MPSC Assistant Apprenticeship Adviser Directorate of Vocational Education and Training MES Gr-B [Technical] Question Paper 2016

MPSC Assistant Apprenticeship Adviser Directorate of Vocational Education and Training MES Gr-B [Technical] Question Paper 2016

  1. Characteristic gas constant of any perfect gas :

(1) increases with increase in temperature

(2) Increases with increase in pressure

(3) is a function of pressure and temperature

(4) is a constant

  1. Indicate which one of the following statements is true in case of two shafts connected in series :

(1) Shear stress in each shaft is the same

(2) Torque in each shaft is the same

(3) Angle of twist in each shaft is the same

(4) None of the above

  1. Maximum shear stress theory is also known as__________.

(1) Rankine’s theory

(2) St. Venant’s theory

(3) Guest’s and Tresca’s theory

(4) Mises and Henkey’s theory


  1. The variation of shear stress in a circular shaft subjected to tension is :

(1) Linear.

(2) Parabolic

(3) Hyperbolic

(4) Uniform


  1. The point of contraflexture lays where_________

(1) Shear force changes sign

(2) Bending moment is zero or changes sign

(3) Shear force is zero

(4) Bending moment is maximum


  1. The total strain energy stored in a body is known as :

(1) Impact energy

(2) Proof resilience

(3) Resilience

(4) Modulus of resilience


  1. In a transversally loaded beam the maximum compressive stress occurs at the________.

(1) Top edge

(2) Bottom edge

(3) Neutral axis

(4) None of the above


  1. When a rectangular section of a beam is subjected to a shearing force, the ratio of maximum shear stress to the average shear stress is:

(1) 2.0

(2) 1.75

(3) 1.5

(4) 1.25


  1. The curie temperature for interstitial solid solution of carbon in low temperature BCC-a iron is :

(1) 9100C

(2) 7680C

(3) 14000C

(4) 7270C


  1. Graphite in the form of flakes is observed in:

(1) spheroidal graphite cast iron

(2) gray cast iron

(3) white heart malleable

(4) black heart malleable


  1. The fatigue strength of mild steel is :

(1) Equal to its tensile strength

(2) Equal to its yield strength

(3) More than its tensile strength

(4) Lower than its yield strength


  1. Nitriding is a process used to:

(1) reduce the wear resistance

(2) increase the wear resistance

(3) increase the surface hardness

(4) none of the above


  1. The percentage of chromium in stainless steel used for cutlery is usually in the range of_______

(1) 0.5% to 1.1%

(2) 1.2% to 2.7%

(3) 10% to 20%

(4) 20% to 30%


  1. Austenite F.C.C structure is found at temperature.

(1) 1333°F to 2066°F

(2) 1670°F to 2500°F

(3) 1333°F to 2702°F

(4) 2066°F to 2802°F


  1. The maximum diameter of bubble formed on the heating surface depends on :

(1) Tension between liquid and vapour

(2) Tension between liquid and solid surface

(3) Tension between vapour and solid surface

(4) All of the above


  1. “Total emissive power from a radiating plane surface in any direction is directly proportional to the cosine of the angle of emission”. This is called as :

(1) Law of radiation

(2) Lambert’s law

(3) Law of emission

(4) Stefen-Boltzmann law


  1. Hot gases escaping from the chimney rise by convection and then diffuse into the air above the chimney is an example of :

(1) Mass transfer by diffusion

(2) Mass transfer by convection

(3) Eddy diffusion

(4) Mass transfer by change of phase


  1. The region of flow which develops from the leading edge of the plate in which the effects of viscosity are observed is called as :

(1) Viscous layer

(2) Boundary layer thickness

(3) Boundary layer

(4) In viscid layer


  1. A connecting rod should be for buckling about X-axis.

(1) Both ends fixed

(2) Both ends hinged

(3) One end fixed and the other end hinged

(4) One end fixed and the other end free


  1. A spring-mass system having a mass of 10 kg and spring stiffness of 4000 N/m vibrates on a horizontal surface. Its natural frequency of vibration is :

(1) 5 rad/sec

(2) 10 rad/sec

(3) 15 rad/sec

(4) 20 rad/sec


  1. The term_______is used for ROM that can be programmed and their contents altered. Such a chip contains a series of small electronic circuit cells which can store charge.

(1) R.O.M.

(2) P.R.O.M.

(3) E.P.R.O.M.

(4) E.E.P.R.O.M.


  1. CPU in microprocessor is used to:

(1) Handle communication between microprocessor and outside world

(2) To hold the program instruction and data

(3) Recognize and carry out program instructions

(4) All of the above


  1. Root of the characteristic equation of control system influence its :

(1) Steady state response

(2) Steady state and transient response

(3) Transient response and stability

(4) None of the above


30._______is the length of the pitch circle diameter per tooth.

(1) Addendum

(2) Module

(3) Backlash

(4) Face width


  1. In multiplate clutch the total no. of disks equals to

(1) Number of pairs of contacting surfaces + 1

(2) Number of pairs of contacting surfaces -1

(3) Number of pressure plates – 1

(4) Number of pressure plates + 1


  1. The size of a cam depends upon:

(1) Base circle

(2) Pitch circle

(3) Prime circle

(4) Pitch curve


  1. The sintering temperature and time vary with the following factors:

(a) Type of metal powder.

(b) Compressive load used.

(c) Strength requirements of finished parts.

(d) None of the above

Which of the statements given below is/are correct ?

(1) (a) (b) only

(2) (b) and (c) only

(3) (a), (b) and (c) only

(4) (d) only


34.If a vessel containing liquid moves downward with a constant acceleration, then :

(1) the pressure throughout the liquid mass is atmospheric

(2) the pressure in the liquid mass is greater than the hydrostatic pressure

(3) there will be vacuum in the liquid

(4) the pressure throughout the liquid mass is greater than atmospheric


35.In axially loaded elastic member stiffness ‘k’ is :

(1) Directly proportional to Young’s modulus and inversely proportional to area of cross section

(2) Directly proportional to member length and inversely proportional to area of cross section

(3) Directly proportional to Young’s modulus and inversely proportional to member length

(4) Inversely proportional to member length and inversely proportional to Young’s modulus


36.Instrument that measures pressure is generally classified as :

(1) Non – linear

(2) Linear

(3) Free of hysteresis

(4) None of the above


37.The least count of a metric vernier caliper having 25 divisions on vernier scale matching with 24 divisions on main scale (1 main scale division = 0.5 mm) is________.

(1) 0.05 mm

(2) 0.01 mm

(3) 0.02 mm

(4) 0.001 mm


  1. Slope of calibration curve indicates its :

(1) Resolution

(2) Repeatability

(3) Static sensitivity

(4) Hysterris


39.If the critical ratio is less than one, then it indicates that_______.

(1) the job is already late

(2) the job is on schedule

(3) the job has some slack available to it

(4) the top priority should not be given


  1. For the first setup in applying SMED to a particular machine, which time must be analyzed first for that machine :

(1) lead time

(2) manufacturing time

(3) production time

(4) setup time


  1. Around the rated (full load) speed, the slip of the induction motor is and the torque – slip relationship is in the region.

(1) low, non-linear

(2) high, linear

(3) low, linear

(4) high, non-linear


  1. Which of the following induction motors, has highest starting torque ?

(1) Squirrel cage

(2) Slip ring

(3) Deep bar squirrel cage

(4) Double bar squirrel cage


  1. In a synchronous generator delivering lagging power factor load__________.

(1) the excitation emf leads terminal voltage by the power angle

(2) the excitation emf lags terminal voltage by the power angle

(3) the excitation voltage is in phase with the terminal voltage

(4) none of these


44.Which of the following statements related to a transformer are incorrect ?

(a) The maximum voltage regulation occurs at leading pf

(b) The maximum voltage regulation occurs at lagging pf

(c) The voltage regulation at zero pf is always zero

(d) The voltage regulation can be negative at leading pf

Answer options :

(1) (b) and (d)

(2) (b) and (c)

(3) (a) and (d)

(4) (a) and (c)


45.Two alternators are connected in parallel and the active power shared remains constant. The reactive power shared by them can be controlled by :

(1) Changing the mechanical power input only

(2) Changing the excitation only

(3) Changing both excitation and mechanical power input

(4) None of the above


46.Why is ring feeder preferred over radial feeder in distribution system ?

(a) Voltage drop in the feeder is less

(b) Power factor is higher

(c) Supply is more reliable

Select the correct option :

(1) (a) and (b)

(2) (b) and (c)

(3) (a) and (c)

(4) (a), (b) and (c)


  1. The long transmission line gives better voltage profile at rated load when :

(1) Shunt reactor is at sending end

(2) Shunt capacitance is at sending end

(3) Shunt capacitor is at receiving end

(4) Shunt reactor is at receiving end


48.The DC resistance of transmission line is less than its AC resistance due to :

(1) Proximity effect

(2) Skin effect

(3) Both (1) and (2)

(4) None of the above


49.More efficient plants are used as :

(1) Base load stations

(2) Peak load stations

(3) Both (1) and (2)

(4) None of the above


50.In order to have lower cost of Electrical energy generation :

(1) load factor and diversity factor should be low

(2) load factor should be low but diversity factor should be high

(3) load factor should be high but diversity factor should be low

(4) load factor and diversity factor should be high


51.A transfer function may be defined only for a

(1) Linear and stationary system

(2) Non-linear and stationary system

(3) Linear and non-stationary system

(4) Non-linear and non-stationary system


  1. A PD controller is used to compensate a system. Compared to the uncompensated system, the compensated system has :

(1) A higher type number

(2) Zero steady state error

(3) Improved transient response

(4) Larger transient overshoot


  1. A.C. Tachometer :

(a) works on the principle of induction generator

(b) is brushless

(c) reduces ripple

(d) increases electro-magnetic noise

Answer options :

(1) only (a)

(2) (a) and (b)

(3) (a), (b) and (c)

(4) All four (a), (b), (c) and (d)


  1. As compared to closed loop system, an open loop system is :

(1) more stable as well as more accurate

(2) less stable as well as less accurate

(3) more stable but less accurate

(4) less stable but more accurate


55.In which of the following modes the torque will be negative ?

(1) Forward motoring and reverse motoring

(2) Forward regeneration and reverse regeneration

(3) Forward motoring and reverse regeneration

(4) Forward regeneration and reverse motoring


56.An eddy current clutch is identical in principle to an induction motor in which :

(1) stator is allowed to rotate

(2) rotor is allowed to rotate

(3) both stator and rotor are allowed to rotate

(4) none of the above


  1. Which of the following is not a standard class of motor duty ?

(1) Intermittent periodic duty

(2) Intermittent duty with periodic speed changes

(3) Short time duty

(4) Intermittent duty, periodic duty with starting and braking


58.The prime mover to the ward Leonard system using a heavy intermittent load cannot be :

(1) Slip ring induction motor

(2) Synchronous motor

(3) Cage induction motor

(4) D.C. shunt motor


  1. Diversity factor is :

(1) Always less than one

(2) Always greater than one

(3) Could be equal to one

(4) None of these


60.The cost of power generation can be reduced by :

(a) Selecting equipment of longer life and proper capacities

(b) Running the power station at high load factor

(c) Increasing the efficiency of the power plant

(d) Decreasing the down time of equipment

Answer options:

(1) (a) only

(2) (b) only

(3) (a) and (C)

(4) (a0, (b), (c), (d) all


61.In availability based tariff mechanism, unscheduled interchange means :

(a) Power supplied by a generator other than its scheduled generation

(b) Exchange of power between two distribution utilities

(c) Exchange of power between generation and distribution utility

(d) Power drawn by distribution utility other than scheduled drawl

Answer options :

(1) (a) only

(2) (b) and (c) only

(3) (d) only

(4) (a) and (d)


62.In the electricity tariff mechanism, ABT stands for _________.

(1) Actual Base Tariff

(2) Activity Based Tariff

(3) Availability Based Tariff

(4) Anticipation Based Tariff


  1. Cost of power generation for a thermal station mainly depends on :

(1) Employee cost

(2) Maintenance cost

(3) Fuel cost

(4) Project cost


64.In a pump installation the local atmospheric pressure is 9.8 m of water, vapour pressure head is 0.4 m (abs.), height of the pump above sump water level is 5 m. For head loss in the suction side is 0.6 m, the NPSH is :

(1) 3.8 m

(2) 5.0 m

(3) 4.0 m

(4) 15.8 m


65.The meter constant of an energy meter is expressed in terms of revolutions per ________.

(1) kW

(2) kwh

(3) minute

(4) second

66.Megger is an instrument used for measurement of_________.

(1) low resistance

(2) medium resistance

(3) high resistance and insulation resistance

(4) leakage current


65.In case of induction motor the ratio of core length to the pole pitch for good efficiency is taken as :

(1) 1.0

(2) 1.5

(3) 2.0

(4) 5.0


66.”Pick-up” is another name for :

(1) Strain gauge

(2) Synchros

(3) Accelerometer

(4) Transducer


67.For Simplex Lap winding the winding pitch is equal to :

(1) + 1

(2) – 2

(3) -+ 1

(4) -+ 2


68.The rotor of squirrel cage induction machine designed with a high value of rotor current density results in :

(1) Low starting torque and lower efficiency

(2) Low starting torque and higher efficiency

(3) High starting torque and higher efficiency

(4) High starting torque and lower efficiency


69.Percentage leakage reactance in a distribution transformer has to be :

(1) 3to4%

(2) 4to5%

(3) 1 to 2%

(4) 6 to 13%


70.The heat dissipating capability of oil immersed transformers of rating higher than 30 kVA is increased by providing :

(1) Fins, tubes, fans and radiator tank

(2) Corrugations, fins, tubes, radiator tank

(3) Auxiliary fins, water tubes and corrugations

(4) Heat sinks, fins, tubes and corrugations


71.In a synchronous generator in order to eliminate the fifth harmonic the chording angle should be:

(1) 00

(2) 180

(3) 270

(4) 360


72.For a particular value of Bmax increasing the number of steps of the core of a transformer :

(1) Reduces the copper used in the transformer

(2) Reduces the iron used in the transformer

(3) Reduces the iron and increases the copper used in the transformer

(4) Both (1) and (2)


73.Specific power (kWth/kg) of which reactor is the highest ?

(1) Pressurized water reactor

(2) Boiling water reactor

(3) Liquid metal fast breeder reactor

(4) High temperature gas cooled reactor


74.Which type of following nuclear reactors has highest thermal efficiency ?

(1) Pressurized water reactor

(2) Boiling water reactor

(3) Sodium graphite reactor

(4) Gas cooled reactor


75.Intercooling in gas turbines :

(1) decreases net output but increases thermal efficiency

(2) increases net output but decreases thermal efficiency

(3) decreases both net output and thermal efficiency

(4) increases both net output and thermal efficiency


76.Preheating of inlet water of a boiler by exhaust gas in steam plant is done in :

(1) Super heater

(2) Economizer

(3) Damper

(4) Steam trap


77.Which of the following helps in stabilizing the velocity and pressure in the penstock in hydroelectric power plant ?

(1) Draft tube

(2) Fore bay

(3) Surge tank

(4) Tail race


78.When a nuclear reactor is operating at constant power the multiplication factor is :

(1) less than unity

(2) greater than unity

(3) equal to unity

(4) none of the above


79.The solar photovoltaic cell is prepared using semiconductor materials. Based on commonly used technology for solar cell manufacturing, consider following statements :

(a) ‘Si’ is an indirect band gap semiconductor

(b) ‘CdTe’ is a direct band gap semiconductor

(c) Direct band gap semiconductors require both photon and phonon particles where as indirect band gap semiconductor requires only photons for excitation

(d) ‘Si’ based solar PV cells are thicker than that of ‘CdTe’ based solar PV cell

In above

(1) All four statements are true

(2) (a) and (b) are true but (c) and (d) are false

(3) (a), (b) and (d) are true but (c) is false

(4) All four statements are false


80.The rotor blades on a horizontal axis wind turbine rotate because of :

(1) drag

(2) lift

(3) wind speed

(4) atmospheric pressure


  1. Which one is the solar radiation measuring instrument ?

(1) Pyroheliometer

(2) Thermoheliometer

(3) Thermometer

(4) Lux meter


  1. Which type is the wind electric generator ?

(1) Synchronous generator

(2) Induction generator

(3) Doubly fed induction generator

(4) Any one of the above


83.In solar system, concentrator is the optical system that :

(1) absorbs beam radiation into the receiver

(2) converts beam energy into heat energy

(3) directs beam radiation onto the receiver

(4) reflects beam radiation away from the receiver


84.The optimum rotational frequency of a turbine in a particular wind speed decreases with :

(1) decrease in radius of turbine

(2) increase in height of turbine

(3) increase in radius of turbine

(4) decrease in circumference of turbine blade