MPSC Assistant Public Prosecutor Gr- A -Paper-2 – 2015 Question paper

MPSC Assistant Public Prosecutor Gr- A -Paper-2 – 2015 Question paper


(i) Answer must be written in English only.

(ii) Question No. 1 carries 20 marks. All other question carry equal marks i.e. 10 marks each.

(iii) Question No. 1 carries 20 marks. All other question carry equal marks i.e. 10 marks each.

(iv) Your answer must be to the point and wherever possible quoting the specific provisions of low.

(v) Do not reproduce any question. Write only question number against the answer.

(vi) “Other than the cited cases, the candidate should not write his/her roll number, any names (including   ones own), signature, address or any indication of his/her identity anywhere inside the answer book, otherwise  he/she will be penalized”.

(vii) Marks to each question are indicated by a figure in the margin on the hand side.

(viii) Wherever option has given only the required number of responses in the serial order attempted shall be assessed. Excess responses shall be ignored.

(ix) Candidates are expected to answer all the sub questions of a question together. If sub question of a question is attempted elsewhere (after leaving a few pages or after attempted another question) the answer shall be overlooked.


  1. Write an essay on any one of the following:

(a)  What are the recent developments in criminal law particularly u/s 326, 354 and 376 of the IPC?

(b) What are the recent amendments to the Atrocities Act of 2014?

(c) Which is the appropriate authority and what are its powers and functions under the P.C PNDT Act?


  1. Write short notes on the following:

(a) Private defence under the IPC.

(b) HURT


  1. Define with sections robbery and dacoity. Differentiate between the two.


  1. Define Culpable Homicide. When is Culpable Homicide not amounting to murder?


  1. Write short notes on any five of the following:

(a) Difference between common Intention and object

(b) Duties of Tree authority.

(c) Effect of delay in lodging F.I.R.

(d) Procedure u/c (a) of the Child Marriage Restraint Act

(e) Confiscation proceedings u/s 52 (c) of the Forest Act


  1. Define any five of the following:

(a) Section 4, 5 and 12 of the Gambling Act

(b) Transit pass

(c) Experiment proceeding

(d) Security in respect of impounded cattle

(e) Observation home

(f) Transfer of permit under Vehicles Rules


  1. (a) Discuss the prevention under the Immoral Traffic Act.

(b) What is the procedure under the Mines and Minerals  Act?


  1. Give reasons any five:

(a) Magistrate cannot release property seized under the Forest Act.

(b) Lottery is exempted from the Gambling Act.

(c ) Person can possess and consume Liquor

(d) Place of amusement is not a place of entertainment

(e) Person can be punished for abetment under the M.V. Act

(d) Untouchability under the PCR Act.


  1. (a) What is the procedure for felling a tree under the Maharashtra Felling of Trees (regulation) Act 1964?

(b) Discuss the amendments to the E.C. Act (April 2005)?


  1. Discuss in detail the Juvenile Act 2000.