SSC CGL Tier-III Question Paper Set 1

SSC CGL Tier-III Question Paper Set 1

Q.1. Write a letter to the office-in-charge of the police station of your locality, reporting the loss of your mobile phone.

R. Agarwal


8 March 2018

The Office-in-Charge

Osmanabad Police Station

Osmanabad, Maharashtra

Subject: First Information Report for a lost mobile phone


This to state that I lost my Iphone 7+ Mobile phone set while travelling from Washi Road to my home at Osmanabad by metro. It is a new set in Grey and Steel, bearing the number  XXXXXOXXOXX. I bought it in Mumbai last year.

The metro was very crowded and I was keeping an eye on the metro station I was supposed to get down at. I now recall that I was surrounded by at least three people in the metro. I think one of them picked it from my pocket while I was trying to disembark. I was surmise that a group of pickpockets are in operation in that area. When I spoke to others about my experience, they told me that they had heard about similar incidents in that area.

I therefore request you to record the theft of my new mobile phone. I would also request you to kindly look into the matter and do the needful.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely

Rakesh Agarwal

Q.2. Write an essay on Digital India.

Digital India


Digital India is a campaign run by the Indian government to make this country a digitally empowered country. The aim of launching this campaign is to provide Indian residents electronic government services by reducing the paperwork.


It is very effective and efficient technique which will save time and labour of man. Digital India was started on July 1st 2015 to connect people of rural areas with the high-speed internet networks to access any information needed. Three important elements of digital India are like creation of digital infrastructure, digital literacy, and delivering services digitally all over the country.


This project has been aimed to be completed by 2019. It is the programme which will benefits both, manufacturer and customers.  This valuable service is run by Ministry of Communications and IT.