E-MAHA TET Question Paper Set 7

E-MAHA TET Question Paper

  1. Which one of the following is true?

(1) Androgens are female hormones

(2) Estrogens are male hormones

(3) Progesterone is not responsible for high pitched voice of girls

(4) Both androgens and estrogens are present in girls and boys at puberty

  1. Which of the following predicates is most appropriate for including co scholastic areas in the curriculum?

(1) Co-scholastic activities remove disparity in students.

(2) Co-scholastic activities alleviate the stress caused by routine teaching.

(3) Physical, social and emotional developments are interrelated.

(4) Co-scholastic activities reduce the workload of teachers.

  1. Zone of proximal development in Vygotsky theory is

(1) Tasks too difficult for children but can be achieved through adult support themselves.

(2) Teacher’s interference hampers learning.

(3) Development is a proximal zone of growth.

(4) Learning takes place in formal settings only.

  1. RTE Act refers to which one of the following with reference to disability?

(1) Persons with Disability Act, 1996

(2) Disability and the Equality Act, 2010

(3) Disability Discrimination Act, 1995

(4) Disability Act, 2005

  1. Adolescents conform to peer pressure to fulfill their needs related to

(1) belongingness

(2) safety

(3) self-actualization

(4) self-efficacy

  1. ‘G’ factor, with reference to intelligence is

(1) a factor that predicts the level to which a child can be ‘groomed’

(2) standard deviation in the normal distribution of intelligence

(3) the general term for measuring mental ability

(4) guidance needed for child to boost his/her IQ

  1. The following can be used as alternatives to assess intelligence except

(1) time taken by a student to respond to a question

(2) ability of students to a dapt

(3) ability of students to attract teachers attention

(4) Piagetian tasks

  1. While teaching, a teacher should reflect on the following facts except

(1) Understanding of the learning goals

(2) Compensating the loss of time occurred in sharing learning goals with students

(3) Devising appropriate method to achieve these goals

(4) Designing of assessment to know what students wants to know

  1. Teachers in order to complete their lessons quickly expect answers from a preferred group of students of their choice. This

(1) Requires skills to identify students who can answer the questions more often

(2) Is necessary to keep going in class to cover syllabus

(3) Deprives other students equal opportunity

(4) Supports students who take interest and become teachers choice

  1. An effective way to reduce gender bias may be

(1) to run unisex schools with both male and female teachers

(2) to run co-ed schools with both male and female teachers

(3) to run unisex schools with only female teachers

(4) to run co-ed schools with only female teachers

  1. High dropout rates in primary classes can be attributed to the following except

(1) irregular attendance

(2) lack of awareness of parents

(3) lack of proper teacher training

(4) lack of initiative on the part of government

  1. The Right to Free and Compulsory Education-2009 prohibits which of the following?

(1) Contesting an election by a school teacher

(2) Running preparatory schools under the same school building

(3) Running of schools without. Recognition

(4) Running of schools by foreign companies

  1. Individual differences among students can be the basis for including

(1) Multiple modes of teaching

(2) Multiple modes of assessment

(3) Multiple assessments

(4) (1) and (2) both

  1. The following will let the learner control of instruction except

(1) Asking learner to select information source

(2) Asking learner to relate question to objective

(3) Asking learner to memories the information

(4) Asking learner to choose transaction method

  1. Which of the following may be a part of constructivist learning situation? •

(1) Cognitive apprenticeship

(2) Cognitive drills of writing answers

(3) Contextualization

(4) Multiple manifestations

16.Which one of the following can be best used in teaching to encourage democratic living among the students ?

(1) Lecture method

(2) Social interaction

(3) Discovery method

(4) Experimental method

  1. Which of the following points should be considered by a teacher while preparing an assessment that supports personalization of learning?

(a) Provide a range of assessment to ensure inclusivity

(b) Involve students in decision making about assessment and practice

(c) Plan a common date, time and method of the assessment

(1) only(a)and(b)

(2) only (b) and (c)

(3) only (a) and (c)

(4) (a), (b) and (c)

  1. Which of the following should be considered the most important quality of a teacher at primary level?

(1) Eagerness to teach

(2) Patience and perseverance

(3) Knowledge of harmless ways of punishing

(4) Competence to teach in highly standardized language

  1. In order to encourage achievement motivation in the classroom, students should be taught to attribute their good grades to

(1) their own hard work

(2) their own high level of intelligence

(3) the easy nature of most academic tasks

(4) their teachers generous grading standards

  1. Which of the following can be considered a sign of motivated teaching?

(1) Maximum . Attendance in the class

(2) Remedial work given by the teacher·

(3) Questioning by students

(4) Pin drop silence in the class

  1. Which of the following promote social learning?

(1) Collaborative learning

(2) Summative assessments

(3) Brainstorming

(4) Formative assessments

  1. Ability grouping of students should be

(1) Discouraged as it gives the message that ability is valued more than effort.

(2) Encouraged as it maximizes the learning with teachers using special method to suit the specific group.

(3) Encouraged as it promotes competition among students.

(4) (2) and (3) both

  1. Which of the following is most effective in preventing the problem behavior in children ?

(1) Making the problem child sit in the library for the entire day.

(2) Providing the problem child nonaggressive ways of handling conflict.

(3) Compelling the problem child to feel sorry for ‘their behavior.

(4) Ostracizing the problem child in class.

  1. Which of the following is a correct position in relation to errors made by children?

(1) Native speaker of a language make errors while non-native speakers make mistakes or slips. (2) If correction is required it should usually be done immediately.

(3) If correction is required it should usually not be done immediately.

(4) Immediate correction of errors results in positive reinforcement.

  1. ‘Learned helplessness’ is a situation wherein

(1) students feel that they are going. To fail because of repeated failures in past.

(2) teachers feel that they are helpless in helping the learners learn.

(3) Problem related to gifted children who experience a feeling of saturation in their learning.

(4) the learned scholars of society feel helplessness m the democratic polity.

  1. Autism include

(1) visual impairment

(2) hyperactivity

(3) retarded physical growth

(4) inability to relate to others

  1. A motor speech disorder that affects speech is called

(1) apraxia

(2) aphasia

(3) dysphonic

(4) word-phobia

  1. Which one of the following is under the purview of the term disability under Persons with Disability Act1996?

(1) Autism

(2) TB cured

(3) Mental retardation

(4) Speech disorders

  1. Learning disabled children generally show

(1) conceptual disorders

(2) perceptual disorders

(3) habitual disorders

(4) physical disorders

  1. Which one of the following factors often leads to maladjustment of children?

(1) Lack of spiritual maturity

(2) Lack of emotional maturity

(3) Illiterate parents .

(4) Impulsive nature

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