MPSC Forest Service Question paper set 5

1. The canadian whiskey is also called as:

A) Scotch Whiskey
B) Irish Whiskey
C) Rye Whiskey
D) Corn Whiskey

Ans:- C) Rye Whiskey

2. Liqueur which is golden colour, base of scotch, whisky and honey flavoured:

A) Drambuie
B) Curacao
C) Benedictine
D) kahlua

Ans:- A) Drambuie

3. liqueur which is gloden colour, base of Bourbon whiskey and Peach flavoured:

A) Drambuie
B) Curacao
C) Couthern Comfort
D) Tia Maria

Ans:- C) Couthern Comfort

4.Liuqeur which is brown colour, base of Rum and Coffee flavoured:

A) Drambuie
B) Curacao
C) Benedictine
D) Tia Maria

Ans:- D) Tia Maria

5. Liqueur which is clear, base of Neutral spirit and Licorice flavoured:

A) Drambuie
B) Curacao
C) sambucca
D) kaahlua

Ans:- C) sambucca

6. Liqueur which is Dark gold colur, base of Brandy and Herbs and Spice flavoured:

A) Drambuie
B) Curacao
C) Benedictine
D) kahlua

Ans:- B) Curacao

7. Liqueur which is Blue colour, base of Brandy and orange flavoured:

A) drambuie
B) Blue Curacao
C) Benedictine
D) Kahlua

Ans:- B) Blue Curacao

8. The following Liqueur is served with a odd no coffee beans:

A) drambuie
B) Curacao
C) Benedictine
D) Sambuca

Ans:- D) Sambuca

9. Monka coffee is coffee added with:

A) Drambuie
B) Curacao
C) Benedictine
D) Kahlua

Ans:- C) Benedictine

10. Aromatised and fortified wine deriving its name from German word Wermut

A) Vermouth
B) Wine
C) Beer
D) Mead

Ans:- A) Vermouth

11. German Bitter base of brandy and flavour of herbs : looks and taste like Iodine:

A) Vermouth
B) Campari
C) Underberg
D) Angostura Bitters

Ans:- C) Underberg

12. Bitter named after a town in Venezuela : It is produced from Rum in Trinidad:

A) Vermouth
B) Campari
C) Underberg
D) Angostura Bitters

Ans:- D) Angostura Bitters

13. The fortified wine from Spain is called as:

A) Port
B) Wine
C) Maderia
D) Sherry

Ans:- D) Sherry

14. The Fortified wine from Portigal is called as:

A) Port
B) Fino
C) Sherry
D) Crude wine

Ans:- A) Port

15. Deep curve at the end of Champagne bottle to withstand pressure:

A) Port
B) Pupitere
C) Punt
D) Must

Ans:- C) Punt

16. white grapes used to make Champagne in France:

A) Chardonnay
B) Reisling
C) Champagne

Ans:- A) Chardonnay

17. The wire mech cork used to cover champagne bottle:

A) Brut
B) Dom Perignon
C) Pupitere
D) Agraffe

Ans:- D) Agraffe

18. The Monk who introduced wine champagne to the world:

A) Moet and Chandon
B) Dom Perignon
C) Pommery
D) Charles Heidseck

Ans:- B) Dom Perignon

19. It refers to unfermented grape juice, or mixture of Pulp Juice skin and seeds:

A) Cermouth
B) Brandy
C) Punt
D) Must

Ans:- D) Must

20. Indian Sparking wine brand is:

A) Dom Perignon
B) Golconda rubywine
C) Sula Brut
D) Honey bee

Ans:- C) Sula Brut

21. The Cocktail shaken with tequila, lime juice and Cointreau:

A) Bloody Mary
B) Bloody Maria
C) Margarita
D) Martini

Ans:- C) Margarita

22. The James bond cocktail shaken Gin and Vermouth is:

A) Bloody Mary
B) Daiquiri
C) Margarita
D) Martini

Ans:- D) Martini

23. Rum Shaken with Ice Sugar and Fresh Lime juice is:

A) Bloody Mary
B) Daiquiri
C) Margarita
D) Martini

Ans:- B) Daiquiri

24. Champagne Based Cocktail is:

A) Bloody Mary
B) Martini
C) Kir Royale
D) Daiquiri

Ans:- C) Kir Royale

25.They are Metal or glass measure for pouring spirits:

A) Peg measurer
B) Mudler
C) Bar spoon
D) Shaker

Ans:- A) Peg measurer

26. The Parts of a cigar are:

A) Filler, Binder, wrapper
B) Cut, Turn, Curl
C) Dry, Medium, Sweet
D) Claro, Colorado, Maduro

Ans:- A) Filler, Binder, wrapper

27. It refers to the cost of Materials used in making of food for sales:

A) Budget
B) Forecasting
C) Food cost
D) Beverage cost

Ans:- C) Food cost

28. It refers to raising of Glass and drinking in hinour of somebody or something:

A) Bread
B) Wedding
C) Host
D) Toast

Ans:- D) Toast

29.It is value of stock in hand at the end of an particular period:

A) PV Ratio
B) Contribution
C) Opening Stock
D) Closing Stock

Ans:- D) Closing Stock

30. Who is the first Malayali Oscar Winner?

A) Adoor Gopalakrishnan
B) M.T. Vasudevan Nair
C) Shaji N. Karun
D) Rasool Pukkutty

Ans:- D) Rasool Pukkutty

31.Which river is known as ‘Southern ganges’?

A) kaveri
B) Tungabhadra
C) Mahanadi
D) Godawari

Ans:- A) kaveri

32.Who is the first woman president of Indian national congress?

A) Annie Besant
B) Vijayalakshmi pandit
C) Indira gandhi
D) captain lakshmi

Ans:- A) Annie Besant

33. Who said, “Give me blood, I shall give you freedom”?

A) Mahathma gandhi
B) Subash Chandra Bose
C) sardar patel
D) Bal gangadhar Tilak

Ans:- B) Subash Chandra Bose

34.The hottest place in India:

A) Dras
B) Nunkambakam
C) Biryawali
D) Surat

Ans:- C) Biryawali

35. Which country won the Euro Cup Football 2016?

A) Portugal
B) France
C) Wales
D) Germany

Ans:- A) Portugal

36. Who is the author of ‘Perumal Thirumozhi’?

A) cheraman Perumal
B) Kulasekhara Alwar
C) Rajasekhara varman
D) Nedum Cheralathan

Ans:- B) Kulasekhara Alwar

37. Who was the Indian leader participated in all the three round table conferences met at London?

A) Mahathma Gandhi
B) jawaharlal Nehru.
C) Abdul Kalam Azad
D) B.R. Ambedkar

Ans:- D) B.R. Ambedkar

38. Which ‘Tinai’ represents the coastal area?

A) Kurunji
B) Mullai
C) Nietal
D) Palai

Ans:- C) Nietal

39. Which was the Headquarters of Aryasamaj?

A) Bombay
B) Pune
C) Mardas
D) Calcutta

Ans:- Update soon

40. First involement of Gamdhiji in Indian Political affairs was:

A) Champaran Satyagraha
B) Salt satyagraha
C) Kheda Satyagraha
D) Anti-Rowlatt Act campaign

Ans:- D) Anti-Rowlatt Act campaign

41. Who led the Revolt of 1857 in Arrah?

A) Taantia Tope
B) Kunwar Singh
C) Begam hazrat mahal
D) Moulavi Ahmadulla

Ans:- B) Kunwar Singh

42. Who is responsible for jallianwalabagh Massacre?

A) General Dyer
B) james Fergooson
C) Lord Montague
D) Lord Chemsford

Ans:- A) General Dyer

43. Who was the leader of 1921 Malabar Rebellion?

A) Mamburam Thangal
B) Ali Musliyar
C) Syed Fazal Pookoya Thangal
D) E.K. Aboobacker Musliyar

Ans:- B) Ali Musliyar

44.Who made Temple Entry Proclamation?

A) Rani Gowri Laxmi Bai
B) Swathi Thirunal
C) Sri Chithira Thirunal
D) Sri Moolam Thirunal

Ans:- C) Sri Chithira Thirunal

45. Who is the founder of the newspaper, ‘Awadeshabhimani’?

A) Vakkom Moulavi
B) Ramakrishna Pillai
C) K.M. Moulavi
D) Abdurahiman Sahib

Ans:- A) Vakkom Moulavi

46. Who is the author of “Kanneerum Kinavum”?

A) V.T. battathirippad
B) Vakbadanandhan
C) Ayyankali
D) Sri Narayana Guru

Ans:- A) V.T. battathirippad

47.Who is the founder of Samathwa Samajam?

A) Chattampi Swamikal
B) Vaikunda Swamikal
C) Mar Elias Chavara
D) V.T. battathirippad

Ans:- B) Vaikunda Swamikal

48. Which site was the dockyard of Harappan Culture?

A) Banwali
B) Mohenjadaro
C) Lothal
D) Kalibangan

Ans:- C) Lothal

49. Where did Sri Buddha deliver his first sermon?

A) Bodh Gaya
B) Amaravathi
C) Sravanabalgola
D) Saranath

Ans:- D) Saranath