Maharashtra Forest Development Corporation Question Paper Download Set 10

1. Length of wintrobes haematocrit tube:

A) 9 cm
B) 10 cm
C) 11 cm
D) 12 cm

Ans:- C) 11 cm

2. Betke-Kleihauer method is used to detect :

A) Hb A
B) Hb F
C) Hb C
D) None of these

Ans:- B) Hb F

3. Green coloured vacutainer tube contains:

A) Fluoride
C) Citrate
D) Heparin

Ans:- D) Heparin

4. Coulter counter is based on:

A) Impedence method
B) Light reflection
C) Light refraction
D) All the above

Ans:- A) Impedence method

5. The stain used to demonstrate Barr Body:

A) H & E stain
B) Reliculin stain
C) PAS stain
D) Shorr stain

Ans:- D) Shorr stain

6. Weight of NaOH to be taken for preparing 0.2 m NaOH in 100 ml quantity is_______ [Mol.wt NaOH 40].

A) 8 gm
B) 0.8 gm
C) 0.08 gm
D) 4 gm

Ans:- B) 0.8 gm

7. which among the following is a primary standard chemical ?

C) Na2 CO3
D) All the above

Ans:- C) Na2 CO3

8. Glycosidec linkage in maltose is:

A) Alpha 1-4 linkage
B) Beta 1-4 linkinge
C) Alpha 1-6 linkage
D) Alpha 1-2 linkage

Ans:- A) Alpha 1-4 linkage

9. Pyruvate is converted to Acetyl CoA by:

A) Pyruvate dehydrogenase
B) Pyruvate carboxylase
C) Pyruvate kinase
D) lactate Dehydrogenase

Ans:- A) Pyruvate dehydrogenase

10. The main apoprotein present in LDL:

A) Apo D
B) Apo 48
C) Apo B 100
D) None

Ans:- C) Apo B 100

11. Wavelength selector in spectrophotometer is either:

A) Filters
B) Prisms
C) Diffraction gratings
D) Both (B) and (C)

Ans:- Both (B) and (C)

12. Bence johns protein is seen in :

A) Nephrotic syndrome
B) Multiple myelomn
C) Cirrhosis of liver
D) Hepatitis

Ans:- B) Multiple myelomn

13. Amino acids involved in creatinine synthesis:

A) Glycine
B) Arginine
C) Methionine
D) All the above

Ans:- D) All the above

14. Which among yhe following is both ketogenic and glucogenic?

A) Glycine
B) valine
C) Leucine
D) Isoleucine

Ans:- D) Isoleucine

15. Cocci arranged in packets of eight:

A) Micrococci
B) Gonococci
C) sarcina
D) Pneumococci

Ans:- C) sarcina

16. Co enzyme involved in transamination reactions:

C) thiamine
D) Vit B12

Ans:- B) PLP

17. Bacteria which have lost their cell wall is referred to as:

A) Spheroplast
B) protoplast
C) L forms
D) None of these

Ans:- B) protoplast

18. Organ of adhesion in bacteria :

A) Pili
B) Flagella
C) Capsule
D) Plasmid

Ans:- A) Pili

19. Metachromatic granules can be demonstrated by:

A) AFB staining
B) Gram staining
C) Negative staining
D) Ponder’s staining

Ans:- D) Ponder’s staining

20. selective medium for corynebacterium diphtheriac:

A) carey-Blair medium
B) Mac-Conkey Agar
C) Tellurite Blood Agar
D) Stuart medium

Ans:- C) Tellurite Blood Agar

21. Antibiotic having anti DNA gyrase action:

A) Tetracyclin
B) Polymyxin
C) Quinolones
D) Rifampin

Ans:- C) Quinolones

22. the control strain of bacteria for antibiotic sensitivity test in case of gram negative bacilli is:

A) NCTC 10418 E. Coil
B) NCTC 6571 staph aureus
C) NCTC 10662 pseudomonas
D) NCTC 9343 bacteroids

Ans:- A) NCTC 10418 E. Coil

23. Picric acid should be stored:

A) in kerosine
B) in dry state
C) metal container
D) under water

Ans:- D) under water

24.Tube length of compound microscope is:

A) 140 mm
B) 160 mm
C) 100 mm
D) 180 mm

Ans:- B) 160 mm

25. Tyndallization is a type of :

A) Moist heat sterilization
B) Dry heat sterillization
C) Filtration
D) None of these

Ans:- B) Dry heat sterillization

26. Which among the following is a best marker of myocardial ischemia?

C) Cystanin C
D) CKMB (mass)

Ans:- D) CKMB (mass)

27. Microalbuminuria is defined as:

A) < 10 mg Albumin/day
B) 30-300 mg Albumin/day.
C) 1-3 gm Albumin/day
D) 1-3 mg Albumin/day

Ans:- B) 30-300 mg Albumin/day.

28. HbA, C level 4.5-5.6% indicates:

A) prediabetics
B) Diabetics
C) Normal
D) very poor control

Ans:- C) Normal

29. Which among the following is an invitro gene amplication procodure?


Ans:- B) PCR

30. KOH preparation is used to demonstrate:

A) Bacteria
B) Virus
C) Pungus
D) flagella

Ans:- C) Pungus

31. Who led Anti-British struggle in kittoor?

A) rani laxmi bai
B) Beegam hazrat mahal
C) Moulavi Ahmedullah
D) rani Channamma

Ans:- D) rani Channamma

32. The Mugal Architecture is a blending of:

A) Arab and Indian styles
B) Persian and Indian styles
C) Turkish and Afgan style
D) Turkish and Persian styles

Ans:- B) Persian and Indian styles

33. The article 21 of Indian constitution entitles:

A) Right to freedom of religion
B) Right to equality
C) Right ti life
D) Right to constitutional remedies

Ans:- C) Right ti life

34. Who is the author of Kalpasutre?

A) Badrabahu
B) Mahavira
C) tathagadha
D) Riahaba

Ans:- A) Badrabahu

35. Which is the capital of kanishka?

A) vallabhi
B) Purushapura
C) Mathura
C) Srinagar

Ans:- B) Purushapura

36. Who is the founder of Pallava dynasty?

A) Rajendra
B) Simha vishnu
C) Mahapadma
D) Raja Raja

Ans:- B) Simha vishnu

37. Name bthe Malayali political leader whose statue is installede in Indian parliament?

A) E.M.S.
B) V.K Krishna Menon
C) K. Kelappan
D) A.K gopalan

Ans:- D) A.K gopalan

38. Dinabandhu Srvajanik Sabha was founded by:

A) jyothiba Phule
B) Ram Mohan Roy
C) Ayyankali
D) Swami Vivekananda

Ans:- A) jyothiba Phule

39. Who is the authore of ‘Moksha Pradeepam”?

A) V.T. Battathirippad
B) Vagbadanandha
C) Brahmanda Sivayogi
D) Sankaracharya

Ans:- C) Brahmanda Sivayogi

40. First woman judge in supreme court of India:

A) Justice Leela Seth
B) Justice fathima Beevi
C) Justice Anna Chandy
D) Justice Omana Kunjamma

Ans:- B) Justice fathima Beevi

41. Albuquerque captured Goa from the ruler of:

A) Golconda
B) Vijayanagar
C) Bijapur
D) Ahmed Nagar

Ans:- C) Bijapur

42. Who described Tajmahal as “A tear drop on the cheek of eternity”?

A) Rabindranath Tagore
B) Ustad Isa
C) Shajahan
D) Aurangazeb

Ans:- A) Rabindranath Tagore

43. who was the Governor of Kerala when it came nunder ‘President Rule’for the first time?

A) Subonth Kanth Sahay
B) venkitachellam
C) V.V. Giri
D) B. Ramkrishna Rao

Ans:- D) B. Ramkrishna Rao

44. Who consecrated mirror (Kannadi Pvathishta) for the first time in south India?

A) Vaikunda Swamikal
B) Sri narayana Guru
C) Thyeand Ayya
D) brahmanda Sivayogi

Ans:- A) Vaikunda Swamikal

45. Who is the founder of Thiruvithamkoor Ezhava mahasabha?

A) Kumaran Asan
B) Sri narayana Guru
C) Dr. palpu
D) Sahodaran Ayyappan

Ans:- C) Dr. palpu

46. The first general election after the formation of Kerala state was held in:

A) January 1956
B) November 1956
C) February 1957
D) April 1957

Ans:- D) April 1957

47. The orginators of the Dravidian style of architecture and sculpture in South India was the :

A) Hoysalas
B) Cholas
C) Pandyas
D) Cheras

Ans:- A) Hoysalas

48. Who is the chief Minister of Bihar?

A) Jitin Ram Manjhi
B) Lalu Prasad Yadav
C) Nithis kumar
D) Chandrababu Naidu

Ans:- C) Nithis kumar

49. Where is the headquarters of western command of Indian Army?

A) Goa
B) Chandimandir
C) Ezhimala
D) Mumbai

Ans:- B) Chandimandir

50. Who is the Kerala Minister for ‘Waqf’ affairs?

A) Dr. K.T. Jaleel
B) A.C. Moideen
C) E. Chandrasekaran
D) P.K. Kunhalikutty

Ans:- A) Dr. K.T. Jaleel