MPSC Assistant Commissioner (Ward Officer) Screening Test 2008 Question Paper

MPSC Assistant Commissioner (Ward Officer) Screening Test 2008 Question Paper

  1. Following giving are certain principles governing discipline in Indian Industries.

Kindly point out which is inconsistent.

(1) No lockout or strike without due notice.

(2) No recourse to go-slow tactics.

(3) No deliberate effort to damage plant and property

(4) Act of violence and coercion should be indulged in.

  1. Transfer policies should be effected:

(Which of the following is more correct?)

(1) To harass the employees

(2) Not to harass the employees

(3) In the interest of the organization as well as that of the employees

(4) None of the above

  1. Disciplinary Tribunal can impose which of the following sanctions in respect of a member against whom charge of misconduct has been upheld:

(1) Expulsion

(2) Suspension

(3) Fine or reprimands

(4) All of these

  1. Project planning process should first focus on:

(1) Planning tools and techniques

(2) Activities to be conducted in the project

(3) The end product or outcome of the project

(4) None of the above

  1. Strategic leadership is:

Which of the following is more correct?

(1) Process of transforming an organization into a successful entity

(2) Inspires and motivates to work together

(3) Ability to secure desired actions from followers.

(4) All the above

  1. A work team has one important not found in a work group. This is:

(1) Energy

(2) Enthusiasm

(3) Synergy

(4) Objectives

  1. BMC Act came in to existence in________

(1) 1948

(2) 1958

(3) 1968

(4) 1908

  1. The integrated method for facilitating formation of new project is known as:

(1) Enterprise Development Centre

(2) Business Development Centre

(3) Project Development Centre

(4) None of the above

  1. Which type audit would allow for periodic assessment of an organization’s planning organization and controlling processes?

(1) Budgetary audit

(2) External Audit

(3) Internal Audit

(4) Management Audit

  1. Which of the following is not true about zero-based budgeting?

(1) It reverses the working of traditional budgeting

(2) It refers, to the previous level of expenditure

(3) It reviews the function of each department

(4) It is indifferent to whether the total budget is increasing or de creasing

  1. Which of the following is not true about traditional (incremental) budgeting?

(1) It is stable and changes are gradual

(2) Coordination between budgets of different units is easier to achieve

(3) It discourages spending up to the budget

(4) The system is simple to operate and easy to understand

  1. Superior-subordinate relationship on the basic of personal likes, dislikes, attitudes and prejudies result in:

(1) Formal organization

(2) Informal organization

(3) Integrated organization

(4) No organization

  1. Extreme division of labour tends to result in:

(1) Human motivation

(2) Boring jobs

(3) Nonspecialised work

(4) Decreased work skill

  1. One of the important role leader is to motivation people which is vital for better performance. Therefore leadership must be:

(1) Dynamic force in motivation people involved in strategy implementation

(2) Social force in leading people involved in policy implementation

(3) Strategic force in socialising people involved in policy implementation

(4) None of the above

  1. Goals are most effective in motivation people when they are_______.

(1) Acceptable

(2) Challenging but attainable

(3) Specific

(4) All the above

  1. Mumbai Slum Sanitation Program 20012 with funding from World Bank is being successful.The secret lies in:

(1) Role of CBOs and NGOs

(2) Day night cleaning and maintenance by BMC

(3) Effective execution of corporation policies

(4) None of the above

  1. Social-Profitability Analysis Techniques in the development projects are vitally important to assess:

(1) Operational efficiency of a project and its social benefits

(2) Operational benefits of a project and its social efficiency

(3) Operational deficiencies of project and its improving productivity

(4) None of the above

  1. Zero Base Budgeting involves:

(1) Formulation of decision packages

(2) Ranking of the decision packages

(3) Allocation of resources for chosen packages

(4) All the above

  1. In controlling function PERT is________ and Review Technique.

(1) Performance Evaluation

(2) Performance Efficiency

(3) Programme Evaluation

(4) None of the above

  1. Development Administration is a ______ concept.

(1) Short term

(2) Long term

(3) Medium term

(4) None of the above

  1. Which of the following is an institutional stake holder in national disaster management?

(1) Police and paramilitary forces

(2) Media and television

(3) Non-government organization

(4) All the above

  1. When a plan is expressed in quantitative terms, it is known as:

(1) Policy

(2) Procedure

(3) Programme

(4) Budget

  1. Company’s selection procedure is based on the following factors:

(1) Nature of selection, whether faulty or safe?

(2) Attitude of Management and Policy of Company

(3) The length of probationary period

(4) All above mentioned factors are correct

  1. Establishing budgets recording actual performance, comparing actual budgeted result ascertating reasons for variance, taking corrective action and review are the steps in the process of:

(1) Cost control and variance analysis

(2) Financial control

(3) Budgetary control

(4) None of the above

  1. The following is a reason of why plans fail

(1) Adequate inputs are used in planning

(2) Management expects that plans once development will be realized without much effort

(3) Management operates by plane

(4) Responsibility for planning is vested on more than just planning department

  1. Which of the following is not true about delegation?

(1) It saves time of superiors from work that subordinates can do as well

(2) Superiors fear that it would reduce their power

(3) It means giving up responsibility and accountability

(4) It helps subordinates develop new abilities

  1. “Project- Appraisal is a science as well as art”. While the basic principles could be mastered in a short span, the successful practice of the art of carrying out appraisal requires:

(1) Keen observation and perspective outlook

(2) A knack for details and judicious judgement

(3) Objectivity and ability of decision-making

(4) All of the above

  1. An advantage of electronic communication technology is_______.

(1) Breaking bureaucratic protocol

(2) The monitoring of e-mail messages.

(3) The ability to pick up subtle, nonverbal clues about what the communicator is thinking

(4) The speed and efficiency in delivering routine message to large number of people

  1. The Chief Executive Officer of Municipal Corporation, who supervises the day to day administration of corporation is called_______

(1) Mayor

(2) Commissioner

(3) Corporator

(4) Chief Magistrate

  1. Some states have taken away traditional functions, sanitation etc. from municipalities because:

(1) Organizational incapability to cope with the rising demand of services.

(2) Poor capacity of urban authorities to mobilize financial resources

(3) The state has invested in the capital expenditure result to sanitation water supply etc.

(4) All the above

  1. Which of the following statements is not true?

(i) Decision making is a choice in the process of policy formulation

(ii) Decision – making and policy formulation are same.

(iii) Policy formulation aims to guide the decision-making

(iv) Policy formulation is a generalized concept[t than decision-making

(1) (i) + (ii) only

(2) (ii) + (iii) only

(3) (ii) only

(4) (iii) only

  1. “PERT/CPM’ has following advantages except

(1) It focuses on the critical project task

(2) It lowers the probability of cost and schedule overruns

(3) It improves technological performance

(4) It gives flexible approach to scheduling

  1. The Indian Penal Code is

(1) Personal law (2) Substantive territorial law

(3) International law

(4) Family law

  1. Which of the following property is not the immovable property?

(1) Standing timber

(2) Right to fishery

(3) Machinery imbedded in the earth for permanent use

(4) Wall

  1. The right to fair compensation and transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Representation Act, 2013
  2. Ensures consultation with local self government.
  3. Participative and transparent process for land acquisition.
  4. Rehabilitation and resettlement of effected persons.

Which of the above is true?

(1) a is true and band c are false

(2) b and a are true and c is false

(3) All of the above i.e. a, b and c are true

(4) None of the above

36 Which one of the following powers cannot be exercised by the Governor of the State ?

(1) Diplomatic powers

(2) Military powers

(3) Emergency powers

(4) All of the above

  1. Consider the following statements:
  2. No direction for accumulation of income arising out of any property may be given for the period longer than life of transferor.
  3. Directions for accumulations of income beyond the life time of transferor may be given for the purpose of payments of debts of transferor.

Choose the correct option from the below.

(1) Statement a is correct but statement b is incorrect.

(2) Statement a is incorrect and statement b is correct.

(3) Statements a and b are correct and statement b is further explanation of statement a.

(4) Statements a and b are correct and statement b is an exception to statement a.

  1. To control noise pollution, a loud speaker or the public address system shall not be used at night without written permission in open places between

(1) 12 noon to 6 a.m.

(2) 1Op.m. to6a.m.

(3) 9 p.m. to9 a.m.

(4) 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

  1. As per the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, trophy includes which of the following?

(1) Rugs, skin

(2) Antler, bone

(3) Carapace, shell

(4) All the above

  1. As per the special provision of compensation, in case of hit and run motor accident, how much will be the compensation for grievous hurt?

(1) Rs. 12,500

(2) Rs. 15,500

(3) Rs. 17,500

(4) Rs.20,500

  1. A leader______

(1) Criticises followers

(2) Encourages growth of followers

(3) Sets goals and objectives for followers

(4) Gives orders and directions to followers

  1. Which of the following best describes the ;specific-grants’ of the state to the local governments?

(1) It is tied up with burdensome reporting

(2) It directs the urban bodies to areas that more attention

(3) It limits the local bodies freedom of action

(4) All of the above

  1. Who was the first Municipal Commissioner of BMC which started in 1865?

(1) Pherozeshah Mehta

(2) Arther Crawford

(3) Dadabhai Naoroji

(4) None of the above

  1. An important advantage of having contract employee is:

(1) It is easier to fire them if they do not perform

(2) Contract employees are experts in the area for which they are hired

(3) an organization does not provide contract employees with fringe benefits

(4) none of the above

  1. During Monson all Mumbaikar develop fear of flood due to heavy raqin and coincide of raining during high tide./ Folowing measures can be taken to control flood situations.

You are required to select right one.

(1) Cleaning of drainage system

(2)  Below sea level treatment like Brimstowad project (Global measure)

(3) Sewerage project and removing water logging stations

(4) Through awareness among Mumbaikars

  1. In some cases when work environment requires flexibility ________may not be an effective solution

(1) coordination by standardization

(2) coordination by plan

(3) coordination by mutual adjustment

(4) coordination by decentralization

  1. The most extensive training of conceptual/integrative skills is usually targeted for:

(1) Top level managers

(2) Middle level managers

(3) First line managers

(4) Rank and file employee

  1. Who submits the budget of Municipal Corporation?

(1) Municipal Mayor

(2) Municipal Accountant

(3) Municipal Commissioner

(4) Municipal Auditor

  1. Project means:

(1) A scheme to execute

(2) A speculative imagination

(3) A personal to undertake

(4) All of the above

  1. The budget_______ is a written set of instructions and pertinent information that serves as a rule biik and a reference for the implementation of a budget programme.

(1) manual

(2) book

(3) goal

(4) none of the above

  1. To examine urine and sweat, which of the following is used ?

(1) Infrared rays

(2) Altraviolet rays

(3) X-rays

(4) Laser rays

  1. In police investigation, ultraviolet rays are used for which of the following purpose ?

(1) To check the changes in disputed documents.

(2) To check the stains of blood, semen, urine, saliva.

(3) The writings done by invisible material.

(4) All of the above.

  1. Form number of court conviction slip is______

(1) PM 61 AE

(2) PM 61 E

(3) PM 61 EF

(4) PM 61 F

  1. In police station, Historysheet is maintained for which of the following ?

(1) All criminals on record

(2) Criminals whose names are in surveillance register of poIice station

(3) luveniles in conflict with law

(4) Absconders undrr the jurisdiction of the police station concerned

  1. For which action the device detonator is used ?

(1) Explosions

(2) Heart Treatment

(3) Water purification

(4) Preparation of Electricity

  1. Which of the following tests is used for testing of presence of blood in Crime Cases ?

(1) TLC test

(2) Benzidine test

(3) Fluorine test

(4) Alcohol test

  1. Hydrocyanic acid is generally found in_______

(1) Grains

(2) Fruits

(3) Water

(4) Earth

  1. In case of death due to snake bite________ exhibit forwarded to forensic science laboratory.

(1) Snake venom

(2) Skin with bite mark

(3) Snake

(4) The earth from snake bite place

  1. Which of the following characteristics cannot be same in human individuals ?

(1) Blood group

(2) Height

(3) Colour

(4) Fingerprint

60._________ is also known as smack.

(1) Heroin

(2) Barbiturate

(3) Cannabis

(4) Cocaine

  1. Project-planning implies “comprehensive and coordinated activities” pertaining to all facets of corporation amnd is aimred at:

(1)  The acceleration of development

(2) Plan for change as a way of life

(3) Conceiving visions and turning them into reality

(4) All of the above

62.The main steps of the controlling process include all the following except

(1) Taking corrective action

(2) Establishing planner activities

(3) Comparing performance to standards

(4) measuring performance

  1. In the state of Maharashtra the total number Municipal Corporation till 2007


(1) 20

(2) 21

(3) 22

(4) 23

  1. The main stages of system of Project Appraisal are:

(1) Economic, operational, organizational, managerial, operational and financial

(2) Marketing, operational, human resource, financial and managerial

(3) Priority wise, processes, suitability wise, Capability wise and viability wise

(4) None of the above

  1. Human Relations Approach emphasized________ in place of economic man as was in earlier of management.

(1) Super man

(2) Social man

(3) Work man

(4) None of the above

  1. ‘Right to give order and power to exact obedience is essence of_______.

(1) authority

(2) responsibility

(3) accountability

(4) seniority

  1. Following given are types of budget.

You are required to identify that type of budget which is commonly accepted principle of budget preparation and execution.

(1) Legislatives type budget

(2) Executive type budget

(3) The board or commission type budget

(4) None of these

  1. In which of the following events about an employee there is an exercise of authority?

(1) persuaded to resign

(2) Seniors directing to terminate

(3) union forced to withdraw the order of termination

(4) terminated with due notice

  1. Which of the following statement is true?

(1) All leaders are managers

(2) Formal rights enable managers to lead effectively

(3) All managers are leaders

(4) Non-sanctioned leadership is as or more important than formal influence

  1. The Municipal Corporation is responsible for_______.

(i) creation and maintenance of roads and flyovers

(ii) maintaining the sanitation and health

(iii) setting up and enforcing building norms

(iv) provision of coastal safety

(1) (i) and (ii) are correct

(2) (iv) only is correct

(3) (ii), (iii) and (i) are correct

(4) All the above are correct

  1. Which one of the following statements on computerization of services in government departments is not true?

(1) end to end service delivery  solution improves the speed and certainty of services.

(2) piecemeal computerization serves the desired purpose of services

(3) It gives alternatives to paper based system of documentation

(4) It saves the cost and time in storage and delivery of information.

  1. Read the following statements carefully and point out which is not correct.

(1) Authority and Responsibility should go hand into hand smooth functioning of an organization

(2) Authority is some that different from responsibility. There is no relationship in between the two

(3) They are be interlinked

(4) They are to be interdependent

  1. The first stage of decision making process is_______.

(1) To generate alternative solution

(2) To make alternative choice

(3) To recognize that a problem exists and must be solved

(4) To evaluate alternatives and implement them

  1. Land reserved for public purpose in the sanctioned Development Plan is acquired under the provisions of____Act.

(1) Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act 1966

(2) Land Acquisition Act 1894

(3) Maharashtra Municipal Councils, Nagpur Panchayats and Industrial Townships Act 1965

(4) Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act 1966 and Land Acquisition Act 1894

  1. As per 2001 census, urban population of Maharashtra is________ percent to the total population

(1) 32

(2) 35

(3) 42

(4) 45

  1. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(1) Mumbai-New Mumbai

(2) Mumbai – Pune

(3) Pune – Pimpari Chinchwad

(4) Aurangabad – New Aurangabad

  1. What is minimum amount of fine prescribed for carrying out Unauthorized Development?

(1) Rs. 500

(2) Rs. 1000

(3) Rs. 1500

(4) Rs. 2000

  1. In 20th Century Mumbai was famous for which type of Industries?

(1) Automobile

(2) Textile

(3) Agro

(4) Pharmaceuticals

  1. What is the original time limit prescribed for submission of draft development plan to government from its publication?

(1) one year

(2) two years

(3) Three years

(4) four years

  1. Who was the Chairman of study group appointed by the State Government for drafting a scheme for Redevelopment of slums and Rehabilitation of slum dwellers under shivshahi Punarwasan Prakalpa?

(1) Shri Dinesh Afzalpurkar

(2) Shri K. Nalinakshan

(3) Shri Sukhantankar

(4) Shri Vharls Korea

  1. Suppose, you are in possession of Transferrable Development Rights, released from reservation of Garden in Bandra. Where would you be able to utilize them?

(1) Colaba

(2) Matunga

(3) Parel

(4) Borivili

  1. Under which section of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966 the draft Development plan is published?

(1) 25

(2) 26

(3) 27

(4) 28

  1. How many times ,the net average monthly income amount prescribed for acquisition of lands as per MAHADA Act?

(1) 50

(2) 100

(3) 150

(4) 200

  1. In which year the Maharashtra Council Area; minimum population required is:

(1) 15,000

(2) 20,000

(3) 25,000

(4) 30,000

  1. Which of the following land development and management process ensures “Land acquisition without tears”?

(1) Preparation of Town Planning Scheme

(2) Preparation of Development Plan

(3) Preparation of Layout for Residential Development

(4) Preparation of Regional Plan

  1. From which of the following states, Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor is proposed.

(1) Maharashtra and Rajasthan

(2) Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh

(3) Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh

(4) Maharashtra and Karnataka

  1. What is the object of Punishment in Criminal Justice Syatem?

(1) Deterrent

(2) Prevention

(3) reformation

(4) Amalgamation of (1), (2) and (3)

  1. The Hindu Marriage Act, 1956 declares the grounds for nullity of Marriage under section:

(1) section (15)

(2) section (14)

(3) section (11)

(4) section (12)

  1. Who can apply for dissolution of marriage under Divorce Act, 1869?

(1) Parsi

(2) Hindu

(3) Muslim

(4) None of the above

  1. An unmarried woman wishes to adopt the daughter of her close friend. The adoption will be valid if:

(1) The woman, her friend and the daughter are Hindus

(2) The friend is not a Hindu, but the woman and the daughter are Hindus

(3) The friends and his daughter are Parsis, and the woman is a Christian

(4) The woman is a Hindu and her friend and daughter are Christians

  1. Which Article of the Indian Constitution guarantees the freedom to move freely throughiut the territory of India?

(1) Article 14

(2) Article 19

(3) Article 21

(4) Article 30

  1. Which one of the following properties do not come within the ambit of res-incorporelis?

(1) House

(2) Mortgaged house

(3) Right of redemption

(4) Redeemed house

  1. What is the reservation for persons with disabilities in government employment and educational institutuion receiving grants from the government?

(1) Not more than 3%

(2) not less than 3%

(3) not more than 5%

(4) not less than 5%

  1. Article 14 of Indian Constitution guarantees equality before law and equal protection of law to:

(1) All persons living within territory of India

(2) All Indian citizens living in India

(3) All persons domiciled in India

(4) All natural persons and legal persons

  1. According to Muslim Law, a guardian of the property of an infant child is not.

(1) Father

(2) Fathers father

(3) Mother

(4) The executor appointed by the Father’s will