MPSC Departmental Examination for the Nominated or Promoted Assistant Controllers, Legal Metrology, Gr-B – 2016 Question paper

MPSC Departmental Examination for the Nominated or Promoted Assistant Controllers, Legal Metrology, Gr-B – 2016 Question paper


Maharashtra Civil services rules pertaining to establishment 


(1) Solve any five questions.

(2) An authority must be quoted in support of your answer.

(3) The marks for each question are indicated in the margin.

  1. Write short notes on the following (any five):-

(a) Right of Lien

(b) Joining Time

(c) Foreign Service

(d) Probationary Period

(e) Service Book

(f) Subsistence Allowance.

  1. Describe the major and minor punishment which can be imposed on the Government Servants.
  2. Describe the various kinds of leave admissible to the Government Servant under the provisions made in M.C.S. (Leave) Rules.
  3. (a) What is Foreign Service? Describe shortly the guidelines for sending Government Servant on Foreign Service.

(b) Describe the restrictions imposed upon the Government Servants in respect of:-

(i) Acceptance of gifts.

(ii) Private Trade 1 Employment

(iii) Participation in political activities.

  1. What is lien? Explain in detail.
  2. Distinguish between the following:-

(a) Earned Leave and Casual Leave.

(b) Minor punishment and Major punishment

(c) Probationers and Apprentice.

(d) Temporary post and Permanent post.


Maharashtra Civil services, accounts rules


(1) All questions carries equal marks given in the margin.

(2) Attempt any five questions.

  1. (a) What are the Canons of financial propriety?

(b) What are the points to be seen while auditing Travelling Allowance bills?

  1. (a) What are the different types of Pensions admissible to Government servants and their families ?

(b) Distinguish between the Pensionable pay and Presumptive pay.

  1. (a) Explain for which reasons advance can be granted to the Government servant from General Provident Fund.

(b) Explain about the General Conditions and rates of G.P.F. subscriptions.

  1. (a) Describe the responsibilities of Drawing and Disbursing Officer and Countersigning Officer regarding contingency expenditure.

(b) Is Travelling Allowance (T.A.) to the suspend Government servant for the attending departmental enquiry admissible?

  1. (a) Explain various deductions from salary.

(b) Write notes (any two):-

(i) Contingency Fund

(ii) Increment Certificate

(iii) Non-refundable G.P.F. Advance.

  1. (a) Explain the difference between Compensatory Allowance and Local Allowance.

(b) Write a definition (any two):-

(i) Pay

(ii) Fee

(iii) Consolidated Fund of the State.


Acts and rules pertaining to weights and measures


(1) All questions carry equal marks given in the margin.

(2) Attempt any five questions only.

  1. Write short notes on any four of the following:-

(a) Collection of fees depositing in the Government New Account.

(b) Compounding of Offence.

(c) Power of Inspection, Seizure, etc.

(d) Nomination of Director by a company under the Act.

(e) Appeals.

  1. Explain the following terms:-

(a) Compartment, Dip Stick, Proof Level, Dip Pipe, Vehicle Tank.

(b) Describe the calibration procedure of a vehicle Tank having four compartments each of capacity 3000 litre.

  1. (a) Define the base units of SI.

(b) Name at Least 5 (five) derived units of SI.

(c) Discuss period and manner of verification of reference, secondary and working standards.

  1. (a) Enumerate the procedure for issue of licence to a repair or a dealer. Under what circumstances his application for licence can be rejected?

(b) Write note on Approval of Model.

  1. (a) Describe the procedure of inspection of quantity and error in packages at the premises of the wholesale dealer or retail dealer.

(b) Write short note on registration of Manufacturer, Packer and Importer.

  1. Define the following terms:-

(a) Pre-packaged Commodity, Transaction, Net Quantity, Lot, Packer.

(b) Describe the procedure of verification of the following:-

(1) Single Pan Balance

(2) Counter Machine.


Packaged commodities rules, consumer protection act and other related acts and rules.


(1) Each question carries equal mark as 20 marks, mentioned against each question. Given in the margin.

(2) Attempt any five questions only.

  1. Explain the definition (any four):-

(a) Dealer

(b) Max. Retail Sale Price

(c) Consumer

(d) Complaint

(e) Wholesale Package

(f) Manufacturer.

  1. What is redressal Machinery under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986? And what are the rights given to it?
  2. What shall be declaration required to be make on every package under the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rule, 2011 and what are the Penalties for contravene of these rule ?
  3. Explain the composition of district forum under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986? And what are the terms and conditions prescribed for an appointment of President and Members of the district forum in Maharashtra?
  4. What are the Fundamental Rights and Duties of the citizens under the Indian Constitution?
  5. Who formed Consumer Protection Council? What is its composition? And what are its objects? Please explain.
  6. Write short notes (any two):-

(a) Procedure of Registration of Manufacturers, Packers, Importers of Packaged Commodities Rule, 2011.

(b) Procedure of disposal of seized and detaine package commodities under the Maharashtra Legal Metrology Rule, 2011 and Criminal Procedure Code, 1973.

(c) Declaration with regards to the dimensions of container type of commodities.