MPSC Departmental Examination for Assistant Regional Transport Officer, 2018 Paper 6

MPSC Departmental Examination for Assistant Regional Transport Officer, 2018 Paper 6:-



N.B- (1) Any two sub-question from question No. 1 is Compulsory.

(2) Answer any two questions from the remaining three.

(3) Marks for each question are indicated in the margin.

(4) Candidate should not write roll number, any name (including his/her own), signature, address or any indication of his/her identity anywhere inside the answer book otherwise he/she will be penalised.

(5) Candidates are expected to answer all the sub-questions of a question together, if sub-question of a question is attempted elsewhere (after leaving a few pages or after attempting another question) the later sub-question shall be overlooked.

(6) Answer are to be written in one language only either in Marathi or in English.

  1. Write shorts notes (any two):-

(a) Explain the importance of the institution of Right to Service Act by the State Government. Describe in brief the execution of important services by motor vehicles department under Right to Service Act.

(b) Illegal passenger transportation—Discuss the problem and state the solution.

(c) In view of the ever rising human population and related rising vehicle population, discuss the various invariable for smooth and efficient daily commutation (transportation) in the urban areas.

  1. The Software of Vahan 4.0 and Sarathi 4.0 were commissioned by the department in all the field offices almost simultaneously. State the changes in the day to day office work and services available to the motoring public in detail.
  2. With the ever increasing vehicular population in the country various technological changes and up gradation measures have been introduced and enforced from time to time by various agencies enumerate and discuss them in detail.
  3. State the need for implementation of road safety campaign. Discuss the objects of the government for carrying out such campaign every year. What are the various activities undertaken by the motor vehicles department during the yearly road safety campaign.