s product merits and demerits, you can convenience your customer then.

Bimal: In a brief summary I may conclude that to be successful in sales and marketing jobs a salesman must have knowledge, sincerity, honesty and tolerance power. Not only that a salesman must be a good spokesman and must have convincing capabilities. So love your job, know your product and work hard to achieve success. No hardle is hardle if you love your work passionately.