PWD Mumbai Question paper Set 2

 PWD Mumbai Question paper Set 2

Directions (Q. 1 to 5): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error if any will be one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer will be (d); i.e. “No error”.


  1. It is not safe

(a)/ to drive (b)/ in Kolkata in the rush hour. (c)/ No error (d)

Ans:- B

  1. I need cleaning

(a)/ my shoes (b)/ with soap and water. (c)/ No error ((d)

Ans:- A

  1. I discussed with the architect

(a)/ what colour (b)/ painting the walls with. (c)/ No error ((d)

Ans:- C

  1. Would you mind

(a)/ help me (b)/ do the tasks. (c)/ No error ((d)

Ans:- B

  1. I made him

(a)/ to do (b)/ the project against his wishes. (c)/ No error (d)

Ans:- B

 Directions (Q. 6 to 10): In each of the following questions select the antonym of the given word.

  1. Confuse





Ans:- (d)clarify

  1. Hinder





Ans:- (b)facilitate

  1. Ruthless





Ans:- (a)sympathetic

  1. Prominent





Ans:- (c)obscure

  1. Candid





Ans:- (b)secretive

 Directions (Q. 11 to 15): In each of the following questions find out the correct synonym of the given word.

  1. Dearth





Ans:- (a)shortage

  1. Inhale


(b)breathe in



Ans:- (b)breathe in

  1. Acquit





Ans:- (c)exonerate

  1. Notorious





Ans:- (a)infamous

  1. Morose





Ans:- (c)sad

Directions (Q. 16 to 20): Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

  1. His long illness has reduced him ……. a skeleton.





Ans:- (c)to

  1. He will not succeed ……… he works hard.





Ans:- (d)unless

  1. The two of them shared the honours……….. Themselves.





Ans:- (c)between

  1. As a good citizen, we should abide ……… the rules.





Ans:- (d)by

  1. Rekha has not made ………. progress in her assignment.


(b)a lot of



Ans:- (c)much

  1. 12.1/19.8





Ans:- (b)11/18

  1. Find the least of a six digit number which is exactly divisible by 349.




(d)None of these

Ans:- (b)100163

  1. Evaluation of 7 × 32 + 5 × 43 × 6 0 − 6 × 26 is…….

(a)( −1)




Ans:- (a)( −1)

  1. Find the square root of 535.9225 (a)23.45 (b)28.25 (c)23.15 (d)24.15 25. If CP Rs.2,516 and SP is Rs.2,272, then percentage loss is





Ans:- (c)9.69%

  1. If the average temperature of first four days of week was 39° C and the average temperature of the week was 40 °C, then what was the average temperature of the last three days of the week?

(a)40.9 °C

(b)39.9 °C

(c)42.1 °C

(d)41.3 ° C

Ans:- (d)41.3 ° C

  1. The number ….. can divide 111, 111, 111, 111.

(a)9 and 11

(b)13 and 11

(c)3 and 9

(d)3 and 11

Ans:- (d)3 and 11

  1. What will be the simple form of the ratio 3 hours: 1 day?

(a)1 : 6

(b)1 : 3

(c)1 : 8

(d)1 : 25

Ans:- (c)1 : 8

  1. Find the two numbers whose mean proportion is 12 and the third number is 324.

(a)6 and 8

(b)4 and 36

(c)3 and 24

(d)None of these

Ans:- (b)4 and 36

  1. The maximum marks for an examination is 900. A student fails by 43 marks if he gets 33% of the maximum marks, What are pass marks?





Ans:- (c)342

  1. In how many years the simple interest on a sum of Rs.725 will be Rs.87 at 4% per annum?

(a)1 year

(b)5 years

(c)3 years

(d)4 years

Ans:- (c)3 years

  1. What will be the difference between SI and CI on a sum of Rs.15,000 for two years at the same rate of interest of 12 1−2 % per annum?





Ans:- (a)Rs.234.375

  1. The population of a town is 4.2 × 10 6. If the population increases by 75 per 1,000 per annum, then what will be population after two years?





Ans:- (a)4853625

  1. The SP of a TV set is marked at Rs.17,600 including sales tax at the rate of 10%. Find the sales tax





Ans:- (a)Rs.1,600

  1. 8 men can finish a certain amount of work in 40 days. If 2 more men join with them, the days needed to do the same amount of work is





Ans:- (b)32

  1. A motorist travelled between two towns, which are 65 km apart, in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Find the speed in metres per minute.





Ans:- (b)500

  1. If the length of the diagonal of a square is a + b then the area of the square is

(a)(a + b)2

(b)1/2(a + b)2

(c)a2 + b2

(d)1/2(a2 + b2)

Ans:- (b)1/2(a + b)2

  1. AB and CD are lines, P is point on AB, A line PQ meets CD at R. If angle BPR = 30 degrees and angle CRQ = 150 degress, then

(a)AB and CD are perpendicular

(b)AB and CD are parallel

(c)CD and PQ are perpendicular

(d)None of the above

Ans:- (b)AB and CD are parallel

  1. How many metres of carpet 63 cm wide will be required to cover the floor of a room 14 m by 9 m?

(a)200 m

(b)210 m

(c)220 m

(d)185 m

Ans:- (a)200 m

  1. The radius of a circular pond is 14 m. A circular stage is made at the centre of the pond whose diameter is 14 m, what is the area where water is present?

(a)462 sq m

(b)564 sq m

(c)454 sq m

(d)532 sq m

Ans:- (a)462 sq m

  1. Simple interest of Rs.7,500, for 8 years at 6% per annum is:





Ans:- (b)3,600

  1. 2x + 4 = 2 + 3x, the value of x is,





Ans:- (a)2

  1. A number of two digits is 6 times the sum of its digits. When the sum of its digits is added to the number, the result is 63. What is the number?





Ans:- (d)54

  1. A rectangular water tank is 5 m high, 3 m long and 2 m wide. How many litres of water can it hold?





Ans:- (a)30,000

  1. A rectangle measures 8 cm on length. Its diagonal measures 10 cm. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?

(a)36 cm

(b)38 cm

(c)28 cm

(d)18 cm

Ans:- (c)28 cm

  1. A criket player scored the following runs in 11 one day matches65, 30, 7, 60, 65, 65, 30, 28, 30, 15, 30 The modal score is

(a)27 runs

(b)30 runs

(c)32 runs

(d)31 runs

Ans:- (b)30 runs