Thane Zilla Parishad Set One Question Papers with Answer Key

1. Grammar is his Achilles heel.

Ans:- Weak point

2. Which of the alternatives would best express the meaning of the word ‘BIZARRE’

Ans:- Odd

3.What type of noun is the underline word? Wisdom is better than strength.

Ans:- Abstract noun

4. If I …… him, I…..give your message

Ans:- meet, will

5. Give one word for-Speaking to much of oneself.

Ans:- Egotist

6. Fill in the blank with appropriate word-He jumped….the horse.

Ans:- above

7. Choose the correct spelt word.

Ans:- Villian

8. Fill in the blank with correct conjunction, Change your ways…..there is time

Ans:- unless

9. Choose the correct masculine noun for the given femininc noun:vixen

Ans:- fox

10.Choose the correct meaning of the phrase:To peep into

Ans:- to look into

11.The car driver was arrested for rash driveng and his license was……by the police ( Fill in the blank with correct alternative)

Ans:- banned

12.Give one word substitution for-“A hater of learning and knowledge.”

Ans:- misologist

13. ‘He did not think him to be a bad nab’-Make affirmative

Ans:- He thought him to be a bad man

14. What is the type of following sentence.Stop that noise at once.

Ans:- Imperative

15. Give plural of the word ‘medium’

Ans:- mediums

16.Select the similar meaning of word-‘error’

Ans:- Right

17. Which of the following pairs has opposite meaning.

Ans:- right-correct

18.Potato wada is my favourite food. Hear ‘favourite’ means.

Ans:- Liked more than other Food

19. A person who writes books is called……

Ans:- an author

20.The people who use the internet are……

Ans:- Netizens

21. Fill in the blanks with the correct word in the following sentence.

Ans:- loss

22. What is the official counting of a country’s population called?

Ans:- Census

23. A Person who receive guests is a……

Ans:- Owner

24. Write one word for the words ‘Not likely to happen’…..

Ans:- Non-happen

25. Which of the following sentence is a wrong one?

Ans:- They have going

26.Choose the correct noun forms of fail, enchanged, cool, inviting.

Ans:- failure,enchantment, cold, invitation”

27. The first to come was Gangaram.(Use gangaram as the subject)

Ans:- Gangaram was the first to come.

28.Choose the wrongly matched pair.

Ans:- rigid’closed

29. Select the noun from of “anxious” and the adjective from of “distance”

Ans:- anxiety,distant

30.He sent Tukaram in search of water.(Frame a wh-type question to get the underlined part on answer)

Ans:- what did he sent Tukaram?

31.Pick out the odd matching with reference to number.

Ans:- mouse-mouse

32.Find out correct meaning of “Solitary”

Ans:- lonely

33. Select the correct pair of the meaning of the word”value” and “veil”

Ans:- valley:covering of the face

34. Choose the correct word to complete the following sentence meaningfully. Sachin Tendulkar is an…….cricket player of India:

Ans:- eminent

35. “She looks like a firl next door”-The underlined word in the above sentence functions as

Ans:- an adjective

36. Which of the following is the most opposite in meaning of the word “latent”?

Ans:- unconcealed

37. Choose the adverb form of “Wisdom” from the following.

Ans:- dignify

38. “Nepotism” means…..

Ans:- misuse of power

39. “Stoic” is a person…..

Ans:- who is indifferent to pain pleasure

40. Give synonym of “Dishy”

Ans:- sexually attractive

41. Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition. You shall refrain…….telling lies.

Ans:- from

42. I have been loves mankind is called.

Ans:- Philanthropist

43. “Thing experience in the mind, but not in reality” means

Ans:- fancy,imagination

44.Select the correct,order,from the alternative in which the articles should be placed in the following sentence.
It was…..windyevening but they hired…..boat and went for…..sail along…..Coast.

Ans:- a,a,a,the

45. Fill in the blank .- He is a…….and that he draws a good salary.

Ans:- lieutenant

46.”Ambidextrous” is a person who is……

Ans:- able to use both hands equally well

47. Pick out the wrong pair
1) Horse-stable 2) Lion-den 3) Dog-pen 4) Cat-Kitten

Ans:- 4) Cat-Kitten

48. Pick out the wrong adjective.
1) Father-Paternal
2) Brother-Fatermal
3) Death- Mortal
4) Earth- Earthal

Ans:- 4) Earth- Earthal

49. Select the correct antonym of ‘Pride’?
1) Friendship
2) Cooperation
3) Humility
4) Shame

Ans:- 4) Shame

50.Complete the sentence by providing the correct adverbial from the following :
The factory was shut…….During the installation of new machinery.
1) away 2) down 3) out 4) off

Ans:- 2) down