Group Discussion – Topic  3

Group Discussion Topic-3 for Railway Recruitment 2018-2019

Indian railways recently decided to recruit 62,000 staffs all over India. In this recruitment Group discussion is one of the important parts of the selection procedure. In this section we will present some current and important topic group discussion. Follow us and stay with us.

Topic:- “Should Indian railways introduce faster trains in the country”?

Amit = India is developing from all angles. Indian Railways works as major component for the development of the country. So to move fast I think faster trains now should be introduced in the nation.

Rahul = my friend you are forgetting we have not enough tracks to run more trains at this moment. I think at first more tracks should be set up before running more trains.

Ershad = we are also forgetting that our tracks are so old and not so superior to run faster trains. Accidents are occurring every year in a large number. So from my point of view the newer tracks should be placed in line of older ones.

Punit =Why only tracks my friends? The whole infrastructure should be developed. Otherwise more accidents will occur. Signaling, gate operating on roads, station tracks etc are to be replaced and training of all staffs is a must before running faster trains.

Amit =I know risk is a factor. But it is not that we have poor infrastructure. For examining we can introduce ¾ faster trains in the country at this moment. Without that how can we know the demerits and obstacles?

Rahul = It is correct but I think tracks should be reconstructed at first. Otherwise the whole plan may face failure.

Ershad =Yes before introducing something we have to remind the merits as well as the demerits of the system. We have to be prepared to take immediate measure. Then faster trains can be introduced.

Punit =faster trains will change the whole transport system of the country. Cost of materials will get cheaper and time span will also be shorten. So for trial 3/4 trains can easily be introduced but track factor and signaling Section must be handled carefully.

[Candidates should be more informative and fluent in Group discussions. Nobody will give you chance to present your views. You have to grab your turn intellectually. Tell whatever you know where ever necessary. Unnecessary talking should be avoided. Always stay to the point in such discussions].