MPSC Departmental Examination for Inspector in the Motor Vehicles department 2018 Paper – 1

MPSC Departmental Examination for Inspector in the Motor Vehicles department (Qualifying examination for promotion to the post of A.R.T. Officer), 2018 Paper – 1



N.B.-  (1) All question s are Compulsory.

(2) Marks for each question are indicated in the Margin

(3) Candidate should not write roll number, any name (including his/her own), signature, address or any indication of his/her identity anywhere inside the answer book otherwise he/she will be penalized.

(4) Candidate are expected to answer all the sub-questions of a question together. If sub-question of a question is attempted elsewhere (after leaving a few pages or after attempting another question) the later sub-question shall be overlooked.

(5) Answer are to be written in one language either in Marathi in English.

  1. Define (any five):-

(a) Battery Operated Vehicle

(b) E-Riksha

(c) Contract carriage

(d) Transport Commissioner

(e) International Driving Premit

(f) Driving Licence

(g) Maxi Cab.

  1. Explain in detail (any two):-

(a) Explain the procedure of issuance of Learner’s licence.

(b) Explain the powers of Licencing Authority to suspend/revoke a Licence.

(c) Explain the process of Driving Test for issuance of Driving Licence.

  1. Attempt ant Two of the followings:-

(a) Discuss the procedure of ‘Transter of ownership’ of a vehicle.

(b) Discuss the form and manner of display of registration marks on the motor vehicles.

(c) Explain the formation and working of RTA (Regional Transport Authority).

  1. Write detail notes (any two):-

(a) Carriage of animals in goods vehicles.

(b) Assignment of new registration mark on removal to another state.

(c) Alterations in motor vehicle.

  1. Write in short (any four):-

(a) Explain the provisions regarding speed limit.

(b) Explain the conditions in which Registration or Renewal of permit is refused.

(c) Explain the procedure of transfer of permit in case of death of permit holder.

(d) Discuss the provisions for fitment of electronic digital riksha/taxi meters.

(e) What is the procedure of Inspection of brakes of transport vehicle?

(f) What are the restrictions on use of Sound Signals?