MSBSHSE 12th Board Exams 2019 Important Geography Questions by Pragati Joshi

Question Bank Geography: Pragati Joshi

 Dear Students,

Today we will go through some of the miscellaneous questions from different lessons. This would surely help you in practicing for your exams!


Q.1] Answer in one sentence each

(1) Which trees are found in Brazil?

(2) Mention one special characteristic about the wildlife of India.

(3) Where is coastal type of vegetation found in India?

(4) Which forest types are known as the lungs of the world?

(5) Which seasons have been recognized by the Indian Metrological Department?

(6) How is the climate in Brazilian highlands?

(7) How is the climate in the coastal regions of Brazil?

(8) Which regions in India have the minimum temperature during winter?

(9) Which are the main tributaries of River Krishna?

(10) What is known as Brazilian Highlands?

Q.2] Arrange in instructed order.

(A) Arrange the states of India in descending order of their population. Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh

(B) Arrange the states of Brazil in ascending order of their population Amazonas, Rio de Jenerio, Alaguas , Sao Paulo, Parana.

(ii) Find odd man out

(a) Indian Ocean, Deccan Plateau, Himalaya, Thar Desert,

(b) Drought Quadriateral, Convectional rainfall, Orographic Rainfall, Cyclones

(iii) Identify the odd man out

(a) The forest type of Brazil –

(1) Thorny bush type vegetation

(2) Evergreen forest

(3) The Himalayan Forest

(4) Deciduous forest

(b) With reference to flora of India-

(1) Deodar, (2) Anjan, (3) Orchid, (4) Banayan

(c) Urbanization in Brazil –

(1) Para, (2) Piaui, (3) Maranhao, (4) Goias

(d) Oil refeneries in India-

(1) Koyali

(2) Digboi

(3) Jamshedpur

(4) Noonmati


(A) The following table shows the per capita income of India and Brazil. Prepare a line graph using the given information and answer the following questions.

Country Name/ year 1960 1980 2000 2016
Brazil 240 2010 3060 8840
India 90 280 450 1680
USA 3250 14230 37470 56280


(Per capital Income from 1960 to 2016 in US $)

(1) Which country has the highest per capita income?

(2) What was the difference in the per Capita income of India and Brazil in the year 2000?

(3) What is the reason for the low per capita income of India?

(B) Give geographical reasons.

(1) There is not much difference in the range of temperature in Manaus.

(2) Wildlife in India is decreasing day by day.

(3) Available of water is a major factor affecting settlements.

(4) Development of transport is important for country’s progress.

(5) Eco-tourism is being more developed in Brazil.

(6) Population is an important resource.