Maharashtra HSC Board or 12th Biology-Botany Important Question 2019 Exam

Maharashtra HSC Board or 12th Biology-Botany Important Question 2019 Exam

(1) Select and write the most appropriate answer from the given alternatives for each sub-question:

(a) IAIA

(b) IAIB

(c) ii

(d) IA i

(2) ‘Cry’ genes are present in…….

(a) Agro bacterium tumefaciens

(b) Rhizobium species

(c)  Bacillus thuringiensis

(d) Escherichia coil

(3) ‘Tropane’ is obtained from …………. .

(a) Daucus carota

(b) Catharanthus roseus

(c) Datura stramoneum

(d) Mantha piperata

(4) Which of the following vitamins is not fat soluble?

(a) Vitamin A

(b) Vitamin B

(c) Vitamin D

(d) Vitamin K

(5) How many meiotic divisions are required to produce 200 seeds?

(a) 50

(b) 100

(c) 200

(d) 250

(6)  Energy flow in ecosystem is ………… .

(a) Reverse

(b) Unidirectional

(c) Bidirectional

(d) Multidirectional

(7) Endosperm of angiosperm is ………….. .

(a) Haploid

(b) Diploid

(c) Triploid

(d) Tetraploid

(2) (A) Answer in ‘one’ sentence only:

(1) What is Bacteriophage?

(2) What is emasculation?

(3) What is VAM?

(4) What is the role of decomposers in an ecosystem?

(5) Name any two edible mushrooms.

(6) What is ecological succession?

(B) Sketch and label the ‘Ultra structure of Mitochondrion’.

(C) Attempted any TWO of the following:

(1) Give the floral adaptations for anemophily

(2) Name any two antibiotics with their microbial source.

(3) Describe the formation of helobial endosperm.

(4) Give the hazardous effects of agrochemicals.

(3) (A) Attempt any TWO of the following:

(1) Explain incomplete dominance with suitable two example.

(2) What are transgenic plants? Explain with any two examples.

(3) Explain micro propagation and somatic hybridization.

(B) Sketch and label stages in development of angiospermic female gametophyte from functional megaspore.

(4) Give the central dogma of protein synthesis. Explain the process of translation.


What is dark reaction in photosynthesis? Describe C3 Paathway.