MPSC Research Officer/Statistical Officer, General State Service Question Paper 2017

1. Consider the following statements :

a. In Odober 1976, an organisation named Controller-General of Accounts (CGA)
was set up.

b. The CGA prepares a condensed form of the Appropriation Accounts and the
Finance Accounts of the Union Government.

c. The appropriation audit and regulatory audit are the statutory duties of the

Which of the statements given above are incorrect ?

(1) aandc
(2) b and c
(3) a, b and c
(4) a and b

2.Which of the following banks is responsible for developing agriculture, trade,
commerce and industry in rural areas ?

(2) Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)
(3) Industrial Development Bank of India
(4) All of the above

3.In India, the largest optical telescope of diameter 3.6 metres is located in the
research institute at_________________.

(1) Narayangaon
(2) Nainital
(3) Kolkata
(4) Bangalore

4.Which’ of the following is not a part of ‘scientific methodn ?

a. Reasoning
b. Experimentation
c. Faith
d. Questioning

(1) Only a and c
(2) Only c
(3) Only b
(4) Only a and d

5. Consider the following statements regarding Sahitya Academy Puraskar (of 2017)
and select the correct answer.

a. ‘Balsahitya Puraskar’ is awarded to L.M. Kadu for the book Vbha-Aadava’.

b. Yuva Sahitya Puraskar’ is awarded to Rahul Kosambi for his book Xharicha

(1) Both arewrong
(2) Both are correct
(3) a is wrong and b is correct
(4) a is correct and b is wrong

6.On 5th October, 2016 it was decided to raise a Medipark under the campaign of
‘Make in India’. Where will it be raised ?
(1) Maharashtra – Mumbai
(2) Karnataka – Bangalore
(3) West Bengal – Kolkata
(4) Tamil Nadu – Chengalpattu

7. On each side of a square ground having 50 m, the boys are standing at an equal
distance of 5 m. How many boys are standing on the square ?

(1) 44
(2) 50
(3) 40
(4) 36

8.The cost of 5 bowls and 7 plates is Rs 650 and the cost of 3 plates and 8 bowls is
Rs 425. Then what will be the cost of 5 plates ?

(1) Rs 75
(2) Rs 375
(3) RS 125
(4) Rs 400

9.If BODY is mded as cocy, then DADY will be coded as _____________

(1) cady
(2) eacy
(3) bacy
(4) easy

10.In a group 20% students secured more than 80% marks in Mathematics. The
number of students securing less than 80% marks in Mathematics is 2J3 of the
number of students who secured exactly 80% marks which is 48. What is the total
number of students in a group ?

(1) 98
(2) 100
(3) 128
(4) 102

11.A boy walked straight 24 m from a temple and then he turned to right in right angle
and walked 14 m. Again he turned to the left in right angle and walked 24 m and
stopped there, then how much the minimum distance, he is away from the temple ?

(1) 50 km
(2) 500 decimetrea
(3) 0.062 km
(4) 62 metres

12.Nazir is facing North-west. He turns to his right in 90° and then turns 135′ in the
same direction. Then he turns 270″ anticlockwise. Which direction does Nazir is
facing now ?

(1) North-west
(2) West
(3) North
(4) South-wes

13.Find out the odd term from the given below.

(1) 1331
(2) 2197
(3) 3375
(4) 4913

14.Arnav goes with motorcycle to post office which is 10 km away from his home in the
north. Then he turns to east and goes to 10 km for his college. Again he turns to
south and goes 5 km for his classes. After completing the classes he goes 10 km in
the west for his friend’s house. Then what will be the straight distance between
Amav’s home and his friend’s house ?

1) 10 km
2) 5 km
3) 7.5 km
4) 12.5 km

15.Who established the Revolutionary Organisation in Bengal, Anushilan Samiti ?

(1) Virendra Kumar Ghosh
(2) Ravindranath Tagore
(3) Bhupendranath Dutta
(4) Swami Vivekanand

16.Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?

(1) Mahatma F’hule – Shetakaryancha Asud
(2) Babasaheb Ambedkar – Who were the Shudras
(3) Maulana Muhammad Ali – Comrade
(4) Swami Vivekanand – Satyartha Rakash

17.Which of the following sequence of finishing centres from North to South in Thane
district is correct ?

(1) Arnala, Datiwar, Satpati, Dahanu
(2) Dahanu, Satpati, Datiwar, Arnala
(3) Datiwar, Amala, Dahanu, satpati
(4) Dahanu, Satpati, Datiwar, Arnala

18.In the Preamble of Indian Constitution which of the following principles is inserted
by 42nd amendment ?
(1) Equality
(2) Liberty
(3) Sdar
(4) Welfare State

19.According to Article 170 of the In(.lian Constitution, what is the maximum number of I
members of the State Legislative Assemblies ?

1) 403
2) 485
3) 484
4) 500

20.According to which of the following Articles of the Indian Constitution, Union Public Service Commission and State Public Service Commission is created ?

(1) Article 315
(2) Article 320
(3) Article 415
(4) Article 420

21.In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court give order to ban on liquor
shops within five hundred metres area of national and state highways ?

(1) Tamil Nadu Government Vs. K Balu and others
(2) Punjab State Vs. R&q Masih and others
(3) Government of India Vs. Shyam Babu Verma and others
(4) Government of India Vs. Ajay Kumar Choudhary and others

22. Paasche’s price index number is an example of

(1) Weighted average of price relative method
(2) Weighted aggregative index number
(3) Simple average of price relative method
(4) Unweighted index number

23.Marshall-Edgeworth price index number formula considers the weights as

(1) Quantity of the base year
(2) Quantity of the current year
(3) Quantity of base and current year
(4) None of these

24.The only index number which satisfies the factor reversal test is

(1) Bowley’s index number
(2) Paasche’s index number
(3) Marshall-Edgeworth index number
(4) Fisher’s index number

25.The process by which two different index number series with different base years are
joined into series of index numbers with common base year is known as
(1) Deflating the series
(2) Splicing the series
(3) Chain base series
(4) None of the above

26. The component of time series which is associated with short term fluctuations is

(1) Cyclic variation
(2) Secular trend
(3) Irregular variation
(4) Seasonal variation

27.Laspeyre’s price index number is calculated using

(1) Simple aggregative method
(2) Weighted aggregative method, weights being taken as quantity consumed in
the base year
(3) Weighted aggregative method, weights being taken as quantity consumed in
the current year
(4) Simple average of price relative method

28.The terms Prosperity, Recession, Depression and Recovery are in particular
associated with the component of time series which is

(1) Cyclic variation
(2) Seasonal variation
(3) Irregular variation
(4) Random variation

29.The phases of the business cycle follow in the order

(1) Decline — Prosperity — Depression — Improvement
(2) Prosperity– Decline — Depression — Improvement
(3) Prosperity — Improvement — Decline — Depression
(4) Depression — Prosperity — Improvement — Decline

30.In which year was the Directorate of National Sample Survey created ?

1) 1947
2) 1950
3) 1971
4) 1987

31.Which one of the following is not a divhion of the National Sample Survey Office
(NSSO) ?

(1) Swey Design and Research Division (SDRD)
(2) Field Operations Division (FOD)
(3) National Accounts Division (NAD)
(4) Data Processing Division (DPD)

32.The National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) maintains records relating to

(1) Agricultural Statistics
(2) Industrial Statistics
(3) Demographic Statistics
(4) All of the above

33.The 0512 of the Registrar General of India is under

(1) The Ministry of Home Affairs
(2) The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
(3) The Ministry of Finance
(4) The Ministry of Human Resources

34.NSSO conducted the 6gth round i?om July 2012 – December 2012 of its survey on

a. Employment and Unemployment
b. Unincorporated Non-agricultur’al Enterprises
c. Indicators of Urban Slums in India
d. Indicators of Drinking Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Housing Conditions in

(1) aand body
(2) conly
(3) c and d only
(4) a and donly

35.As per 2011 Census reports, which State or Union territory in India has the lowest
female sex ratio ?

(1) Rajasthan
(2) Delhi
(3) Daman and Diu
(4) Haryana

36.Which is the principal statistical organisation of State Government and declared as
the ‘Nodal Agency’ for all statistical activities ?

(1) Directorate of Economics and Statistics
(2) National Sample Survey Organisation
(3) State Statistical Office
(4) State Registrar General

37.As per the 2011 population census report, female sex ratio per 1000 males in India is

(1) 964
(2) 943
(3) 1084
(4) 933

38.Which one of the following instruments used by the Reserve Bank of India to
formulate and implement monetary policy is not the direct instrument ?

(1) Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)
(2) Repo Rate
(3) Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)
(4) Refinance Facilities

39.Fertility rate calculations of a given region accounts for

(1) Entire female population of the region in a given time period.
(2) Female population of the region in child bearing age groups in a given time
(3) Entire population of the region in a given time period.
(4) Only female births in the region in a given time period.

40.Net Reproduction Rate is detined as

(1) The extent to which mothers produce female infants.
(2) The extent to which mothers produce infanta who survive to replace them.
(3) The extent to which mothers produce female infants who survive to replace
(4) None of the above

41.For overall comparison of death rates of two regibns which one of the following
measures is used ?

(1) Cmde death rate
(2) Age-specific death rate
(3) Standardized death rate
(4) Central death rate

42.The number of live birtks during a certain year in a certain geographical area is
10,000 and the number of deaths of children less than one year old during the same
year in the same area is 100. The infant mortality rate for this area is

1) 100
2) 10
3) 1
4) 0.1

43.National Income Estimates in India are prepared by

(1) The Beeerve Bank of India
(2) The Ministry of Finance
(3) The Planning Commission
(4) The Central Statistid Oftice

45.Consider the following statements :

a. National wealth is a flow concept and it has time dimension

b. National income is a stock concept and it has no time dimension.
Which of the above statements idare true ?

(1) Only a is true
(2) Only b is true
(3) Both a and bareke.
(4) Both a and b are false

46.Net Domestic Product (NDP) at market prices is expressed as

(1) GNP at factor wet + Indirect taxes – Subsidies
(2) GNP – Net Inwme from Abroad
(3) Net National Product at market prices – Net Factor Income from Abroad
(4) None of these

47.The income earned by nationals outside the country is

a. Included in GNP
b. Not included in GNP
c. Included in GDP
d. Not included in GDP

(1) a and c
(2) a and d
(3) b and c
(4) b and d

48.The following idare the difliculty(ies) faced while measurement of National Income :

(1) Problem of double counting
(2) Existence of non-monetized sectors
(3) Non-market activities
(4) All ofthese

49.Which of the following is an intermediate good ?

(1) Furniture purchased by a household
(2) Raw cotton used by a spinning mill
(3) Food cooked at home
(4) Sewing machine purchased by tailoring firm

50.Which one of the following is the sum of all income actually received by the people of
the country ?

(1) National Income
(2) Gross Domestic Mud
(3) Grose National Product
(4) Personal Income

51.The GNP of a country is 200 and its GDP is 180. What is its net income hm assets
abroad ?

1) 20
2) 80
3) 380
4) – 20

52.In a questionnaire, the information resulting hm an opinion in the form of ‘yes’ or
‘no’ is known as

(1) Quantitative data
(2) Qualitative data
(3) Pidorial data
(4) None of these

53.The data obtained fmm mmpleted questionnaires is considered as

(1) Primary data
(3) Both (1) and (2)
(2) Secondary data
(4) Neither (1) nor (2)

54.The class width of grouped classes 10 – 19,20 – 29,30 – 39 is

(1) 9
(2) 10
(3) 4.5
(4) 1

55.The median of a frequency distribution can be graphically obtained from

(1) Apie chart
(2) Abardiagram
(3) Ogives
(4) A histogram

56.The Karl Pearson’s coefficient of Kurtosis p, is 4. Then the 6equency curve is said to

(1) Platykurtic
(2) Mesokurtic
(3) Leptokurtic
(4) None of these

57.In a 6equen& distribution, 25% observations are less than 40 and 25% observations
are more than 80. Then quartile deviation is

(1) 40
(2) 0
(3) 20
(4) 60

58.The median of some data is 40. It is also the

(1) 5oth percentile
(2) 5th decile
(3) 2nd quartile
(4) All of these

59.If A and B are two mutually exclusive events, then they are certainly not

(1) Equally likely
(2) Complementary
(3) Independent
(4) None of these

60.If X is a binomial variate with parameters ‘n’ and ‘p’, then its

(1) mean = variance
(2) mean > variance
(3) mean < variance
(4) None of these

61.X is a random variable with mean 10 and standard deviation 5. The variance of

(1) 95
(2) 395
(3) 100
(4) 400

62.A normal curve is__________ and__________.

(1) symmetric, leptokurtic
(2) symmetric, mesokurtic
(3) asymmetric, platykurtic
(4) asymmetric, mesokurtic

63.Bias of an estimator can be

(1) Always positive
(2) Always negative
(3) Either positive or negative
(4) Always zero

64.If the sample mean and sample median are two unbiased estimators of the normal
population mean p then the

(1) sample mean is more efficient than the sample median
(2) sample mean is as efficient as the sample median
(3) sample mean is less efficient than the sample median
(4) None of the statements (I), (2) and (3) are true

65.1600 graduate students were randomly selected for a universitg level survey. Among
the survey participants, the mean grade point average was 5.2 and the standard
deviation was 1. What is the margin of error assuming a 95% confidence level ?

(1) 0.04
(2) 0.05
(3) 0.06
(4) 0.07

66.Equality of two normal population variances can be tested by

(1) t-test
(2) F-test
(3) 2-test
(4) Chi-square test

67.Two samples of size 10 and 12 are taken from populations and the means is tested
I for significance of difference. The number of degrees of freedom is

(1) 22
(2) 21
(3) 20
(4) None of these

68.For a certain test of hypothesis the p-value is less than the level’of significance. The
conclusion of the test is

(1) Fkjeet null hypothesis
(2) Accept null hypothesis
(3) Perform one more test
(4) None of these

69.If the correlation between two variables X and Y is 0.4, then the coefficient of
determination is

1) 0.6
2) 0.16
3) 0.4
4) 0.2

70.For a bivariate data on variables X and Y, the scatter diagram shows a set of points
in a straight line perpendicular to the X-axis. We can say, hm thescatter diagram,
that the correlation coefficient between X and Y is

(1) 0
(2) 1
(3) – 1
(4) 0.5

71.The multiple correlation coefficient R1.23 involves

(1) One independent and two dependent variables
(2) One dependent and two independent variables
(3) Three independent variables
(4) Three dependent variables

72.Which of the following statements idare trudfalse ?

a. Coefficient of determination gives the ratio of the explained variance to total
b. Coefficient of determination is given by the square of the correlation coefficient.

(1) Only a is true
(2) Only b is true
(3) Both (a) and (b) are true
(4) Both (a) and (b) are false

73. If the two regression lines, obtained from a bivariate data, are perpendicular to each
other then the two variables are

(1) Perfectly positively correlated
(2) Perfectly negatively correlated
(3) Uncorrelated
(4) None of these

74.The chances of drawing the same unit, at each selection, remains the same in

(1) Simple random sampling with replacement
(2) Simple random sampling without replacement
(3) Stratified random sampling
(4) All of these

75.A population consists of three strata of sizes 40, 40 and 120 respectively. A random
sample of size 40 is to be drawn using proportional allocation. The number of units
to be sampled from the second stratum are

(1) 12
(2) 20
(3) 8
(4) 16

76.If the number of population units N is not an integral multiple of sampling size n,
the systematic sampling is called

(1) Linear Systematic Sampling
(2) Circular Systematic Sampling
(3) Systematic Random Sampling
(4) None of these

77.For selecting a sample using simple random sampling the method18 used idare

(1) Lottery method
(2) Random number tables method
(3) Neither (1) nor (2)
(4) Both (1) and (2)

78.How many methods of allocation of sample size to different strata in stratified
sampling procedure are in common use ?

(1) One
(2) Two
(3) Three
(4) Four

79.A simple random sample of size 50 is drawn without replacement from a population
of size 500. The finite population correction is

1) 0.9
2) 0.1
3) 0.2
4) 0.8