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In this type of questions, you are provided with the first and last parts of a sentence. The remaining sentence is  broken into four labeled (P),  (Q),  (R)  and (S). You are required to arrange these parts so as to form a complete meaningful sentence and then choose the correct combination.

  1. (P) when a chemical substance

(Q) the food poisoning occurred

(R) In the food preparations

(S) was mistaken for salt and used

(a) PSRQ

(b) QPSR

(c) RQPS

(d) SRQP

Ans:- (b) QPSR

  1. If

(P) a foreigner wishes to

(Q) Learn Standard English

(R) Learn English

(S) Je will, of course,

(a) PRSR

(b) PRQS

(c) PRSQ

(d) SRQ

Ans:- (c) PRSQ

  1. (1) According to reports

(P) were still trapped inside

(Q) Bogies

(R) The wrecked

(S) Some of the passengers

(6) of the express

(a) PRSQ

(b) PSQR

(c) RSQP

(d) SPRQ
Ans:- (d) SPRQ

  1. Only

(P) To make himself

(Q) By shouting at the top of his voice

(R) Was he able

(S) Heard

(a) PSQR

(b) PSRQ

(c) QPRS

(d) QRSP

Ans:- (d) QRSP

  1. (P) One has no right in law

(Q) of a tenant’s room

(R) to break open the lock

(S) and take its possession

(a) PQRS

(b) PRQS

(c) PRSQ

(d) SQRP

Ans:-  (b) PRQS

  1. When he

(a) Did not know

(b) He was nervous and

(R) Heard the hue and cry at midnight

(S) What to do

(a) PQRS

(b) QSPR


(d) SQPR

Ans:- (b) QSPR

  1. (1) At the end of the assignment

(P) The field worker

(Q) Submitted his papers

(R) For the work done by him

(S) and also bills

(6) to the office superintendent

(a) PQSR

(b) QPRS

(c) QSRP

(d) RSQP

Ans:- (a) PQSR

  1. He reached his office at 10.00 a.m. and

(P) No sooner

(Q) than there was a huge explosion

(R) Had he got out of the car

(S) And it went up in flames

(a) PQRS

(b) PRQS

(c) RPQS

(d) RPSQ

Ans:- (b) PRQS

  1. The natives of the Carribean

(P) Regarded the papaya

(Q) Because of its ability

(R) As a magic tree

(S) To keep them healthy

(a) PRQS

(b) PRSQ

(c) RPQS

(d) RPSQ

Ans:- (a) PRQS

  1. The man

(P) Is generally the one

(Q) who he must work

(R) when he must work

(S) Who can play most heartily when he has the chance of playing

(a) PSQR

(b) QRPS

(c) QRSP

(d) SPQR

Ans:- (b) QRPS

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