MPSC Assistant Town Planner, Grade-I [Group-B] and 17-2018 Town Planner, Group–A (Gazetted), Urban Development Department Screening Test-2018

MPSC Assistant Town Planner, Grade-I [Group-B] and 17-2018 Town Planner, Group–A (Gazetted), Urban Development Department Screening Test-2018

  1. Recently ‘Development Impact Bond’ was launched lo help to improve education for children in India. Whose initiative is this? (1) British Asian Trust (RAT)

(2) International Monetary Fund (IMF)

(3) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

(4) Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

  1. Consider the following statements related to Indonesia:

(a) It shares maritime boundary with India.

(b) It is the largest archipelagic state in the world.

(c) IL is the founding member of Non-aligned movement.

(d) Java Island located in Indonesia is the world’s most populous island

Select the correct code:

(1) (b), (c) and (d) Only

(2) (a) and (d) only

(3) (b) and (c) only

(4) (a), (b), (c) and (d)

  1. The Joint _______ GRACE satellite mission ended its science operations in 2017.

(1) US – German

(2) British – French

(3) US – Russia

(4) India – Israel

  1. ‘SWAYAM’ web portal is related to ______.

(1) Education

(2) Ranking

(3) Agriculture

(4) Water Conservation

  1. ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ was the theme for _______.

(1) World Water Day, 2018

(2) Earth Day, 2018

(3) World Oceans Day, 2018

(4) World Environment Day, 2018

  1. ‘Repeal the 8th’ and ‘Save the 8th’, phrases are related to:

(1) Conflict minerals in DR Congo

(2) Women’s rights in Ireland

(3) Presidential powers in Turkey

(4) Gun Control in the U.S.A.

  1. Government of India recently 1aunched’Adopt a Heritage’ Project. The project is launched

With the efforts of which of the following institutions?

(1) Ministry of Tourism

(2) Ministry of Culture

(3) Archaeological Survey of India

(4) All of the above i.e. (I), (2) and (3)

  1. Government recently launched accessible and comprehensive version of mobile application

for differently abIed persons. What is the name of the application?

(1) Divyang Mitra

(2) Divyang Rathi

(3) Divyang Sarathi

(4) Divyang Jans

  1. Under The Right to information Act, 2005 as per Sec. 1’1 for disclosure of information relating to third party, the public information officer within__________ from the date of receipt of the request of disclosure, shall give written notice to such third party of the request.

(1) 10 days

(2) 7 days

(3) 30 days

(4) 5 days

  1. As per Right To Information Act – 2005

(a) State, Infc3rmation Commission should be single member body.

(b) State Informatioil Commission should be multimember body.

Examine the correctness of the statements.

(1) Statement (a) is correct

(2) Statement (b) is correct

(3) Both the statements are correct

(4) None of the statement is correct

  1. Which of the following has the lowest thermal conductivity?

(1) Water

(2) Air

(3) Brick

(4) copper

  1. Which of the following plant is not used for the production of bio-diesel?

(1) Soybean

(2) Jatropha Curcas

(3) Sunflower

(4) Peepal

  1. Which part ‘of tongue is most sensitive to acids?

(1) Back of the tongue

(2) Tip of the tongue

(3) Sides of the tongue

(4) Middle of the tongue

  1. 14. Drawing a conclusion which is based on observations and reasoning is called as _________.

(1) Calculation

(2) Finalization

(3) Inference

(4) Fixation

  1. Nano Science and Nano Technology is the field of future science based on the particle size of the order of_________.

(1) 1 x 10 +6 meter

(2) 1 x 10 +9 meter

(3) 1 x 10 -6 meter

(4) 1 x 10 -9 meter

  1. 16. Shadow of an object related with ________.

(1) Interference of light

(2) Polarization of light

(3) Diffraction of light

(4) Scattering of light

  1. The mobile phones, a PC or Laptops require USB connector to transfer data, attach a speaker, connect an external storage or just to charge the built in battery of device. This USB stands for ______.

(1) Universal Series Button

(2) United States. Book

(3) United Serial Bus

(4) Universal Serial Bus

  1. This is a doctor who treats patients who have Cancer. Name this doctor.

(1) Cardiologist

(2) Dermatologist

(3) Oncologist

(4) Ophthalmologist

  1. Science is acquisition of knowledge through ________.

(1) observation, evaluation, interpretation and theoretical explanation

(2) identification, evaluation, interpretation and practical proof

(3) observation, calculation, interpretation and theoretical explanation

(4) identification, calculation, interpretation and practical proof

  1. Best ‘educated guess’ of what the answer to your question will be known as __________.

(1) Hypothesis

(2) Variable

(3) Possibility

(4) None of the above

  1. Reasoning from particular cases to general principles is known as ___________.

(1) Deductive reasoning

(2) Inductive reasoning

(3) Analogical reasoning

(4) Critical reasoning

  1. VSNL started internet in India in the year ________.

(1) 1995

(2) 1996

(3) 1994

(4) 1997

  1. 23. India’s first aircraft carrier ‘Vikrant’ was commissioned into Navy on ________.

(1) 1965

(2) 1962

(3) 1961

(4) 1963

  1. The chemical formula for heavy water used as a moderator or coolant in Nuclear Power Reactor is:

(1) H2O

(2) w2O

(3) D2O

(4) Y2O

  1. Indian Satellite Aryabhatta was launched in________.

(1) 1973

(2) 1974

(3) 1975

(4) 1976

  1. The plot having a greater depth and situated in urban area is divided into 3 bellts of valuation. The value per sqm. for the portion of plot in the second belt is Rs.7 300. As per the belting method (if valuation adopted in our Country, the value per sq.m. of the part in third and first belt would respectively be Rupees :

(1) 100 and 400

(2) 150 and 600

(3) 200 and 150

(4) 225 and 450

  1. A farmer is selling his 2 ha contiguous land which is earmarked in the Agriculture Zone of the sanctioned Regional Plan and is falling in the probable Non-Agriculture Zone in the Annual Statement (if Rates (ASR). The rates given in the ASR for the said land are Rs. 1,000 per sq. m. and Rs. 10 lacs per ha. Find out the total value of the said 2 ha land on which the stamp duty is payable.

(1) Rs. 80 lacs

(2) Rs. 92 lacs

(3) Rs. 112 lacs

(4) Rs. 120 lass

  1. Town Planning Scheme is a:

(1) Compulsory land acquisition technique

(2) Land pooling and redistribution technique

(3) Acquisition through confiscation and nationalization technique

(4) Acquisition through grant of F.S.I./T.D.R. technique

  1. Fill in the blanks.

Paranjape Committee while advocating Income-Capitalisation Method, adopted ______ level cropping pattern in co~~jun~-tion with _______ level yield rates.

(1) District, Taluka

(2) Village, District

(3) Taluka, Village

(4) Village, Taluka

  1. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option.

No appeal against the assessment of Development Charges shall be entertained unless ______ percent ol the amount claimed in the notice of assessment from the appellant together with the amount of interest, if any due thereon, has been deposited by him in the office of the Authority.

(1) Twenty five

(2) Thirty three

(3) Fifty

(4) Hundred

  1. Planning Authority, has initiated a proposal of modification under Section 37 of MR and TP Act – 1966, in its filial Development Plan. The notice of the said modification was published in the official gazette dated 3″‘ May, 2017, however the said proposal is yet to be submitted to State Government for sanction. What is legal status of the proposal as on 15Ih May, 2018?

(1) Planning Authority can submit it and Government can decide it on merit.

(2) Planning Authority can never initiate the said proposal in future since it is lapsed.

(3) Planning Authority can make a fresh proposal though it has lapsed.

(4) Planning Authority can request Government for allowing extension of time for submission of the proposal, and if allowed, can submit it.

  1. A Planning Authority is preparing the Draft Development Plan for the area newly added into its jurisdiction for which there exists a sanctioned Regional Plan. In such circumstances, if the Planning Authority intends to modify the alignment of a Regional Plan Road

(1) It cannot do so and is required to follow the provisions of Regional Plan scrupulously.

(2) It can do so with the approval of the State Government.

(3) It can do so with the concurrence of the Regional Planning Board.

(4) It can do so with the approval of the District Collector.

  1. Match the pairs:

(a) Discounted Cash Flow (P) l’rading upon the equity

(b) Residual Capitalisalion (Q) Return on and recapture of investment capital

(c) Overall Capitalisation (R) Present value of future returns

(d) Leverage (S) Value of one of the components of property is known while other is to be investigated

Answer options:

(a)     (b)     (c)    (d)

(1)     (S)     (Q)    (P)    (R)

(2)     (R)     (S)    (Q)    (P)

(3)     (R)    (Q)     (S)    (P)

(4)    (Q)     (R)     (S)    (P)

  1. In town Planning Scheme:

(a) Original plot of a owner can be allotted to the same owner.

(b) Original plot of a owner can be partially allotted to some other owner.

(c) Original plot of a owner can be fully allotted to some other owner.

(d) All of the above.

Which of the above statement/s is/are correct?

(1) (a)

(2) (b)

(3) (c)

(4) (d)

  1. Reservation of Community Centre, in the Development Plan, admeasuring 8000 sq.m. is to be developed. How much recreational open space is required to be left?

(1) 400 sq.m.

(2) 800 sq.m.

(3) 1600 sq.m.

(4) None of the above

  1. Planning Norms to be adopted for finding out requirements of various public sites it1 the Development Plan of a city are:

(I) rigid and to be followed in toto

(2) the guidelines which can he customised to suit the city and its character

(3) flexible and revised every year on 1st April

(4) flexible and revised after every 5 years on Is’ January

  1. A owner shall not be entitled for Transferable Development Rights, if:

(1) he surrenders reserved land in the Development Plan, free of cost to Planning Authority.

(2) he surrenders reserved land along with amenity constructed thereon as per DCR, free of cost to Planning Authority.

(3) he constructs internal roads in the approved layout and transfers it to Planning Authority.

(4) he is deprived of development because of heritage structure.

  1. Which of the following surveys, is not to be carried out for preparation of a Regional Plan?

(1) Geographic Survey

(2) Demographic Survey

(3) Stutistical aspects of major facilities and resources

(4) Trigometric Survey

  1. In regard to deciding market value of a property, two of the following statements are correct, which are those?

Statement (A): It is relevant to Lake into consideration how the purchaser intends to use the property.

Statement (B): Sentimental value to the vendor should not be accounted for.

 Statement (C): Either seller or purchaser should be actuated by business principles.

Statement (D) : Disinclination of vendor is to be ignored.

Answer options:

(1) Statements (C) and (D)

(2) Statements (B) and (D)

(3) Statements (A) and (C)

(4) Statements (A) and (D)

  1. Which of the following is not the method for traffic counts?

(1) Manual method

(2) Geometrical increase method

(3) Automatic devices

(4) Moving observer method

  1. A rent fixed or permissible under the provisions of law is:

(1I) Lease rent

(2) Rack rent

(3) Head rent

(4) Standard rent

  1. Value of a building which has outlived its useful span of life and has become useless is the:

(1) Salvage value

(2) Book value

(3) Junk value

(4) Replacement value

  1. Out of the following, which is not the function of Arbitrator?

(1) To estimate the amount of compensation payable for loss of area of original plots.

(2) To estimate the value of and fix the difference between the values of original plots and values of final plots.

(3) To determine whether the areas reserved for public purposes are beneficial wholly or partly to the owners.

(4) To recover the net amount payable by the owners of the final plots.

  1. A Town Planning Scheme of particular tow11 provides for allocation of land for various purposes as below:

(a) 7% for economically weaker section and for lower income group.

(b) (i) 15% for roads

(ii) 11% for parks and playgrounds

(iii) 10% for social infrastructure

(iv) 12% for sale by Planning Authority

In view of the above, which of the following statement is correct?

(1) The scheme is as per provisions of law.

(2) The scheme is not as per provisions of law since land allocated for (a) above, is less than required.

(3) The scheme is not as per provisions of law since land allocated for (b) above, is more than required.

(4) The scheme is not as per provisions of law since land allocated for (a) and (b) above, is more than required.

  1. A Regional Plan means:

(1) a plan for the development or reclamation of a Region

(2) a plan for the development or redevelopment of a Region

(3) a plan for the development or layout of a layout of a Region

(4) a plan for the development or protection of regularized development of a Region

  1. The Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation is required to place before the corporation a report on the status of the Environment within the city in respect of the last preceding official war, before _____ every year.

(1) 31st March

(2) 31st December

(3) 31st May

(4) 31st July

  1. The urban development that maximises the amount of residential, business and leisure space within walking distance of public transport is called as:

(1) Transit – impetus development

(2) Ribbon development

(3) Transit – oriented development

(4) Sprawl development

  1. What is the present value of Rs. 1 receivable after 10 years at 49%?

(1) 0.6756

(2) 1.0271

(3) 1.1312

(4) 1.2014

  1. Match the pairs:

(a) Development of cluster of villages  (P) PURA Approach

(b) Holistic development of villages  (Q) State Smart Village Scheme

(c) Physical, Electronic and Knowledge Connectivity  (R) National Rur-urban Scheme

(d) Development of village in respect of health,                          (S) Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana

underground water supply and drainage system, hospital and education

Answer options:

(a)    (b)   (c)   (d)

(1) (S)     (R)   (Q)  (P)

(2) (R)     (S)   (P)  (Q)

(3) (Q)    (P)    (S)  (R)

(4) (S)     (P)    (R)  (Q)

  1. The amount receivable at the end of 2 years for f 100 invested now at 10% rate of interest is closest to:

(1)  Rs. 110

(2) Rs.  115

(3) Rs.  120

(4) Rs.  125

  1. As per the provisions of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act-2013, if the land is acquired for urbanization process, each land-owning project affected family under Rehabilitation and Resettlement entitlements is entitled for

(1) Minimum one acre of land.

(2) Twenty percent of the developed land in proportion to the land acquired.

(3) Twelve and half percent of the developed land in proportion to the land acquired.

(4) Twenty two and half percent of the developed land m proportion to the land acquired.

  1. Out of the following, which is the site not eligible for construction of building?

(1) Site falling within the area lying between blue flood-line and red flood-line of a river.

(2) Site deriving access from unauthorized means of access

(3) Site falling beyond 30 m from the edge of a minor water course

(4) Proposed occupancy of the building on the site is conforming to the land use in the Development Plan.

  1. Purchase Notice under Section 127 of MR and TP Act – 1966 is served by the land owner on MSRTC, the Appropriate Authority oil 1st April, 2016 for the land affected by the reservation of “Bus Depot” in the sanctioned Development Plan which has come into force from 12th April, 2006. If no step of acquisition of the said land is initiated till 31th larch, 2018, which is the correct legal position amongst the following?

(1) The reservation to the extent of area covered in the Purchase Notice and owned by the owner is lapsed.

(2) The said reservation will lapse on 31st March, 2019.

(3) The Purchase Notice being premature is not tenable.

(4) The Purchase Notice is not valid since not served on the Planning Authority

  1. A company purchases: 5 ha of occasional bagayat land for commercial floriculture. If the rate, as per ASR, for nearby jirayat land is Rs.20 lacs per ha, what wouId be the value of the land under purchase on which stamp-duty is payable?

(1) Rs. 2 crores

(2) Rs. 3 crores

(3) Rs. 4 crores

(4) Rs. 5 crores

  1. Where total cost of Town Planning Scheme exceeds half the total amount of increments, then the contribution tu be levied by the Arbitrator:

(1) shall not exceed half the increment estimated by the Arbitrator

(2) shall be more than half the increment estimated by the Arbitrator

(3) shall not be less than half the increment estimated by the Arbitrator

(4) shall not be less than total increment estimated by the Arbitrator

  1. Under Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013, how much original period is stipulated for declaring in award from the date of publication of declaration under section 19 of the Act?

(1) six months

(2) twelve months

(3) eighteen months

(4) twenty-four months

  1. The Environment (Protection) Act 1986, envisages.

(1) planning and execution of nationwide programme for prevention of pollution

(2) restriction of areas in which any industry should not be set up.

(3) laying down procedures for handling of hazardous substance.

(4) all of the above.

  1. In Regional Plan area, approval to Master Plan in integrated Township Project, is granted by:

(1) the State Government

(2) the Director of Town Planning

(3) the Joint Director of Town Planning

(4) the Collector of the District

  1. For which of the following areas in Maharashtra, the Zonal Master Plans are required to be prepared on the lines of Regional Plans (Under MR and TP – Act 1966) as per the notifications by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India?

(1) Dahanu, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani

(2) Mahabaleshwar, Chikhaldara, Mhaismal

(3) Lonavala, Panchgani, ToranmaI

(4) Murud-Janjira, Hhimashankar, Panhala

  1. Valuation is required for:

(1) purchase and sale of property.

(2) wealth tax

(3) gift tax

(4) all of the above

  1. A development permission on certain conditions has been granted vide letter dated 1st April, 2018 to the applicant, who being aggrieved by the conditions has preferred an appeal under Section 47 of the M.R. and T.P. Act, 1966 to the State Government vide his appeal dated 20th May, 2018. What would be the appropriate legal course of action by the Appellate Authority?

(1) As a11 legal requirements are satisfied, the applicant and the Planning Authority shall be given a reasonable opportunity of being heard and the appeal be decided on merit.

(2) The applicant can file a request application for condoning the delay in filing the appeal which can be allowed.

(3) The applicant be communicated that his appeal cannot be entertained since not filed in the stipulated period.

(4) The appeal be dismissed without giving any reason

  1. Origin – Destination survey is useful:

(1) to determine amount of by-passable traffic that enters a town.

(2) to develop trip generation and trip distribution models in transportation planning.

(3) to determine efficiency of present traffic system.

(4) all of above

  1. The objections and suggestions to the Draft Development Plan are invited within a period of _______ days from the date of publication of notice in the official gazette for a Municipal Corporation having 12 lacs population.

(1) 30

(2) 45

(3) 60

(4) 90

  1. The year’s purchase, at 5% rate of interest for indefinite period, shall be:

(1) 25

(2) 20

(3) 16

(4) 65/7

  1. For the Rural Water Supply Schemes, for providing domestic requirements, the norm adopted is:

(1) 40 LPCD

(2) 70 LPCD


(4) 100 LPCD

  1. For the purpose of working out stamp duty, find the value of 3 ha of Ksharpad land which is neither falling in salt pan nor in the urban and influence zone. The rate given in the Annual Statement of Rates for adjoining bagayat land is Rs. 25 lacs per ha:

(1) Rs. 67.5 lacs

(2) Rs. 45 lacs

(3) Rs. 17.5 lacs

(4) Rs. 60 lacs

  1. Which of the following methods revolves round the philosophy that the present occupier desires to have the hereditament which is in his possession?

(1) Market Approach

(2) Contractor’s Method

(3) Investment Method

(4) None of the above

  1. Zoning for various uses in the Development Plan of the city:

(1) adds to supply of land abundantly

(2) limits the supply of land

(3) does not affect the supply of land

(4) will increase demand of land

  1. While sanctioning the Development Plan under Section 31 of MR and TP Act – 1966, following modifications have been carried out in the Draft Development Plan published under Section 26 of the said Act. Consider 50 ha as area of the Planning.

(a) 2 ha area under the Green Zone is converted into Residential Zone to make total Residential Zone as 20 ha

(b) A new road ‘PQ’ is proposed

(c) Floor Space Index is increased from 1 to 1.05

(d) Area under a reservation of Garden is reduced from 1 ha to 0.4 ha

Which of the following is true?

(1) All modifications (a), (b), (c), (d) are of substantial nature

(2) Only modifications (a) and (b) are of substantial nature

(3) Only modification (a), (b) and (d) are of substantial nature

(4) Only modifications (a), (b) and (c) are of substantial nature

  1. The first step in preparation of Regional Plan is:

(1) constitution of a Regional Planning Board

(2) publication of a Draft Regional Plan

(3) establishment of a Region

(4) discussions with the public in a Region

  1. What is the time period stipulated for preparation of draft Town Planning Scheme after declaration of its intention?

(1) one and half year

(2) one year

(3) nine months

(4) six months

  1. Select the correct hierarchy of following roads from the options given below:

(a) Collector street

(b) Arterial street

(c) Local street

(d) Express way

Answer options:

(1) (d), (b), (c), (a)

(2) (d), (b), (a), (c)

(3) (d), (c), (a), (b)

(4) (d), (a), (b), (c)

  1. Read the following activities:

Activity A: Defense Department intends to carry out construction of bridge.

Activity B: Person X intends to demolish his existing structure in compliance of a statutory notice from the Planning Authority.

State which of the following is correct?

(1) For both the activities, permission for development is required to be sought from the respective Planning Authority.

(2) The permission is required in case of Activity B only.

(3) No permission is necessary for any of the activities.

(4) The permission is required in case of Activity A only.

  1. For undertaking Integrated Township Project, the project proponent shall have:

(1) exclusive ownership of all Iand parcels admeasuring not less than 100 hect.

(2) exclusive ownership of all land parcels admeasuring not less than 40 hect.

(3) ownership or development rights of land parcels admeasuring not less than 100 hect.

(4) ownership or development rights of land parcels admeasuring not less than 40 hect.

  1. The present consideration for the full value of land obtainable after specified period is over, is called as:

(1) Capitalized value of land

(2) Assessed value of land

(3) Distress value of land

(4) Reversionary value of land

  1. Completion Certificate for a building is furnished by:

(1) Town Planning Officer of the Planning Authority

(2) Chief Executive Officer of the Planning Authority

(3) The owner through his Licensed Architect

(4) Municipal Engineer

  1. Who is empowered to hear the persons those who have filed suggestions/objections or. Draft Regional Plan?

(1) Regional Planning Board

(2) Regional Planning Committee

(3) Town Planning Officer

(4) Expert Members of the Board

  1. Existing Land-Use Map means a map indicating the user to which lands in any specified area are put at the time of:

(1) Publication of declaration of intention to prepare Development Plan

(2) Preparing the map

(3) Appointment of Town Planning Officer

(4) Publication of Draft Development Plan

  1. Something given as compensation for inconvenience, loss or scarifies is called as:

(1) Compensation

(2) Solarium

(3) Award

(4) Interest

  1. The Draft Annual Statement of Rates prepared for respective Divisions by the respective Divisional Officers are first submitted to:

(1) Deputy Inspector General of Registration

(2) Inspector General of Registration

(3) Director of Town Planning and Valuation

(4) Joint Director of Town Planning and Valuation

  1. Semi-final value means:

(1) a value of original plot in Town Planning Scheme with its original shame and state.

(2) a value of final plot in Town Planning Scheme with alteration of its boundaries without taking into consideration improvements contemplated in the scheme.

(3) a value of final plot in Town Planning Scheme taking into consideration improvements contemplated in the scheme.

(4) none of the above

  1. Town Planning Scheme may make the provisions for:

(1) the laying out or re-laying out of land

(2) the construction, alteration and removal of buildings, bridges

(3) lighting

(4) all of the above

  1. In valuation tables, ‘the amount which when invested at compound interest will accumulate to Rs. 1 after specified period’ is termed as:

(1) Amount of Rs. 1

(2) Present value of Rs. 1

(3) Investment of Rs. 1

(4) None of the above

  1. The Planning Authority is entitled to request for advance possession of land in draft Town Planning Scheme, if:

(1) it is required for allotting to some individual.

(2) it is required to avoid price escalation in future.

(3) it is urgently required in the interest of public.

(4) it will not be possible to acquire in future.

  1. The present value of well secured ground rent of Rs. 1,000 p.a. at 5% rate of interest, in perpetuity is:

(1) Rs. 15,000

(2) Rs. 20,000

(3) Rs. 22,000

(4) Rs. 25,000

  1. Which of the following documents/plans are mainly required to be attached along with the application for development permission?

(1) Ownership documents, measurement plan, proposed layout plan and/or building plan.

(2) Ownership documents, measurement plan, proposed layout plan and/or building plan, no objection certificate for electric supply.

(3) Ownership documents, measurement plan.

(4) Ownership documents, measurement plan, proposed layout plan and/or building plan, copy of income tax return.

  1. Town Planning Scheme cannot be prepared for the purpose of:

(1) implementing proposals in the final Development Plan

(2) planning of any land which is likely to be in course of development

(3) planning of area which is already built upon

(4) planning of ally land which is not likely to be in course of development in near future

  1. How much area would you earmark as Residential Zone in the Development Plan for a town having 30,000 projected population. Take 50 tenements per ha as Gross tenement density and average family size as 5.

(1) 600 ha

(2) 300 ha

(3) 250 ha

(4) 120 ha

  1. For layout sub-division, the commencement means:

(1) Final demarcation and provision of water, electricity and roads complete.

(2) Final demarcation and provision of water-bound macadam roads complete

(3) Final demarcation and provision of water complete.

(4) Final demarcation with construction up to plinth level, at least on the fifty percent of the number of plots complete.

  1. Implementation of Development Plan is the duty of:

(1) Director of Town Planning

(2) State Government

(3) Planning Authority for that area

(4) District Town Planning Officer

  1. Global warming is caused by:

(1) melting of glaciers

(2) greenhouse gases

(3) dying of cloud forests.

(4) scrambling of wildlife

  1. Atrium means:

(1) Terrace at alternate floor

(2) A sky-lighted area with no intermediate floors

(3) A temporary structure with roof or walls made of canvas

(4) A continuous projecting base or pedestrian under or around the building

  1. Which of the following area is declared as Eco-sensitive Zone under the provisions of The Environment (Protection) Act 1986, in Maharashtra?

(1) Mumbai Metropolitan Region

(2) Igatpuri Region

(3) Mahabaleshwar – Penchant Region

(4) Palghar Region

  1. As provided in Section 21 of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act-1966, if the Planning Authority fails to submit the Draft Development Plan for sanction to the State Government under Section 30 of the said Act in the stipulated time, the same shall be completed by:

(1) Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation

(2) Concerned Deputy Director of Municipal Administration

(3) Concerned Divisional Commissioner

(4) Concerned Divisional Joint Director or an officer nominated by him not below the rank of Assistant Director of Town Planning

  1. Integrated Township area shall not include the area under:

(1) Residential zone

(2) Notified forest area

(3) Commercial zone

(4) Agricultural zone

  1. Which of the following shall not be the contents of Regional Plan?

(1) allocation of land for different uses

(2) transport and communication

(3) reservation of sites for new towns

(4) proposal for change of boundary of the state

  1. The disadvantage of clover leaf interchange is:

(1) that it cannot he used when two high volume and speed roads intersect each other.

(2) that it cannot be used when unimpeded traffic of both roads is required.

(3) that it is not simple to use and confuse drivers.

(4) that right turning traffic has to travel extra distance.

  1. A price offered to small strip of land in between two plots which cannot be developed independently is known as:

(1) Accommodation value

(2) Speculative and monopoly value

(3) Distress value

(4) Sentimental value